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  1. the lego dwarf

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    This challenge is going to be a great way for me to get building again. For the resistance.
  2. the lego dwarf

    The Old Town

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I don't have many tiles at the minute but I will hopefully get some soon.
  3. the lego dwarf

    The Old Town

    During the past couple of months the settlement of Necropolis had begun to expand. During this expansion a group of workers stumbled on an old structure and after a few weeks of digging they had begun to unearth a whole section of a buried town. It was Magnus that decided to renovate the section of the buried town instead of building more buildings. After looking in one of the buildings Magnus' bodyguard Obryon discovered the remains of one of the Desert King's advisers with a map to the whole buried town lying next to him. This is my first build in 6 months so I may be a bit rusty but I am hoping to improve. C+C Welcome
  4. the lego dwarf

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    O.K I'm back to building after some personal stuff and I'm hopefully going to be posting a new build this week. I know it's a bit late now but welcome to the best guild of them all Sunder.
  5. the lego dwarf

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    @EpsilonEta It's fine. I'll start working on my sigfig and some builds now. .
  6. the lego dwarf

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    I signed up for this when it first started but since I have not built anything can I change from a scientist to a pilot?
  7. the lego dwarf

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That sounds like a good idea with the more known tribes. In other news I've got some builds to have photos taken and then I will put them up.
  8. The end of Magnus is close.

  9. the lego dwarf

    Episode X: Deep Space Deception

    Congratulations everyone and thank you for another great episode.
  10. the lego dwarf

    [SoNE Ep. X] Data Secured

    My mission was simple, stop some highly important data from falling into the rebel's clutches. I made my way towards one section of the Suprosa but I found myself staring into the eyes of a rebel. The Lego Dwarf: Put your weapon down or I will shoot. Rebel Soldier: You won't win you imperial scum. I quickly raised my gun and fired at the window just as the rebel was about to fire at me. Unfortunately for the rebel the sudden depressurizing of the sector caused the rebel to scream and fly out of the window. The Lego Dwarf: All you had to do was drop the weapon. I carried on towards my main mission and I finally met up with a small team of troopers and we began our assault on the target. I quickly ran into the room and shot the rebel through in the chest. The fellow troopers walked in after me and cleared up the body. I found the data up link and quickly shut it down and for a quick moment looked outside at the calmness of space. OOC: This is my entry for soNE Ep. X. I found this quite a challenge as this is my first sci-fi style build. I would have done more if I had the time and sorry for the quality of the pictures as at the minute I am using my tablet camera as my other camera is broken.
  11. the lego dwarf

    Episode X: Deep Space Deception

    I would like to join the Imperial pm please.
  12. the lego dwarf

    The Meeting of Enemys

    Thank you for the nice comments. I will sort out a better setup soon.
  13. the lego dwarf

    The Meeting of Enemys

    After the battle at the waterfall Magnus took the wolf back to it's home town of Necropolis. When he arrived he was asked to go to the town walls by two guards and he did so without questioning. When Magnus arrived at the wall he came face to face with the leader of the Necrolites also his main enemy. The figure glanced at Magnus then he lowered his hood revealing the face of Magnus' enemy. "You looked surprised Magnus, did you think that I was a human?" "What are you?" Magnus asked trying to figure out what he was looking at. "I am a spirit and I have merged myself to this man so I can have a body again. Then without saying a word the spirit left the man's body and merged with Magnus. "Now I have more power than I have ever imagined people will now tremble under the Necrolites and Magnus lord of the Spirits." OOC I hope you enjoyed the build and the story this is a continuation of Magnus' story leading up to the next challenge. The first picture was taken about three months ago and I decided to add another scene to the story. C + C welcome.
  14. I would like to sign up as a stormtrooper. For some reason I was taken off the index.
  15. the lego dwarf

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Another build from me