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    I now have a working spider robot. The required orientation is to have one leg in the up orientation and the other leg in the down orientation. To do this required me to pull the axle pin holding the small gear so that the two larger gears could be turned freely. By turning the larger gears so that round pin holes are oriented vertically I was able to have one leg up and one leg down for each pair. For convenience I choose to have the front leg (when seen from the front) of each pair be in the up position. I opened up the legs so that the picture better shows the up-down orientation. Hope this helps anyone else interested in building the amazing robot. So now the next step is to program the spider robot. The easiest movement is simply to run each motor in a forward direction. Note that one side the motors run clockwise while on the other side run in a counter clockwise direction. By varying which motor runs clockwise and which runs counter clockwise it is possible to make the robot move forward, backwards, turn left or right, and even move sideways! Any ideas on how to get all the legs in the same up-down orientation. There is not a lot of room for touch sensors so I was hoping to use the motors themselves as a way to synchronize all the motors to the same orientation as an initial setup, maybe even as a continuous running or the motors. I was looking at Anton’s notes on synchronizing two motors https://www.antonsmindstorms.com/2019/01/24/how-to-program-two-synchronised-ev3-motors/ Unfortunately the motor needs to turn 1080 degrees (this figure comes from the original program code) for the large gears to do one rotation - 360 degrees. Still playing with this part. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Another programming challenge is how to setup the three ultrasonic sensors to coordinate the robot’s movements. Again, any help or thoughts on what needs to be done would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  2. Hello: I need some help with the Spider_robot. You can find the LXF file on rebrickable.com -- https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-13710/ArtHsgw.jp/spider_robot/?inventory=1#comments I think the problem is the orientation of the 4 pairs of legs when I built each pair. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike,
  3. Hello: Has anyone had any success connecting a camera to the buwizz app to live stream the model's action? If so, what camera model are you using? Mike,
  4. MichaelWareman


    Excellent! The above script worked! Thank you very much for the sample script. Mike,
  5. MichaelWareman


    I will see if I can find enough information with the micropython EV3 Lego documentation to try this. If not, maybe I can figure out how to do this from the micropython documentation. I was hoping for something along the lines like: Rcolor = rgb(0) Gcolor = rgb(1) Bcolor = rgb(2) Mike,
  6. I have been using, and having a lot of success with the EV3 micropython programming language. But, I need some help. I can display the the triplets for the rgb(). What I would like to do is be able to separate out the rgb() tuples into three separate variables so that I can use them to determine various colored pieces of paper. A sample code would be most appreciated. Mike,
  7. Interestingly, although I get an error message stating that it cannot find the ev3dev.motor to import. When I run the program from the EV3 brick it works???? I redid all the steps to change the CR to LF behavior but still have the error message or messages depending on how many imports I use.
  8. I was able to do all the steps as listed on the EV3Dev.org website. I think I did all the steps correctly. I was able to do the hello.py program to run on my EV3. But, when I try something more advanced like LED or motors I get an error message that says it is unable to import 'ev3dev.motor' [E0401] I tried following the notes to change how the editor does line feeds from CR to LF but I still get the error message. any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike,
  9. MichaelWareman


    I figured out the problem. I did not have the parts oriented properly. Also, there is a fair bit of pressure/squeezing to the rubber pieces to make the holes line up. The two arms are on, but need to be wired in. Then, onto the head. Mike,
  10. I thought I would create this topic both for help building and program Danny’s humanoid robot — https://robotics.benedettelli.com/jaeg3r-humanoid-robot/ — as well as, enhancements that for it. I need some help. I am at step 168 and the motor piece with the two rubber pieces will not line up so that the movable joints can connect together I have rebuilt the arm twice and it still does not want to come together properly. Do I need to squeeze the motor down more? If so, what is the propose of the rubber pieces? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  11. All I managed to do was the walking skeleton. My building skills were not able to create the exoskeleton part. I would very much like to try the moc again with a working exoskeleton. If someone manages to create one and could provide a lxf file or photos that would be very much appreciated.
  12. Finally had a chance to try out the modifications to the Spirograph machine. Are there any tweaks or alterations others have done? I am experimenting with extending the point where the arms attach to the turn table. My thought is if I extend it than the image gets bigger. I am also wondering about where the two arms need to be when the Spirograph machine first starts - both pointing towards each other, opposite directions, or same direction. The large turntable catches once in a while and the gears catch. I am attempting to find those spots. Does anyone have any thoughts on where I might want to look or consider places that need special attention? Here is one of my better creations.
  13. No problem! I am so happy that you are willing to share your creations, and more importantly, make building instructions. I will try your modifications out this weekend. Hopefully I will have a great image to share. Mike,
  14. Hello 1963maniac: I have been building your spirograph, a marvel of engineering and gearing! I would like to use the bucket gear pieces but I am not sure how to modify the base for the different gear setup. Do you have some pictures or instruction notes that would help with the required modifications? Mike
  15. Hello Hugolin: My first attempt at your Hexapod was based on the lxf file by bmaurice. If you have pictures of any the changes/improvements you or bmaurice made would be greatly appreciated. Mike,