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    Gotham Central Bank MOC

    Wow! This is a really great Moc! I love the detail on the building and the attention to detail on elements such as the interior, the vehicles and the people (with their accessories). I am glad to see other people using the IJ figs for gotham city :) and I also love the security van with the suitcases :) The only things that I could possibly criticise would be the yellow professor (as I personally don't like mixing yellow and flesh, but thats just me) and the only other thing would be if its still built, I would love to see you expand it into more that has the full depth of a building, as those types of Moc's are great for display, but it would be great to see your take on a larger version. Thanks for sharing such a great Moc with us all, Batman1-
  2. Batman1

    batman vs. Spiderman

    Just to let you know all of the batman sets were released in the UK, but now like the rest of the world are only available online, at hugely inflated prices :( I agree with all the comments above, and lego should really re-release the Lego Batman line as it was extremely popular. I think they may need to re-think how they approach the line, as they can create o many different vehicles from comics and television that even if a child does not recognise it, they would still buy it. Once again, locations are extremely important in the batman universe, and although research proves sets sell better when containing a vehicle, I think Batman would be a good opportunity to include buildings or locations. I also think they need to exploit a greater range of villains, as we only got the big ones, but there are so many that they could release. Even if they didn't, they could have exploited the villains they did release differently in each set, for example, the joker in the tumbler set could have been wearing an ice cream uniform and a funny ice cream hat (which would fit with the van he was ridding in. Just small things like that would improve the line so much and I really think Lego could take advantage of the great number of possibilities that the line presents. One example of this are the great number of Batman Moc's and Mod's on many fan sights, which show possibilities of what Lego could do. One problem as stated above, is that until a movie, such as the next Nolan film, or a successful cartoon series comes around, it does not really give Lego any reason to re-release the line :( I would hope that if they ever did (Please do Lego) that they would revamp the figs and the vehicles as since the line ended there are so many new parts, which would be really interesting to see how they would, for example, create a bat-mobile with the parts that are around now! Hopefully another cartoon series will begin 2011-2012 along with the movie and maybe they would reconsider the line... Batman1-