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  1. So I was browsing through the Brickshelf recent pages when a couple of SW figs caught my eye. First was a 3-legged R2D2 by PepaQuin. I like how he used the new 1x1 slope to finally give R2 a middle leg, maybe TLC will pounce upon this in the future. Next were 2 great custom Ep III clones by Blasterman. I really like the detailing on the Red clone, much better than what TLC has produced. But still I wish we had more normal clones :/ Jon.
  2. jonfett

    This made me laugh! This entertaining diorama by Blasterman. he he :P If only we had of have one of those in 1066, we would have kicked William the Conquers butt!! :D Its nice to see something funny like this once in a while. I wonder what is happening with Jeff lately, he doesn't seem to post much. Has there been any updates to his website recetly?? Jon.
  3. Ok, here it is. The battle pics are finally up, I apologise for the long wait, the quality of the pictures and the fact that I have no more to say. ;) Folder Deep Links Enjoy! :) Jon.
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    my eyes!.. MY EYES!!!

    The entire (hehe) gallery hehe, looks like Lego is releasing underwear for minfigs now... whatever next! ;) edit - not mine of course!! :P Jon.
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    Men of Rohan

    Here is my rather small army of Rohan Men. I made them out of some of the spare castle pieces I have left, this was a good idea as it make them all unique qhich is good. I wanted them to have a rough appearence as they have not many supplies and old weapons and armour. This is where some of my old torso worked well. I chose to use only brown, grey and red as these are what i interpreted from the movie. Also, I tried to use rough looking faces to make them all seem like the old men protecting the fortress. Anyway, here are some deep links: And the folder - Of course, I need to make more Uruk-hia (see my other post) to face them, and once I've got helms deep finished (2-3 weeks, I need more bricks first!) then there will be some battle scenes. Enjoy, Jon.
  6. Remember the draft of the comic we saw months ago?? Well, the final draft of the AFOLs comic by Greg and Jake is now up done and you can see it here - Article about it is here - It really is a great comic, too bad I won't be able to get one.. unless they sell some at FBTB! Jon.
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    Lego Mugs!

    I just found this on Brickshelf - A pair of Lego mugs from Japan :mellow: I just wanna say, how many pictures can you have of a pair of mugs and some boxes??? :huh: I mean, there must be like 20 in that folder. Ok, lego mugs seem pretty cool but why do you need so many pictures of them?? Sorry about that! :D I just had to have a little rant. Jon.
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    For you Futurama fans...

    Yes this is another NMOC (not My own Creation) I found this on Brickshelf - . A miniland Bender. I love all the details that are put into this, for example the arial and even the opening cabinet. I would just like to praise all miniland creators, such as Blockula at FBTB. I really think it is so great how they can make such good likenesses from just a couple of small parts. Jon.
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    Amazing MOC found on Brickshelf

    I stumbled across this today - My initial reaction was... WOW!! :o This thing is awesome, there are so many little details which are so good and make the model look brilliant. I love the little gym included, it looks so cool. It must have costs loads to build though as it is so huge!! This must be the best accomodation for any lego figures, kinda reminds me of a dolls house my sister had years ago. Take your time to look around at the pictures, I am sure you will be amazed and possibly inspired! Jon.
  10. Here comes Brick Flick - I found this on the web. It is a GTA version in lego, I haven't downloaded it but I hope to. Has anybody else played Grand Theft Auto before?? If so what do you think of the game?? Jon. I wasn't sure if this fitted best in Community or Lego prducts but as it has Lego in the title I chose here.
  11. jonfett

    My Helms Deep custom

    Hey, Since I got my camera I decided to post a couple of pictures of my Helms deep custom. I have only started the wall but I plan to extend it. Here is a sneak peak of it whilst you wait for the folder to become public, then you can click here - Like I said before, I am not the best photographer and my crappy focus doesn't really help. But the pictures are ok for now. Hope you like it and I will post more work soon. Jon.
  12. jonfett

