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  1. Ro87n

    MOC Alien Fembot

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try to adjust it next time.
  2. Ro87n

    MOC Alien Fembot

    Alien Fembot Front: Back: Posing with detached minion: Close-up of the minion: Back without minion: Front without minion:
  3. Ro87n

    MOC: Uncle Scrooge

    Lol in Dutch they are called Dagobert Duck (Scrooge), Donald (Donald), Guus Geluk (Gladstone and Geluk is Dutch for Luck), and the 3 little ones are Kwik, Kwek and Kwak. And I believe you call the girl friend of Donald Daisy? We call her Katrien. Nice Moc anyway!
  4. I'm not a Star Wars fan but Battle of Hoth seems like a game I would like to buy. So cute that micro 'Chewy'
  5. Ro87n

    MOC: Qwena

    Stunningly hot! Sexy use of a mixture of Bionicle, Technic and Hero Factory parts to make this vamp! More than a great job, I realy love her this MOC!
  6. Ro87n

    Hero Factory 2012

    Seems a children's book to me as seeing "beginning to read alone" on the right corner. But never the less it could be an interesting book/guide. P.s.: Yea I went away for a little while. I forgot to check this forum and went back to check about most of the Hero Factory stuff. Seeing some awesome new HF MOCs and nice to see pictures of upcomming sets for this summer!
  7. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    Well I'd love to see 'those 3' from my sig in a set together, will that ever happen?
  8. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    Isn't it that all these figs going to be made into LEGO? I'm just visualizing some things around here. Not having most of the actual figs (yet).
  9. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    So I still got it after all these years... *Picking up his quiver and bow, putting on his shoes and belt to make himself ready for the battle* "I will be faster than Cupid can spread love and quicker, but also brighter than Death itself" ~ Longbow Hunter aka Green Arrow
  10. Not just liked it, it's gentle genius. Not to use the word that's lovely, but that's getting very close. ~ Longbow Hunter aka Green Arrow __ Edit: how to vote?
  11. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    I was too fast or you was too slow, how ever it will be we might never know, but this is what I do want to share with notting of any despair:
  12. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    The has it's part in it too, same with the also and *using time machine editing device* Can The Ridler, Joker, Poisen Ivy and Harlequin report and tell us (PM Green Arrow and wealthy Cobblepot sir Penguin) about your status. Oh and don't forget to get Mr. Freeze out of his hibernate, just before winter starts he would realy be cooling things down if you know what I mean. ~ Longbow Hunter aka Green Arrow
  13. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    Do I need to say more, oh well let me expain this picture: This is Robin as Robin Hood with the typical shadow you could have seen years ago on the poster from starwars, where Anakin Skywalker was printed with Darth Vader as HIS shadow. I --the Green Arrow-- have taken Robin Hood down and am taking down Robin (that dudish helper of that 'Fledermausman'). He will probably show up in some movie, but he might die aswell. So his appearance would not be worth it. And soon or later in any comic we all need to make dractic measurements and decisions. Chose our sides and fight for our rights, dreams and visions. Things never seen, heard or thought before will happen. It can be your biggest dream or worst nightmare.
  14. Ro87n

    Batman coming back

    It should be under 4 eyes.. but I won't let me get fooled by that Bat-guy nor Superdude. I'm going to get into the anti-alience or rather called anti-JUSTICE LEAGUE. Who ever wins from them will be my worst and most hunted enemy. At your service, ~ Longbow Hunter aka Green Arrow