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  1. 3: 10 11: 6 5: 4 10: 3 12: 2 9: 1 Good luck to everyone!
  2. Looks like manatees can still swim across the globe. Thanks again, CopMike and Eurobricks!
  3. Well... there must be a logical explanation as to why a big, jolly old man can keep up with all the wishes of children (and children-at-heart) around the world. Thanks again to Eurobricks and CopMike for keeping this tradition alive! 20181129_083604 by Orthobotrex, on Flickr
  4. Or2Me2

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Prize A has arrived! Thanks again, CopMike and Eurobricks! :D
  5. Or2Me2

    Minifig Contest Voting

    I vote for #11 and #14
  6. Or2Me2

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Hooray for Manatee A! Thanks again to Copmike and the Eurobricks community! Can't wait for these to swim over to my home. ?
  7. Wow, another year is drawing to a close. Thanks for continuing this tradition. My entry: My ideal Christmas Tree is one that evokes the warmth of childhood memories. Being a child does not lay upon your shoulders the worries of everyday life. https://flic.kr/p/GTac8r
  8. Hooray! Thanks again, CopMike! This has been a merry tradition... Still waiting for what my manatee will be.
  9. Snow... As a kid, I've always wondered what it would be like to experience a snowfall. Coming from a tropical country where there isn't any, it always carried a sense of bewilderment for me. Many say it's just ice, though it's always a wonder why something so cold can conjure up feelings of warmth inside... maybe it's the Holidays and all... <--- I hope it's not too cheesy. Oh, but I wouldn't to be caught in a blizzard or an avalanche, or any other thing like that. So, here's my entry... The first fall of snow. EB snow by Orthobotrex, on Flickr
  10. The Avengers have been taken... from the post office, that is! Thanks again, Copmike, and all the guys here at EB!
  11. 40) Series 11 - Scarecrow Entry (Build by JacloS_UA) - 1 point 46) Series 12 - Video Game Guy Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1 point 61) Series 10 - Motorcycle Mechanic Entry (Build - 1 point GOODLUCK!!!
  12. 3) Tribal Woman Entry (Build by Robert8) - 1 point 18) Farmer Entry (Build by JacloS_UA) - 1 point 60) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by Graham Gidman) - 1point GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
  13. Oh, yeah! I won again! Thanks again, CopMike and Eurobricks, for this wonderful tradition!
  14. My ideal Christmas tree is just the simple one. Easy to set-up, and easy to dismantle after the holidays.But I wanted to do a MOC with my queasy guy minifig, with a little help from the dark side of the force.