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  1. Hey all, I've been wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how you could easily create some sort of lego "scrapbook" to store/sort ideas/tecnhiques/inspiration etc. For example, if I see a MOC with a good/interesting style of rock-work, I'd like a way to save it somewhere to build up a collection that I can come back to if I want to build something similar in the future. I would also build up separate collections for things like trees, stone walls, space greebling etc. Does anyone do something like this already, or could suggest a tool/website that may be useful for this? I know I could just save the images to my computer, but that seems a very clunky way of doing it. Pinterest comes to mind, I guess I could have a separate "board" for each category. Any thoughts?
  2. Rustony

    [MOC] Voyager Probe

    Hi all, As I was back at home with my Lego collection over Christmas, I thought I'd have a go at building something relevant to my other interests: one of the Voyager probes! (Wasn't sure if it should go here or in the Technic/Model team forum, seems to fit both really). Overview IMG_20160102_204343 by Russell Hills, on Flickr The science boom IMG_20160102_204135 by Russell Hills, on Flickr RTG and magnetometer boom IMG_20160102_203946 by Russell Hills, on Flickr Rest of the photos: This was a fun build, there were lots of bits that I originally thought "How the heck am I gonna build this?", but luckily managed to find a way that I thought worked well :). There are a few bits I might do differently if I were to rebuild (particularly the angle of the main dish, and a few of the other little details) but very happy with how it turned out.
  3. Rustony

    Winter Village: Lighthouse

    Thanks for the comments :). A thought I'd stick to a winter-village-ish colour scheme than traditional lighthouse colours. I did try the lights with 1x1 round plates, but decided I preferred the round bricks as lanterns instead.
  4. Rustony

    Winter Village: Lighthouse

    Hey all, here's my entry to the Winter Village contest: The Winter Village Lighthouse! The tree is going up and the presents have just arrived (although I wouldn't like to comment on the safety implications of adding lots of coloured lanterns to a lighthouse!). Here's a link if you want to see a couple more photos: Enjoy!