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  1. lego minifig67

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    this is a megablocks face acserssorie and indiana jones torso and a prince of persia face THERE WILL BE NO PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN THEME
  2. lego minifig67

    Voting Tournament of Retribution Voting

    ok here we go 1 vote= admiral crossiant 6 votes= Capt. Thomas Foolery I hope that entry wins
  3. lego minifig67

    The Execution

    I couldnt read the text
  4. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution Entry

    hehehehe nice entry I loved the MOC there
  5. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

  6. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry.

    very good i love that one too I like ratshots knife i might steal it if i get the chance poor joey lock i feel very sorry for him in quite a few TOR2 entrys he has been killed poor him great entry
  7. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    I LOVE IT i like the poop cart the most and i aslo like the redcoat troll it was verry funny and entertaining. You should use microsoft word for the words because they looked pretty messy. but overall a great entry!
  8. lego minifig67

    ToR II Entry

    YES YES YES YES GREAT ENTRY loved it when bricktain cuts up the blue coat THAT WAS THE BEST ENTRY SO FAR IN THE TOR2 THAT DESERVES TO WIN loved it so much
  9. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    I hope you enjoy! (Unless you're a no-good redcoat scumbag pipsqueak who smells bad) A PIPSQUEK i dont think so I may be a scumbag and i havent had a shower in a few weeks but I AM NOT A PIPSQUEK great entry loved it a lot but the TOR2 needs more bluecoat killing entries.
  10. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Hehehehe nice entry and very nice whale too This is the first entry i have read that contains bluecoat getting hurt or killed ect I laughed alot while i was reading this, If i was that bluecoat i would have picked whale too I think evryone who has lego knows what it feels like too step on it, there was this 1 time my kid had been playing with his sailbarge and left it in the middle of the kitchen floor so at midnight i got and needed too pee so i walked across the kitchen and stepped on the very front of it I fell over and whacked my head on the table and lay on the floor 4 about 2 minutes then got up and guess what i fell over it again but luckily i caugt myself anyway the next morning a heard a shriek coming from the kitchen i got up and my kid was standing there looking at the wrecked sail barge , then my son saw my feet and knew it was me who destroyed it GREATEST TOR2 ENTY SO FAR.
  11. lego minifig67

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    great comic. That is probably the best one I have read so far. poor redcoats for a matter of fact i havent seen a single a TORII entry supporting the redcoats. even though i support the redcoats If anyone on classic pirates went on ebay and won the vintage pirate ship and extras then you have made me very very very upset so there goes the chance of making a bluecoat post because the stuff i needed was in that auction. and would SOMEONE PLEASE tell me how to create a post.
  12. lego minifig67

    Review: Imperial Flagship 6271

    plz would someone tell me how to make posts
  13. lego minifig67

    Review: Imperial Flagship 6271

    I am getting this set off ebay it will be at my house in 1 week NOW THAT I READ THAT REVIEW I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED. great review i am supprised that cumpass actually works! oh and by the way the 'guns' are actually cannons I am starting to build a moc but i need to know how 2 start a post. thx great review. I LOVE THIS SET
  14. lego minifig67

    WIP HMS Borea

    That be a great ship mate, BUT, where be da sails? Allover a nice frigate
  15. lego minifig67

    my custome Fort

    but how do i even start the post? where do i send images 2