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  1. Thank you for your answer. The .apk file on the website support page is for Android. Do you have the equivalent for iPad?
  2. Hi Zerobricks, Since the update of the App I cannot connect to the lego Technic Control+ Hub, it doesn't see it at all. Working from an Ipad. I downloaded the legacy App, but how do I get the profile I was using previously? thank you
  3. Impressive job!
  4. Great creation, thank you for the detailed and interesting presentation!
  5. Hi, Following the different remarks and discussions, I have reworked a great deal of the rover, and this is the final version that was presented. With robotic arm deployed (4 degrees of freedom): Close-up on the wheel: And the mast: I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Hi. During last days I reviewed commpletely the wheels mechanisms, now the motors are integrated in the structure. The chassis is also lighter and sturdier A Laptop is integrated in the box, for the image processing of the camera that will go on top A simple interface under SBrick allows to control the different functions, of course a background image will be added. Finally, here is a video of the rover in action: Back and forth, tilt/rotation of the camera head, and going left full speed! Now I need to work on the robotic arm in the front, and improve the overall look on top of the box.
  7. You were right, I tried to work on the motorisation and the structure on the middle wheels, and I would make it like this (left wheel on the below picture) The driving motor is now embedded inside the structure Indeed, much better than what I had done previsouly So I guess I'll rework all 6 wheels for the driving motors, and see what I can do with the direction motors also.
  8. It is now around 6.5 Kg. I estimate 10 kg at the end, including the PC and the camera electronics. Thank you for the contructive proposals. The 4 motors for the direction of the outside wheels stick out on top of the wheels as the idea was to make them like the real one: Concerning the 6 motors for the rotation of each wheel, I see two issues, if they had to be integrated into the chassis: - For the outside wheels it would mean having the gears and mechanical links going through the turntable which allows the direction of the wheel, and down to the center, quite complex to make - It was critical to make the chassis as small as possible, but still sturdy enough to hold 10 kg. Currently I have a dimension for the chassis of 3 x 4 studs. If the motor was to be placed as an extension, it would mean adding additionnal liftarms around it to keep it strong enough, therefore increasing the dimensions of the chassis even more. I agree that for the internal wheels motor placement could be improved, myabe by placing them vertically, I'll check what I can do. Concerning the wires for sure they will be hidden at the end :)
  9. Thank you all. Concerning the controller, I checked BC2, but an iPad with a beautiful interface would look more "professional" on an exhibition I believe.
  10. Hi all, I would like to present in this topic the ongoing development of the project I'm currently working on, a replica of Perseverance martian rover. I have the chance to be working in a company that supplies electronics for space applications, and we developped and manufactured one of the cameras that goes on this rover. While discussing with my management following the launch of Perseverance this July, I submitted the idea to have a kind of miniature rover where we could place a real camera, and therefore display it in exhibitions. And I innocently mentionned it could be done with LEGO, and it was accepted :) Therefore I had more or less 4-5 months and a budget of 1500 euros to do something like this : The camera would be placed in the big white box on top of the mast (SUPERCAM, built by french labs with french agency support). All details for the development can be found on french Techlug.fr topic The idea is to have full motorisation of the rover: 6 motors for the wheels rotation 4 motors for external wheels orientation 2 motors for the tilt/rotation of SUPERCAM on the mast 4 motors for the robotic arm (to be confirmed) Control is currently done through 4 Control+ Hubs. The LIEBHERR seemed like a good idea to be used as parts supply (motors, controller, white panels, tracks), 2 boxes purchased, and the rest is coming from Bricklink. All started with the definition of the wheels (12 cm diameter), which gave the final dimensions of the rover And control of the rotation / orientation This design was later modified to take into account the largeweight of this rover. Fixing the wheels is done with this turntable, on top of a VOLVO wheel which gives the round shape: Big work has been done on the chassis, to be able to hold the weight but at the same time allow the freedom of movement of all wheels and structure And I'm currently at the below stage: The mast box design is still to be improved. I'm currently waiting for some additionnal pieces, to work on the top of the rover, as well as the robotic arm. Alors replace the yellow bricks with black ones. The control is done through SBRICK interface on a tablet, which allows to control multiple motors through one command (usefull when it needs to go straightforward) :) Hopefully some new images will be posted soon!
  11. Hello @Jeroen Ottens I had also the same add on my facebook wall. I put some comments about this Under the add, which got deleted quite fast and I got blocked, not being able to add anymore comments. I have then reported this add to Facebook, and received today this: It's in french, but you understand from the title. "We have removed this add …" . There is some justice after all :)
  12. Nice idea! You should add some type of motorised drone launcher like the one in the below image:
  13. Impressive mechanism (both yours and the video!!)