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  1. Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    More crash test fun :)
  2. Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    I've never seen him before, that is great, off to buy one. That'll make epic videos :)
  3. Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    Now with crash tests :)
  4. Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    Many thanks for the positive words, they are pretty fast and the van does some great skids, my 6 year old son loves it. Thanks to Bricklink, the Gasser is now done: Next step is to expand this design with four wheel drive.
  5. A few years ago I started playing around with making all Lego powered Scalextric Slot cars...and posted a few updates over in train tech as it's my normal hangout. Anyway still building and refining the cars (and the trains) thought you might like to see. The only non Lego part is the Scalextric Pickups, other than that, motor, gear and wheels are all stock lego and of course the cars need drivers and doors etc :) There's loads more at: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=dundarach And on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2WDMLO3euGHjdMr2XbgiJg/videos Thanks, and I hope you like the idea :)
  6. Wallsend Railway & Raceroad

    Great thanks :) The red loco is a moc, just a simple copy of many others. I've never been a massive fan of the real 7745 which will upset people!! This was on 9v and now it's on RC
  7. Wallsend Railway & Raceroad

    Sorry trying to embed a brickshelf image, could someone please remind me :) I've been away for a while moving house... Into a house which came with a big shed...only one thing for it :) http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=569959 More to follow Chris
  8. Redesigned Cargo Crane 4514 with working motors

    Thanks everyone, we spent this afternoon with another box tipped out and I found a 4.5v light (must sort everything out one day!!)
  9. My son and I were bored so we rebuilt 4514 (two of them) into a more heavy duty version. From: To:
  10. Still building - puffing billy

    Last ones I promise...
  11. Still building - puffing billy

    Right, how about this, with better working motion...
  12. Still building - puffing billy

    Thanks for the feedback, its nice to have my 4 year olds track connected to the old blue 4.5v. I've 3d printed an adapter and will shortly be able to run both old and new locos on both types of track and some blue 12v and 9v too for fun. I'm going to keep working on getting the levers to operate the wheels that would be great, however the 4.5v motor doesn't have a massive amount of torque so the mechanism needs to be really free moving, otherwise the motor stalls.
  13. Still building - puffing billy

    Video of it in action...
  14. Still building - puffing billy

    Thanks for the size tip - all done, and a few more pictures.
  15. Not posted for a while, however I'm still building. The Lego room has gone to become a bedroom, however my son is now 4 and building with me. A few of my latest mocs using the old 4.5v bricks. The 0-4-0 (not puffing billy) uses a power functions receiver to control it via RC. Hope you like them :)