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    Hey all, I've been reading this topic for a couple years now. (2014 probably!) And I've finally decided to make an account and share my own customs. I'm sure some of these have been done in this topic before, but I arranged most of them just by sorting through Bricklink. Emma Frost: She was my first custom, and one of my favorites Marvel characters. ghost Rider, Squirrel Girl, "Jessica Jones", rogue, and Professor X: These guys are kinda phoned in I guess. I'm not super happy with any of them, but they are what they are. Electro Batman and Arctic Batman: These two are just changed to have the weapons they do in the Batman games. I'm very happy with how they came out. Zatanna: She's my newest addition.. And a darn expensive one at that! The Victor Krum legs aren't cheap to come by! I got these majorly reduced because they had a scratch on them, but for the life of me I can't find it on it. Malcom Merlyn: He was an easy fig to make, but I really liked how he turned out.