    The Image of Lego

    Last year Lego celebrated 50 years of System. As a slightly belated tribute to our favourite company we want you opinions of what the Lego compnay means to you. Since it began its quest into the brick 50 years ago, the Lego company has had many corporate images. We all have something in our mind that defines Lego and which comes into our head when we hear it. We want your opinions! There are no wrong answers here, it is simply just each members own ideas and what makes it personal to them! So lets begin! Jon.
  13. jonfett

    Batman 06: Caption Contest 1

    Welcome to the Batman Month Caption Contest! Over the month we will hold 4 contests. The staff will pick the 5 best captions and will put out a poll for you to decide the winner of each caption !! The staff is allowed to post in those contests for fun only !! We will not participate in the contest. The 4 winners will all go to a Grand Finale Contest to see who is our BatChampion !!! You will decide !! The prize that will receive the Grand Champion will be a custom made Harley Quinn by our very own and generous Vader316 ;-) You know the drill by now. In case you forgot, or are new among our community, post a clean caption describing the picture (text, dialogue, you decide !!). There is no limit to the number of captions you can post, but the deadline is till 27th May 00:01am. Have fun and happy batcaptioning to all of you ;-) Jon & *yoda*
  14. jonfett

    World Cup 2006 - Germany

    C'mon England! I am sure we can do it, we don't have Rooney.. but we got Crouch instead! *wacko* Seriously though, with Gerrard on form at the moment, Lennon and Wallcott performing well and Ashley Cole back from injury I reckon we would do well. Sure, missing Rooney is a shame but he might be in after the group stages once we make it though! Jon.
  15. jonfett

    Custom Batcave ;-) Great work vader, the cave looks so detailed and just.. well, big! I like you modded batmobile too, great stuff! Jon.
  16. jonfett


    Found this one on Brickshelf.. .. on a woman!! Jon.
  17. jonfett

    Help with Skellies

    I doubt it :-/ Minimum price on BL is around that, for one. The best thing to do would be to buy 1 skelly, and a few different helmets to see what you think looks best. I would recommened either of the classic castle helmets. Jon.
  18. jonfett

    Happy Bday Orlego !!!

    Can't wait to see you again mate! But if you are reading this, hope you have a great day! :-) Jon.
  19. jonfett

    Dropping by for a visit

    Good to see you here, I hope we can make you welcome! I am sure you will see many other CC members here already, so hopefully once CC us back up you will stay with us! Hope you enjoy it here anyway, however long your stay! :-) Jon.
  20. jonfett

    Doctor Who

    Sorry for the double post, but I just have to comment on it now!! First of all, I thought the episode was ok.. the storyline was a bit fast to start with. I mean everything seemed to happen so quickly, like Tardis breaking, landing in London.. I dunno, maybe I am just being picky. Anyway, the actual Cybermen plot made sense and they seemed gpretty cool, kinda like Superbattle Droids. I guess we will see a lot more of them in the next few episodes, hopefully they will have some more menacing weapons than just a hand. I thought Roger Lloyd-Pack was ok playing the "bad guy". Anyone find it ironic that Dr. Who is his son (for those who have seen Goblet of Fire ;-)). Can't wait for next weeks episiode now, but why on earth is that guy from Byker Grove in it? Jon.
  21. jonfett

    Greetings from a Medieval Minded Man

    Welcome to EB Josh! Good to see another recognized Lego fan posting here, hope you enjoy it! :-) Jon. (jon_p at
  22. jonfett

    Doctor Who

    Looking forwards to the first of the Cybermen episodes tonight! I will post my review after the programme. Jon.
  23. jonfett

    Is down?

    Just thought I would add that both the CC homepage and forum have been down for the last few days for me.. which is a shame as I am trying to complete a trade there (and we only have contact via PM) *sad* Oh well, lets hope its back up soon! Jon.
  24. jonfett

    ISD Review + Mods !!

    Great improvements Yoda! The ISD does look a lot better without all those stupid colours and gaps. But I can still see a few red and white pieces on it! ;-) Jon.
  25. jonfett

    Happy EB Bday erikutt !!

    Hope you have a great day Erik! And may you get less insane with every year! Jon.