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  1. wissamms

    How to deal with the thieves

    Hello @Jeroen Ottens I had also the same add on my facebook wall. I put some comments about this Under the add, which got deleted quite fast and I got blocked, not being able to add anymore comments. I have then reported this add to Facebook, and received today this: It's in french, but you understand from the title. "We have removed this add …" . There is some justice after all :)
  2. Nice idea! You should add some type of motorised drone launcher like the one in the below image:
  3. wissamms

    Teaser - Guess what I'm building

    Impressive mechanism (both yours and the video!!)
  4. Amazing creation, I'm trully impressed about all the thinking and effort behind all the technical solutions you have implemented.
  5. wissamms

    LEGO Spy car with a GoPro

    I agree with Johnny1360. The idea is to have a "SPY" car, therefore it would be natural not to sit next to it during operation :) For a crane it's completely different, in real life the operators are Inside the crane to see exactely what it is doing!
  6. wissamms

    Full Size Bugatti Chiron out of LEGO

    is the whole chassis made of lego??
  7. Here is one awesome MOC and improvement :D https://www.facebook.com/LEGOTechnic/vi ... 947766986/
  8. wissamms

    [TC14] 3D Dizzy

    Amazing creation, bravo! Question: how do you do to stop the rotation exactely at the starting point? Are you using any specific mechanism for this of is it just question of stopping the roation at the good time?
  9. Hello, could you please redo all your photos with a white background, and good lighting? It's extremely difficult to see and understand your MOC
  10. wissamms

    MOC F RC Liebherr LTM 1750 9.1

    Very nice build, bravo! did you use any custom parts Inside?
  11. Interesting solution. For those looking for even smaller, I have purchased this on Amazon: Which is an endoscopy camera, includes 6 front leds for illumination, and allows transmitting the video through Wifi (battery is Embedded Inside the small black box. this one is 5 meters long, but I guess there should be shorter cables 22 euros for this.
  12. Wow! Awesome work thank you!
  13. wissamms

    HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    Very interesting ideas in there. I understand you are using SBRICKS to switch from one function and one motor to the other? I imagine it would be extremely complex to make a mechanical switching that would launch each function separately and one after the other?
  14. 20: 10 2: 6 9: 4 8: 3 12: 2 3: 1 Good luck for everyone!
  15. wissamms

    [MOC] Fully RC BENZ AROCS 4463

    Hello Love the details outside! Very intelligent lifting mechanism, does it exist in real life for any type of dump truck?