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  1. [MOC] Y-Wing Gundam (Moodland Scale)

    Thanks! I think the engines on the back say "Y-Wing" more than anything else. Thanks. That's pretty much the classic color scheme. Well, seeing as this figure is only about 7 inches tall, there's not much room for a pilot. If this was minifig-scale, however, I would make a space in the chest for the pilot.
  2. So, here's the next in my SW/Gundam mash-up: Y-Wing Gundam (Gold and Red Leaders). I tried to include the greebly-ness of the Y-Wing fighter with the design of a Gundam Astray Frame. I pretty much used TLG's engine design for their mini Y-Wing set, because, honestly, I couldn't think of a better one. I also tried a new hand design for this scale which I'm pretty happy with. And here's the Red Leader color variant. Let me know what you all think.
  3. Steampunk Millenium Falcon

    I've been wanting to build a Steampunk MF for a while, and now you've beat me to it. Dang! Anyway, this is simply amazing with all kinds of tasty details. Good luck!
  4. [MOC] Moe's Classic Cantina Redux

    A great idea that's nicely constructed! I love the color scheme and the Landspeeder, especially. I wonder if that Dewback should be more robot-like to fit with the Classic Space feel?
  5. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    Thanks! Yoda is my favorite Jedi.
  6. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    Thanks, Doc! I think it's been paying off that I've been building various Gundam models when I'm not building Lego.
  7. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    Thanks! I thought the cheese slopes did a good job of recreating the look of an SD Gundam too. Thank you. A Wookiee or R2 Gundam would be pretty cool. Might have to try them.
  8. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    Thanks! That's old-school Yoda. I was originally going to use my CW Yoda fig, but his head was too big to fit in the cockpit, so I had to use my old fig.
  9. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    Thanks alot, Markus!
  10. [MOC] AT-ST

    Nice! This is definitely one of the most accurate Lego AT-ST's I've seen.
  11. [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    I've been wanting to build more Star Wars/Gundam mash-ups, but wanted to try something a little different. After watching a Clone Wars episode where Yoda flies a Jedi Starfighter, I decided to build the little guy a Gundam! Since Yoda is small and fierce, I thought an SD (Super-Deformed) mobile suit would be what he would pilot. So, whatcha think? You can check out the full gallery of images on my Mocpages page:http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/394522 Yoda at the controls! "Mess with my Gundam and me you will not!"
  12. Steampunk T-16 Skyhopper

    I love that you picked a less popular ship like the Skyhopper for this round. The cannon made of rifles is nicely done and that back propellor is brilliant!
  13. [MOC] Rockin' Fett (Mini Chibi Scale)

    Thanks, dude!
  14. [MOC] Rockin' Fett (Mini Chibi Scale)

    Thanks alot! I like it too.