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  1. Torpid Energy

    How deep can a Lego Atlantis diver go?

    I am sure a lego minifig could go down to the very bottom of the ocean. However, it may crack or break under those pressures. Just my thoughts.
  2. Torpid Energy

    Free stuff........ Pay it forward

    You could say so, but I beg to point out the differences. You don't trade between two people, rather you give away what you don't need, and the receiver puts up what he/she doesn't need up for someone else.
  3. Torpid Energy

    Free stuff........ Pay it forward

    Sometimes I buy legos from garage sales, and find there are assorted megabloks and such mixed along with lego. I try to sort them out to the best of my ability, but the occasional one out of a thousand slips by. Later on I will be posting up a huge block of megablocks if anyo one wants it.
  4. Torpid Energy

    Lego Star Wars Sellout. The pricing is rather ambiguous but otherwise seems somewhat cheap if you sell the vehicles separately at 55 Pounds a piece, sealed boxes at the least are $230usd. Hope that helped.
  5. Torpid Energy

    Free stuff........ Pay it forward

    My offer of Free Lego; Reply with what you need circled in green. Note more is to come -currently inundated from work I can ship anywhere, as long as it isn't prohibitively expensive. Note: I realised one of the brown row boats isn't lego, but if you want it, I'd be happy to give it away.
  6. Torpid Energy

    Free stuff........ Pay it forward

    I will make a post following up with what I don't need and have to offer for free.
  7. Torpid Energy

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Rest in peace. My sympathies go out to the community.
  8. Torpid Energy

    MOC - The Mobula

    欢迎社会各界! Welcome to the community, nice brick built hull!
  9. Torpid Energy

    Talking Skull Promotion - WINNERS, your address please

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch, Phes. The contest was rather ambiguous and misleading considering the skull told me to check the hint picture when the one he's talking about isn't even released yet. Doesn't necessarily mean I am ungrateful or ingrate, but frustrated.
  10. Torpid Energy

    Armada Outpost

    Nicely done. Interesting to see Spanish red coats.
  11. Torpid Energy

    102 Spartans!

    That roughly equates to $7.00 USD each. (6.85 to be precise) That's rather expensive for Americans, but I have heard lego prices in Europe is marked up. Amazing to see you acquired so many Spartans, good luck selling!
  12. Torpid Energy

    Port Stinemouth

    Good MOC. Quite extreme if a person kills someone over water. It's not like they are in a desert, but heh, there is plenty of water it seems in the MOC to quench a whole army.
  13. Torpid Energy


    Don't fret about it. Just seems everyone's first MOC ends up not exactly perfect when submitted. (Happened to me) You can reedit your first post by clicking on the edit button, so it doesn't confuse people when they see the thread. Welcome to the community, and good MOC.
  14. Torpid Energy

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Hrmm. Are you saying skeletons were half the men they were? I feel the same with you as well!
  15. Torpid Energy

    The Humble Fort

    After closer inspection, it did indeed reveal a few bricks were megablox. Sorry about that, in my haste I often don't sort them out. My bricks all reside in a big bin which has some garage sale bricks inside indeed. Hilariously enough, in a picture I used when I thought I used legos turned out to be a megablock. My condolences to all.