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  1. This is my entry for the Winter Village contest. 'Police station with police car' A small police station with jail, car and policemen.
  2. Nieks

    WInter Village: Police station with car

    Fargo the series is on my wish-list to watch.... I saw the movie more than once, but not for the last 2 years, so I'm not sure if I got my inspiration from that movie. Thanks for all the nice reactions!
  3. Nieks

    Winter Village: Coffee to go

    very nice, I really like the colours.
  4. Nieks

    Winter Village: Brewery

    Wow! This looks great :-) The building it self is beautiful, the floor inside looks great.
  5. Nieks

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI

    I got a question about the rule: Decals will be allowed if you've made them yourself, but no cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Is it ok if I use original Lego decals from another set? I won't modify them. Our should I make my own then?
  6. My entry for the Expand the winter village. It's an children train station with train, Christmas tree and Pretzel Stand. It's build on 1 16x8 module en 2 8x8 modules. The Locomotive and first train wagon will fit on the 16x8 module and the other wagon can be parked at the 8x8 ,odule of teh pretzel stand. So the whole build included the train fits on a baseplate of 16x16. To see more photo's of this build, go to see the Flickrset
  7. Thanks, I added a link to a Flickr set whit more images.
  8. I removed the pictures, unfortunately I don't have the time to make new pictures!
  9. Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was a good entry because the train can be parked inside the 16x16 area. The playability of the set, is that the train can be moved outside the baseplate. I made some additional pictures that prove the train parks on the baseplate. And I made that picture my main image. The good thing is that I only hat to rearrange the presentation :-). I hope this will fix the problem?
  10. Nieks

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV

    I started building yesterday.. and I really like the fact that it should be a small build. I'm always building to large and find my self in the position of not enough bricks :-) So hopefully I can upload an entry soon!
  11. Nieks

    MOC: AS-01 Rover

    My latest MOC: All Surface Vehicle My first Microscale vehicle, build it while I was sorting my legos! To see the more pictures and my complete Photo-stream, go to my FLICKR page Hope you like it!
  12. Nieks

    Winter Village: School!

    This is my entry for the Winter Village expansion contest 2013 on Eurobricks. It's something every winter village needs: A school! It's inspired by the elementary school from Disneys Recess. The Stone bricks coming through the wall, where very hard to build, just like the roof. I hope you like it... :-) There are +/- 900 pieces in this build. Just a little bit more than the post-office!
  13. Nieks

    MSFC Voting Thread

    27. Research Base Kappa J4ke - 3 points 68. Alien Autopsy legolegolegolego - 2 points
  14. Nieks

    FAPC Voting Thread

    5. Duh-Nuh - madLEGOman -2 points 37. rEvolution - zane_houston -3 points
  15. And my votes go to: 23. oo7 - 3 points 15. legolegolegolego - 2 points
  16. Very Nice, It's an surprising build for that theme!! Good luck in the contest... with a chimney like that you should reach 2nd place!
  17. Nieks

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    Nice contest! When I figure out what to build.... I'm in!
  18. I Think these two entries are te best! 2 POINTS: Matn Tia Dalma's Shack Mill set 3 POINTS: hammelgeier Attack of the Kraken Mill Set Nice contest and good luck to all!
  19. Nieks

    MOC: NS 1850 Loc

    This is my third version of the NS 1850 Den Haag, I still have the feeling like I could improve it. But I was hoping this could be the last version I was building of the type. Let me know what you think about it... To see more pictures, you can visit my FLICKR page. You can also find the older versions of the 1850 loc I Build. Thnxz!
  20. Yatkuu: Should be great ... and congratulations for your first price (well deserved offcourse, I think you've got the dubble amount of votes)! Rufus: Good job, very nice entry! lego-maniac: It was nice to be with you in a contest... again! And you're right, the score is 1-1 LoL This contest was great! Good organisation, very nice prices.... and all the entries where just 'wow'!!! Thanxz everybody who voted! :classic:
  21. My votes: 6/ Museum of Antiquities by TooMuchCaffeine - 2 points The interior is great, and the 'dusty' look makes it feel like a real museum. 12/ Attack of the Dojo by lego-maniac - 2 points I really like the modular idea 20/ The Walking Pyramid by Sandy - 1 point Could be a set 21/ Professor Hale's Oasis Hacienda by Rufus - 2 points Original There just to many great entries! Good luck everybody....
  22. The stairs... Pool table... the car... It could be a real Lego set! very Nice
  23. Thnxz for all the great comments! Thnxz Lego-maniac... I had some time the last few days, so I taught why not finish the paddle boat? I really like this contest, there are some very good entries! We'll see! I have one more pic of the interior as you can see on Flickr maye I post some more pics later. I don't now how many pieces I used, when I have the time and I'm bored I will count them. And about your Bricklink Question: I didn't order anything for this build (I never ordered anthing at Bricklink our Shop@home)! Some of the pieces I used for this build, come from sets, but most of my pieces come from the Pick a Brick wall at the Legostore in Oberhausen / Germany ( a 2 hour dive). Thanxz for your comment! I think you're right on the fact that there isn't a lot of action in these photographs. But I think this build is suitable for an action theme like Pharao's Quest. The boat looks though and weathered, his Pantsered paddle's will find I way trough every barricade.... At the pictures U see a Treasure, mummy and Antiques at the deck of the ship. These are rarities the crew captured during there trips with the Cairo Queen.
  24. This is my entry for the D2C Contest: TREASURE HUNT ON THE RIVER NILE Theme: Pharaoh’s Quest As they going down the Nile, more and more treasures are found. The further their trusted paddle boat brings them.., more mystical creatures of Egypt come along! Since they entered the Nile, a big crocodile named Slim follows every move they make. The paddle boat they are travelling with is the 'Cairo Queen', named after the city where it's build. This boat is made for adventure, and will find it on it's way! The set includes: Paddle boat, motorcycle, 6 minifigs, crocodile and a lot of cargo. About the build: I had the idea to build a vehicle for the Pharaoh’s Quest theme, but I didn't know what to make? So I was surfing on the internet to find some typical Egypt transportation, and found the paddle boat. It was hard to find a good example, cause all the good photo's I found where from typical tourist paddle boats. After a long search I found some old drawings and together with some new photo's I started to sketch, so this Paddle boat is inspired by the original River Nile boats, but is completely made up! The boat measures 83 studs long, 18 studs wide (30 studs with the wheels), and 28 studs high. The colours I used are: Black, white, tan, dark red, brown, grey and dark grey. For more pics see my Flickr page
  25. Very Nice! It could be a real D2C set, an it's an original approach! And I like the fact that it's not so big, my contest entry is going to be a lot bigger (and I hope not to big )