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  1. The sun was rising in the cloudy sky as the ship stoped in the smallest unnoticable dock in FrozenFall.The crew started to unpack the ship's storage which was intended for the village. This village is located in the north shore.Jessica was sent here to investigate the curse.The curse casted on the warriors who once fought the enemies from the east.At the beginning they were normal ,but then they started to change into beasts. This small dock was located next to a guarded inn.An inn guarded by fire breathing tubes .The masters of these tubes were the dwarfs,the all time engineers. And ofcourse here our dwarven friend meets the ones from his kind. Angelica is going to get horses from the stable to go into the village. While Jessica is being greeted by the mayor. And William?He is also meeting a friend. Everything was going normaly until one of those creatures,that sails thro the clounds in the northend shore,called Wais Nigri came too low .These creatures were usually scared of people. But not this one.This one dropped like an arrow from the sky. It was obviously not aiming for the fist as it started to atack the villagers. The local guards tryed to repel it. But the Nigri was acting unusual,it was like, fighting for it's life,but in this case,for their lifes. Fortunately there was a cannon there,so it could take the creature down. It didnt kill it,but harmed it enough so it could fly alway. Jessica went to check what was wrong with the creature. She wasnt an expert ,but she saw the dark blood flowing thro its tail. In the next moment she saw that the guy infront of her was shot by a ice spell.For a moment she got that little heart atack "Who could've do this,in such a place!?" It was an ambush by the local beasts. Jessica ran to get the spear while William and Jack went to hold the two legged dogs. The spearmen held William while the wild axe"man" jumped onto the local knight. Suddenly more of these beasts came out of the blacksmith. The cannon shot once again at the spearmen. Pirate mateys came to help with the captain while the two Mitgardians held the hairy beings. Unfortunately Jack was slayed from the back as these beasts had no mercy. Jessica grabbed a sword to help too... But due to her "sword skills" was easily disarmed by the cursed knight. It was a shame for her to have such a fast ending,but the captain was faster than the knight and he stabbed him. Jessica was so close to dead ,she was scared but that couldnt last for too long as she needs to chose what to do with these creatures. Find a cure for them or exterminate them either way she needs to learn how to fight with short weapons,that lacking cant continue too long. So yeah,this is my first story based moc so C'n C are welcome as i think that i will continue this. If you want you can choose (Finding a cure or exterminating them(my next episodes are going to be based on the choice)) Or give an advice of what she can do. Neither of these is important to do ,if there are no candidates i will choose the next chapter myself. Sorry for my english
  2. Antonio

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Are these polybags going to be US (TRU) exclusive?Not a lot of countries in Europe ,actually non beside Britain have TRU and i really want that Finn polybag :| . I'm already missing out the c3po polybag ,I hope i wont miss that one as well.
  3. Antonio

    My tiny modification of AT-DP

    Ah ,i love such tiny modifications to sets that make them fully functional.Great job!I can't help but wonder tho , is this AT-AT heavily modified or its just outside plating?Sorry for going offtopic,but im such an AT-AT lover :)
  4. Size matters...

