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  2. sinjid

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    In one way I'm disipointed in the mines of moria set don't get me wrong its an awesome set but when i heard about that set I had High hopes for a balrog the troll is still realy cool but I like big lego creatures that why i also want lego to make a rankore and who would deney that a lego balrog would be absolutely awesome (if TLG did it right which i would think they would) but oh well
  3. sinjid

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    oh i thought that was what it might be but I wasn't sure I'll take your word for it that does seem unlikley
  4. hey I noticed ur sig and I say good for you and I took your idea hope you don't mind good to find another christian

  5. sinjid

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    First I want to say that the sets look as cool as the figs and that is a realy good thing but I have made an observation and sorry if this has already been said but it looks to me like the ringwraith in wether top the one on the horse looks like he is on fire it might just be something in the background but remember that aragorn throws a torch at a ringwraith in the movie and aragorn does have a torch in his hand but as i said it might just be me
  6. sinjid

    Bahamian Rhapsody

    Oh my gosh that is an absolutly amazing MOC I love everything this makes me think someone took a picture of a caribian town so much going on it just amazing good job i must say you never cease to impress.
  7. sinjid

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    woooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been a hope of mine for as long as I have liked Legos and liked LOTR and now it's come true.
  8. sinjid

    review: 7051 tripod invader

    Hey fellow AFOLs, this is my second review and I thought I would do it on this little beauty I picked it up at Toys R Us. I wanted to get one of the new Alien Conquest Legos, and picked this one because it was the perfect balance between big and small, expensive and inexpensive. And, by the way, it's awesome! Name: Tripod Invader Set Number: 7o51 Pieces: 166 Price: USD 20.00 Ages: 7-14 Minifigs: 2 or 3 not sure bout the head squid thing Theme: alien conquest Year of Release: 2011 Box Front The box is good, and the green corners add a nice look. The background is nice with the UFOs flying around. Back Shows the alien flying away with the captured human, and leaving his legs and his "pet" head squid behind. It also shows two vehicle play features, and the head squid feature. Content Three bags and instructions which are a little crumpled. Plus a sticker sheet akkk Random page of the instructions. The build is split into two parts: the ship and the legs. A good building pace is set, not too much on one page, but also not too little. The images are good, no color confusion. A faded green in the back, and the alien writing This is a step in the build I find strange. On the bottom it uses the 1x2 with two clips, but on the top it uses two 1x1 pieces with one clip. Why didn't they use four of the 1x1s or two of the 1x2s? The final page of the actual build shows the points of movement. The cabin and main turret move as one, and it can spin 360 degrees. The main turret can swivel in most directions in front of it. The parts page. Not much for you "part monkeys", but still not bad Then comes an image of all the sets in this series And an advertisement for alien Then there's a picture of the aliens attacking the city An advertisement for the lego club And on the back is the WIN advertisement that I've come to know and hate Minifigs Here are the figs: I like the little squid thing and was surprised at it's solidity. I expected it to be more rubbery, and same goes for the alien head. I like the alien. The body is nice. I like the use of magenta, and his head is cool, though it kinda reminds me of a grumpy frog. The civilian is cool. I like his gold tie and the pen in his shirt pocket. His new head is very civilian looking. The back of the figs, disappointing that the alien has no back print but here you have a better view of the brain design. The civilian has a two sided head, and this side looks good. The clenched teeth look good as well, plus the glasses are at an angle which gives it a look that says "running for my life". Here's a pic of the civilian with the head squid, and it looks good. Either this kills him or turns him into a mindless slave. One way or the other it looks good Build First, here are some pieces that interest me. There is a long plus bar with a flat top. I've seen this before but never this long. Then there are the two capsule pieces, though not new, the green looks like something you'd see in an Atlantis set. The technic piece is unfamiliar to me, but please correct me if it's, in fact, not new. The ray gun is in a new shade of silver, a spike wedge in green, and as far as I'm concerned, it's only is in this color in the new Hero Factory. The brief case I'm pretty sure has shown up before in brown, but is uncommon and is mostly black The extra pieces from the build The legs are nice and hold the main lazer cannon. They connect with the ship with a plus bar. The legs have pretty limited articulation though. The ship is quite nice, with the capsule hinged in the back. It's a good size, not too big for the legs, and not too small. It has two lazer guns and a human capture pod. Both pieces put together make a good alien attack weapon to be feared. Its tall, but not really BIG, structure wise The capture pod can open on the top, but not really on the bottom, and can hold a fig rather snug. The pod can be removed, and I guess you put it on display as a trophy Final thoughts This is a good set, not too big but not too small, with some cool features. It has a good kinda retro alien look. For twenty bucks, this set is worth it. Build and Design: 9/10 Quick and effective with no complications, though a small design flaw is that the legs don't really move. Playability: 8/10 Nice with the top coming off to become a little UFO, and the swiveling laser, though there needs to be someone to fight. Pieces: 7/10 Not many special pieces, though the purple pieces are nice. It comes with 12 of them. Minifigs: 6/10 The alien civilian and head squid are cool, but there seriously needs an ADU. Price: 9/10 Great price for 20 bucks! It looks big, even though it only has 166 pieces. Total:9/10 A great set that is not too expensive for its size. The figs are great, too. Really needs a ADU guy, but nonetheless, a good classic alien look. Not very good if you're just in it for the parts, but I can see a kid playing with this for hours.
  9. sinjid

    Review - 7067 Jet-Copter Encounter

    a very good looking set I lice the copter nice amount of weapons but I think the capture pod is ridiculous you're shooting the aliens out of the sky even if there you manage to take down the UFOs without tuning them into ash the crash would destroy whatever is left but still by (almost) all means a great set
  10. sinjid

    [Review] 7189-1 Mill Village Raid

    over all its a cool set a little to domestic for my taste though and frankly i don't like the chickens i see them as a sine that lego is becoming less like lego
  11. a great moc nice detail and good design plenty of playability and i love the out side of the dojo
  12. sinjid

    D2C Contest: Serpent Ruins

    amazing detail this truly a stunning moc but i must agree with others not much playability it looks more like a display piece but one question does the giant snake come off of the pillar
  13. Am I the only one that noticed at the base of the hockey player and the speed/ice skater on the second to last picture there are skates
  14. sinjid

    Rook Runner

    incredible, fantastic, amazing that is so cool but could you put some pictures of the inside if there is any interior to take pictures of