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  1. Tricky-Brick

    [MOC]Luxury Transport

    Hello! I havent posted here in a while, so i present you with a gift: these two droidsmy latest MOC. The Luxury Transport was developed on Corellia for shuttling leaders and figureheads around the planet and to nearby systems. It could also double as a conference room. Usually accompanied by two escort airspeeders, as it has no weapons of its own. It is equipped with two high-powered booster engines, aside from its main engine, for making quick getaways in the face of danger. The Transport: the cockpit: The meeting room windows: The engines: with fighter escorts: And the roof comes off. the cockpit: the meeting room: Looking out the window: whats that off in the distance? The Captain's Quarters: Meeting time: The whole interior: That's all for now. Thanks for looking! ~Tricky-Brick
  2. Tricky-Brick

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    obi-wan's face is priceless! i love his shocked look!
  3. Tricky-Brick

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    At least where i'm from, its basically famous for being so terrible. Nobody(i hope) actually thinks it's good, but for some reason this video's in the pop-culture spotlight at the moment.
  4. Tricky-Brick

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Hey guys! This is my first post in a long time, and i'd like to share some of my own funnies. Sorry if it's a little small. ^Don't be ashamed if you don't quite get that one. Just consider yourself lucky That's all for now!
  5. Tricky-Brick

    My complete collection of Star Wars Minifigs

    Wow! That's an impressive collection. how long did it take you to get all those? Are the two non-BL minifigs the darth vader repair droid and the blue spider droid? just a guess
  6. Tricky-Brick

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Here's a question i've wondered about for a while: In the 10198 Tantive IV set, my princess leia's cinnabon hair was all smooth and chocolate-looking, but in the X-wing set her hair is normal and properly molded. Was this just a mismold or are they all like that?
  7. Tricky-Brick

    [MOC] Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

    Alright, i believe i fixed the bridge island. Here's some pics: Its much shorter and less profound now. There's the changes. It's not much, but i believe it fixes the overall look of the model. I'll have some more pictures later of the ship in its entirety. Thank's for reading! Tricky-Brick
  8. Tricky-Brick

    [MOC] Acclamator-Class Assault Ship

    Hello again! I have taken your comments into consideration, and made a few changes to the model. here it is. The colorscheme is a little bit different. the Open Circle marking is a bit farther down the ship, and there are now five stripes instead of 3. I think this colorscheme is more accurate. Another shot from the front. The engines. You can't really see it here, but the tail is longer. from the side. you can see the longer tail, as well as the greebles on the side. heres the major addition: The raised bridge platform-thing. Although now i realize that the sides are supposed to be flat until this hump. But i've put too much work into this to tear it down and make it all flat. It will just have to remain inacurrate. The greebles. The gaps in between the plates have been reduced, although i still cant find a way to completely seal that one gap off. The fleet, in all it's incorrectly-proportioned glory.
  9. Hello everybody! Here's my second MOC post on Eurobricks: The Acclamator-Class Assault Ship. These ships were used for planetary assaults during the Clone Wars, and were able to enter a planet's atmosphere and land troops. They could accomodate 80 LAAT gunships, as well as 320 speeder bikes(according to wookieepedia). During the Galactic Civil War, they were somewhat outdated, but were still used to patrol the backwater areas of the Galaxy. My Acclamator can accomodate approximately 4 speeder bikes(comfortably), and i wouldnt suggest trying to fit any gunships in there. So, onto the pictures... Here it is. It isn't as big as i had originally planned, but this used up my grey plates almost in entirety(There's more in there than meets the eye). from the back. You can see the technic bars in there. from the diaganol. You can see the colorscheme here. it is almost like the normal colorscheme for Clone Wars acclamators, but i dont believe the giant republic logo was on the Clone Wars coloscheme. From the side. Getting the underside plates to fit together without much space inbetween was difficult. From the bottom. I had to use a rubber band to hold the plate to the base of the ship. From the top. from the front. The stacking of plates on top of each other without any form of true connection. A method i would prefer not to use, but had no other choice in for this project. Compared next to its comrade. I think mine is a bit big compared to the official Lego Venator.(as you may have noticed, mine lacks all the republic red pieces. i took them off to use for MOCs that needed them more. I refer to this as my end-of-Episode III-Venator. Well, there it is. This isnt my favorite MOC, but when i set out to make an Acclamator i wasn't going to give up. i went through various other methods of design, but none of them worked as well as this one. So, not my proudest presentation, but i figured i'd share it nevertheless. Thanks for looking! -Tricky-Brick
  10. Tricky-Brick

    A disturbance in the horse...

    This made my day! Its such a funny idea and the horse's expression makes it perfect. But who knows if Vaders intentions are really so perverted? Maybe the horse just needs a prostate exam? . they don't call him Darthoctor Vader for nothing!
  11. Tricky-Brick

    [MOC] Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer

    Very impressive! The amount of detail and the greeblings is really nice. It must've taken a long time to pull this off so seamlessly.
  12. Tricky-Brick

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    A question i have always wondered about: On the Clone Turbo Tank, which side is the front? I always figured it was the thinner end, with the "neck", because it looked more like a head. But it looked like Lego wanted the front to be the fat end, since that is the end facing you on the box. And in RotS, i think in one brief moment they were seen rolling around on Kashyyk and the fat end was going first. Thanks, Tricky-Brick
  13. Tricky-Brick

    [MOC] My mysterious bounty hunter and his ship

    I really like this ship as it looks so much like a WWII fighter plane. the underside is nice and detailed too, which adds a lot. Good work! -Tricky-Brick
  14. Tricky-Brick

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    hey everyone, In the Separatist Shuttle set, is Onaconda's head hard plastic like with the older molds, or rubbery like they've been doing lately? Thanks, Tricky-Brick
  15. Tricky-Brick

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Unless the bags are numbered, i usually find a shalllow cardboard box, or in some cases the set's box itself, and dump all the pieces in there at once. I haven't the patience for sorting all of the pieces, and i enjoy chasing for the pieces i need. Of course once in a while i cant find a piece, and i get a bit worried. Usually i find it, except in the case of my republic cruiser, which was not only missing pieces but was in the box in large chunks. I guess it had been built once before, broken apart(badly), and then stuffed back in the box and resealed? Who knows what they were doing at Toys R Us that day...