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    Ah, er, LEGO®?
  1. Leo-J

    Battle in the wilderness

    Now that's some action and kaboomage!
  2. Leo-J

    The Frigate Talos

    Probably covering up the studs will make it better (yes, it will get expensive quickly if you did that. XD). Nonetheless, a very cool ship. I gotta try that design sometime.
  3. Leo-J

    Spaceship "Hyperion"

    Impressive shaping on the ship! The station is icing!
  4. Leo-J

    Special Gifts for Friends Afol

    Ditto especially on the 2 starfighters! Sleek, smooth, and clean builds!
  5. Leo-J

    [MOC] The Insectoid General

    Nifty parts usage! Need an army of these!
  6. Leo-J

    MOC: Sky-fi "Emuir's Breath"

    Sleek! Nice details!
  7. Leo-J

    MOC: USS Reliant NCC-1864

    Most impressive! Great scale!
  8. Leo-J

    [LDD MOC] Dragonfly

    Quite creative! Nifty parts usage and overall design!
  9. Leo-J

    [MOC] Synth

    Thanks everybody for your comments! Much appreciated!
  10. Leo-J

    [MOC] Synth

    More pictures available in MOCpages or Brickshelf when moderated.
  11. Leo-J

    MOC: Polar Ice Space Ship

    More pictures available in Brickshelf or MOCpages.
  12. More pics available in MOCpages.
  13. Congrats! Fantastic entries!
  14. Leo-J

    [MOC] Darth Vader's sail barge

    The best Star Wars MOC that I've seen for a long time! Impressive build and freakin' hilarious presentation!
  15. Great idea with the burnt cape! Good idea with a helmet, too, 'coz them kiddies may just be careless with the hoverboard, hero or not.