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  1. Razi

    MOC: Bob's Burgers Restaurant

    Love the show and love the build! Thinking about doing an interior?
  2. Razi

    10251 Brick Bank

    I like it a lot. The color scheme is nice. This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually think the play features are kinda cute.
  3. Razi

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Zero Steampunk? Weird Designs? *sounds of me destroying everything* I'm out. I've lost all hope.
  4. Razi

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Ok, ok thanks for the reassurance. I'm also confused wiith the fact that their using the soinner concept or spmething similar again.
  5. Razi

    Nexo Knights 2016

    OK, so I just read the last 20 pages of this thread, and I have to say, WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE STEAMPUNK? Am I the only one who thinks this theme could be awesome? I mean, COME ON, ROBO HORSES, COMPANIONS OF DARKNESS! NOBODY??
  6. Razi

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    excuse me for asking, but when I logged on a few days ago I heard talks of a space-castle steampunk theme, but I can't seem to find discussions for it today. where did the thread go?
  7. Razi

    Lego Space Knights in 2016

  8. Razi

    Guess that movie!

    Correctamundo! Your turn.
  9. Razi

    Guess that movie!

    Ah one of my favs.
  10. Razi

    Guess that movie!

    Inside Out!
  11. Razi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    For me, I love designing interiors when building my own modulars and set modulars. However, my set modulars's insides slowly dissolve as I need the pieces for my own modulars.
  12. Razi

    Guess that movie!

    The general?
  13. Razi

    Guess that movie!

    Hey, they just pulled a Razi! (I had done that awile back)
  14. Razi

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I'm pretty sure his was already asked, though I couldn't find it: Is the price higher or lower for the older consoles (XBOX 360)
  15. Razi

    Modular Microsoft Store

    The outside and interior work is fantastic!