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  1. Quote

    I don't see why it shouldn't be—there's no real embargo or anything, and I'm assuming you got it legitimately even if the person you purchased it from may not have been supposed to put it up for sale this early. I'd particularly love to see some pictures of the build process!

    So it's nice! :) I were eager to build it, so I don't take photos of the process, but I sure there's some intresting features and techniques that I didn't see in Elves sets before so I'll post some tomorrow. And overall it's very impressive with its black thorns and movable wings. Also evil dragon have more freedom of movement than "good" four-legged dragons because of bionicle ball joints on neck, wings and tail.

  2. Oh, hail to elven gods, the castle looks way better than on box prelims! That's great news, it's not a strange-colored doll house, as I thought about it :)

    Portal is dark, not like in Skyra's castle - may be it leads to dark world? And I like that nice classic feature such as bridge on chains :)

  3. Oh, there's such nice image of goblin king! I found it on facebook page of Euphorine's website about elves, I sure I need to share it here:


    Also, I think that musical instuments would fit elves' world  excellently. Magical harps, flutes, drums and mandolin. I hope once this theme will be realized :) And it's nice chance to gather band of minstrels! 

  4. Wow, every MOC is so beatiful and intresting and having it's own style! Feeling of winter holidays is everywhere! Really hard to chose, but I'll try:






    And comments:

    1 Chocolate theme is cool!

    2 Train station - very intresting house and I like that old-styled train!

    6 Old church - i like that atmosphere of cold winter night in wilderness, it's a little creepy, and it's impressive!

    8 Small winter village - so liveable, lot of holyday action there ! 

    14 Ice House - green leafs make nice accents, i love the color scheme!


  5. I see in pictures of 2017 sets that Goblin King have wand with green crystal as Ragana has. (oh my poor english, please, exuse me!) Also, combination of green, black and magenta remind her style.

    May be he have simillar source of dark power? If it's so, it will add depth to Elves' world. What if there's some kind of mighty dark creature or god behind that that green magic? And there's some cool good elven gods exists also! I would be nice to see them :) They would be kinda of bionicles in elven style :D 

    I hope such guesswork is not against the rules of the topic :)