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  1. Very nice build, bravo! did you use any custom parts Inside?
  2. Interesting solution. For those looking for even smaller, I have purchased this on Amazon: Which is an endoscopy camera, includes 6 front leds for illumination, and allows transmitting the video through Wifi (battery is Embedded Inside the small black box. this one is 5 meters long, but I guess there should be shorter cables 22 euros for this.
  3. HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    Very interesting ideas in there. I understand you are using SBRICKS to switch from one function and one motor to the other? I imagine it would be extremely complex to make a mechanical switching that would launch each function separately and one after the other?
  4. 20: 10 2: 6 9: 4 8: 3 12: 2 3: 1 Good luck for everyone!
  5. [MOC] Fully RC BENZ AROCS 4463

    Hello Love the details outside! Very intelligent lifting mechanism, does it exist in real life for any type of dump truck?
  6. Can't see the results either, Windows 8.1, Chrome
  7. I love the drifting performance, great job Anto!
  8. [MOC] Mid-Engine Drift Car

    same feeling, the chassis looks very good, but the body is...
  9. Hello! Very nice model. Same question as Milan, why aren't the tracks moving properly?
  10. I like it like that, with the high speed rotation, that gives the illusion of a real blade! Nice design!
  11. [TC11] Destructobox

    Be careful about your spinner, it should rotater on the opposite way (If I see correctly in the video)
  12. [TC11] Son of Aminnich

    Awesome rotation speed!
  13. [TC11] Son of Aminnich

    Great design, I like where this is going
  14. Thank you for the detailed presentation!