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  1. cardinal808


    The funny thing is that going down doesn't seem to be an issue with PF track. At the end of the ramp i have Flex track and it seems that flex track slows the train down enough to avoid the derailment. Trying to get rid of the ramp is possible, but.... i always stated that my trains should be able to go everywhere without being picked up or something. So if the ramp seems to be bot possible i need to think of something else. Although this topic gave me some good ideas, i will try first before moving on. If someone does not have brilliant ideas to fix the traction issues, ill apply those ideas and update this topic. (need to order some stuff first)
  2. cardinal808


    I have one 12V train and the wheels of this system are far better for traction issues. The new train wheels do have a small rubber band, but i guess not enough. I should do a specific test with the 12v train an some rubberbands to try. thanks. IMHO Guidelines are for an easy implementation. If I would follow the guidelines it would surely work. If i don't i will mean the solution wont be easy, but not impossible. Ow, i love that idea. Looks hard to implement with default trains, but gave me some nice ideas. thanks.
  3. cardinal808


    Hi all, Currently im building a Lego City layout with PF trains. What i want is build a ramp for my trains, to get the trains to another level on the layout, which is around 13 bricks higher. There are some guides on ramps, but i don't have enough space for those layout, since then it will be longer then my actual table. When i did some test runs, i've noticed that my trains don't make it. The issue is not that they are not powerful enough, but they lose traction on the smooth plastic PF track, spin out and when stopped they roll down again. So what im interested in, is if someone has any ideas on how to add traction to the track (preferable without damaging the track). What is i thought of was: 1. use old 12v track, since its not smooth, but has compatibility issues. 2. Apply rubber to the track, but not sure how. 3. use sandpaper to make the track rougher, but damaging the track. Not sure if it will work Does anyone has any good ideas on this topic?