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  1. Admiral Goblet

    MOC: Harbour Town

    Spectacular! Could use some imperial armada though ^.^
  2. Admiral Goblet

    Imperial Fort

    Cool! Yay, armada!
  3. Admiral Goblet

    Ambassador Project - Set Suggestions

    that is the same ship as the pirate boat isnt it ^.^ *Is Still Mourning The Fact That The Armada Faction Isn't Included*
  4. Admiral Goblet

    The Bluecoats on the Banner

    I recently noticed that the redcoats on the banner are now blue. Was it supposed to happen?
  5. Admiral Goblet

    Ambassador Project - Set Suggestions

    Wait.... No Armada??? :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: :pir-cry_sad: This is unbearable pain! I... I.... I must just suck it up and make this post anyways *tears drip onto keyboard* Alright.... Set Name: HMS Swordfish Faction: Haven Guard Category: 8 Description: A sleek Haven Guard sloop to patrol the waters. 4 cannons 1 deck (similar to brickbeards bounty) with Haven Guard sails (It would have been a conquistador boat... if not for.... ) and Flags. A captain's cabin and two masts. A bowsprit, forecastle, rigging that leads to all "crow's nest areas" and a net hanging for prisoners or treasure (like all ships) Main Elements: Firing Cannons, A crows nest where the minifigs can ACTUALLY SEE instead of having to look through a sail, and a ladder to it. The captains, cabin roof collapses if you pull out some little holder-upper thingies (like the thing that holds up the mast on the Armada Flagship) The bowsprit will fall if you pull the forecastle's floor forward. Minifigs: 3 Haven Guard soldiers, A captain, a Smuggler prisoner, a deckhand, and the lieutenant Accessories: A treasure chest and map, some barrels and crates of goods, rifles for the Soldiers, and the weapons taken from the smuggler. Handcuffs for Smuggler. A compass for the captain. A broom for the deckhand.
  6. Admiral Goblet

    Which Official Pirate LEGO Sets Do You Have?

    I'm so glad I found this place! Lego Pirates rule! I love the conquistadors and the armada best, my MOCS are always using the Conquistadors as bad guys. BOOO Red/Bluecoats!!!! Anyways, I own Brickbeard's bounty Armada Sentry (YAAAAY) Armada Flagship (YAAAAYYYer) A lot of the smaller modern Lego Pirates sets, like the one with the pirate on the small island with some jewels and a snake Kracken Attackin And of course, I get a lot of Armada Minifigs from Ebay
  7. Admiral Goblet

    Your Definition of Dark Age

    I think its probably straying from LEGO, because the 90's were awesome! Pirates! CONQUISTADORS !!!!! I luv meh sum Imperial Armada
  8. Admiral Goblet

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I sort my lego by: Regular, less important parts & bricks Minifigs & small weapons, like a gun Animals & and big weapons, like a cannon and really important parts I'm a huge Lego Pirates! fan, but I like the 1990s version better. Especially dem conquistadors bebbe
  9. Admiral Goblet

    The LEGO House - BIG MODEL!

    That build is certainly interesting! I'm not quite sure if I've ever seen the wall pieces before, or if they're just regular bricks stacked up
  10. Admiral Goblet

    Your '2buy' list of 2014

    Lots of Lego Conquistadors and Armada! WOOOP
  11. Admiral Goblet

    Login Issues

    I wish I could help you Oh wow, I'm sorry. I just realized this is 6 years old. Should have checked the date on the title ... Whups!
  12. Admiral Goblet

    Lego Imperial Armada

    So my birthday is coming up and i just LOVE the Imperial Armada minifigures. If anybody here has any idea where to get some, please let me know. I've tried Ebay and Bricklink, but I don't think they have enough to quench my conquistador lust!
  13. Admiral Goblet

    Do Minifigs count towards Piece Count?

    I don't think so, maybe I am wrong I don't know .
  14. Admiral Goblet

    Serious question about Lego flowers

    I voted either way! I believe I am the only one who has... so far