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    Hello all!,

    Today I'm releaseing my pictures of my grand flagship ship i have been working on for quite a while now, growing from my HMS Vanguard below, this ship was the next stage up.

    HMS Vanguard

    Inspiration?, HMS Victory of course!, the yellow and black lines. I wanted to create a large warship that was still within the basic Lego standard plates you get, the brown hull's, The sails were a little tricky aswell, but i did this by combieing multiple masts into one. the usauel masts just felt to short. There was alot of hard and tricky internal support for such a large ship, i will admit, and choosing a right figurehead would be hard, so i just went with a sheild like the English HMS Dauntless from POTC.

    This is the 1st time i tryed mounting the red rowboats on the side of the ship, If i could change anything i would of proberly of made it 2 baseplates. Right now im working on a new heavy frigate, Smaller, But more deatailed. so hopefully it will be finsihed soon :) new coulers aswell that i quite like!

    Custom officers onbaord if you can notice, With Captain Steel at the helm, hopefully she will survive a few battles!

    Anyway on with pictures :)




    Heres the folder, Soon public hopefully :)

    Thanks You


  2. Hi all, This is a Spaceship i made some time ago, but finally uploaded it today.

    Based on Battlestar Galactica/Dadeluss from Stargate

    Mix of Lego/Mega Blocks (Yes im sorry, Big crime)

    Just a sort of test to see how i could go i want to work on bigger and more advanced stuff, less flat and blocky is what i aim for. Anyway tell me what you think for a 1st time spaceship (Little Fighter also included!)

    Heres a Picture :)


    Heres the folder:

    Thank You


  3. th_indexed.gif

    Hello all, After the launch of my Lego frigate (HMS Vanguard) and my selection of updated lego tall ships, I release my Selection of troopers

    1st Up!, My Red Army The Pretorians

    Based on the British Army of course, My camera isnt that good but i have:

    3 x10 Line infantry

    1 x10 Grenidiers

    1 x5 Man 95th Rifles Based troops

    2 x10 Special Marine squads

    1 x10 Marines (Not Pictured, For my boats)

    1 x10 British Artillary (Special Torso)

    Multiple officers with special torso's

    1 x5 Cavalry Troops

    1 x5 Man British Naval officers (Not Pictured, For my boats)

    My camera isnt so good but maybe u can make out the troops


    Folder Here:

    2nd up, My Blue Army "Rhinelanders"

    Based on French/Prussian/Swedish troops, Not sure where this army is heading

    2 x10 Line Infantry

    1 x10 Imperial Guard elite Troop

    1 x10 Marines (Not Pictured, For my boats)

    1 x10 French based Artillary (Special Torso)

    Multiple officers with special torso's


    Folder Here:

    EITC POTC Troops

    x2 10 man infantry squads (Special Torso)

    x1 5 men Officer squads (Special Torso)


    Folder Here:

    What else i wanted to do to expand my army:

    Rhineland Naval officers (Based On Danish Naval Troops)

    Rhineland Jaegers (Blue Sharpshooters)

    Blue Cavalry Troops + More Red army cavalry

    Maybe build a USA type army?