  5. I also think its someone from the chain.I am quiet because i only share opinions which i think are somewhere helpful but i see,they aren't. Today i got really confused ,i really though Simone is scum and i don't know how to react.I don't want to target anybody,since i dont have a bigger suspicion on anyone else than someone from the chain.Also last time when i got chatty ,Adriano thought i was scum. Good luck with the "Investigator" I see you 3 are always working together,are you really townies?When/If i get expelled i hope you're the next one because you aren't really doing well your job.Do i need to say "I'm town" or "I'm not scum" ,i don't think you would care for my opinion ,after all you managed to get rid of 4 townies. Well played Claire,well played.You managed to keep your cool after all that and most people still stand on your side.I can't wait for the plot twist on later days.As for now i don't think this is the "investigator" with the made up story which i tended to believe. Vote: Andrew Clark (Clanure)
  6. And our game is getting better and better! Well i'm townie and "investigating" (if he is even the investigator) Would be a waste of an investigation ,since there's nothing interesting about me.It's my first time experiencing such thing so yeah,i sometimes overreact or do weird stuff.But if he wants to investigate ,just do it! I guess he was going after number 4 and the blocker did the same (depends of what he does:defends someone or blocks someone from using his special abilities) I couldn't understand what you ment. Creepy as hell if you ask me.. Actually i'd say that Claire has too much courage, maybe she is a Black Mesa trying to "sacrifice" herself so that we would think she's not?I want to say that she's a scum that is risking?(maybe,not sure)
  7. Wait ,am I the only one that thinks Ricky was the Neutral after he got killed?I didn't see anywhere saying something in green or red. I mentioned the number thing way earlier by the way...
  8. I just went abit chatty ,not defending anyone or anything :) Sorry if it bothered you.
  9. Adriano!Don't go hard on em guys,they're probably hidding something busy!:) I see you regain your confidence again,give them some space to think how to hide gain courage and share opinions :).
  10. What is so exciting about the Godfather? And this did you contact him?And if you are wrong ,will you tell the rest of us who the investigator is?So that we can lynch you all? You gained my trust again,but i still think this is very weird... Vote: Simone Adamley (Captain Nemo)
  11. bad i forgot there was neutral side also.Man i am really not paying attention...Either way how come the Mafia Killer and the SK haven't come across a scum?By the way, remember that Sloane was number 1? I gave the idea that they were going to go down 1 by 1 (1,2,3..etc) now that Wendy was expelled (number 2 if i'm not wrong) ,The SK/MK attacked number 3 (Craig).Does that mean that now it's Wendy's turn? Excuse me again i wanted to say Jeanie's turn*.
  12. Uhh ,i guess you're right ,Claire could really be the scum .At first i saw her like the Sheriff of the town ,but now i have different perspective.I'm really confused about the 5 townies ,how does the "Serial Killer" has more luck than us...Or he/she has found out who is town/scum somehow?The voting is getting harder and harder ,but i guess that this time Claire is gonna get it and i hope we finnaly have scum in the net.
  13. I don't want to argue since im town,i don't want to become like bud,so i will appreciate your opinion ,but i don't think that i can change,since i can't provide any useful contributions. I'm playing such game for the first time and i can't find hidden clues in people's behavior. Same here,i don't know who else to vote for ,so yeah Wendy,if you are town,sorry .I hope someone changes my opinion.. Vote: Wendy Beamish (Wedge09)
  14. What the potato?This sounds really weird from your mouth.It sounds like you are the boss of the scums in this room. Anyway this is going really strange ,are we playing mine sweeper?Lynch everyone until few are left? Shawna ,what's up?I see you aren't taking a part of this,waiting to hop on a bandwagon? By the way what's up with Wendy?Why are you guys voting for her?Sorry,cant remember everything ..
  15. Am I the only one around here that feels like this class of 22 19 people feels more like a class of 10 ?Yeah maybe people don't have what to say or try to find a hint,but at least they could give opinions.I also have my suspicion on Andrew,but seeing how my intuition guides me wrong i won't vote ,yet.Bob you're acting childish by the way,too much role-play and voting for someone who voted for you ,then asking for apology?I'm not saying you're a scum,in fact i can't see you as one,but still.
  16. By the way,do you guys think that they give us a hint in the second comic,3rd panel?About the ones devoting alot of time into this? Also,nights are scary,if there are such tricky scums (like how do they knew about Sloane having these super powers?Or are they going from number 1 etc.).
  17. Oh well,didn't expect that one (with Newton and Sloane).Too bad they were Loyal .I wonder why some are acting bad if they are town ,like Bud did..
  18. Antonio

    Tycho Suspended Bridge Train

    Awesooome! :O I always wanted to test the magnets like that,now the only thing left to do is to make it move .A lovely microbuild!
  19. Numbers i have so far are (not in correct order) 22,3,19(me),4,5,17,11,21,7,12,10,16,14,13,1,15,9,8,18 Numbers that i need are 2,6 and 20 .Which one are you?If you don't want to share it in public ,PM me? The 666 part was joke.
  20. Woah!At the beginning it was just arguing with short replies and now,the more people start to vote for you,the more you start talking nonsense.Even if you're town,you're a pretty annoying one!You remind me of one of those annoying brats that there are in the school movies. Anyway im getting some kind of puzzle with those numbers,as they are the only information we were given,i bet they are the key to finding who is who.Wendy,Newton and Davey,care to share your numbers? Vote: Bud Fox (Tohst)
  21. Playing a game of shadows,well a game of maths actually.

  22. I don't think that these are pointless numbers,if they were,why would they exist in the first place and secondly,why would they be so hallotic ?
  23. Started to panic,so you finnaly gave us your number thinking we will stop? Was it that hard? A few more numbers needed..
  24. *cough* *cough* -after 1 hour analysing im back. These is what it looks like thro my eyes. Suspected Simone-Doesn't want to get involved? Seems like a lazy scum trying to just spectate while the others lynch themselves. Newton-Quiet ,then suddenly *BAM* unexplained vote,another lazy scum that isn't trying to cover himself? Bud-Everyone loves Bud (not) ,is hating alot of people while being hated back.A scum in trouble? Davey-Kinda like Bud,i get an image in my mind that they are brothers . Ricky-A chicken without head or another scum in trouble? Cooperative Craig-Is down to earth ,is nice ,except to the suspected ones. Cameron-seems like a nice guy to me.Helps against the suspected ones. Adriano-same as Cameron Claire-The one that puts most effort into finding out who is from Black Mesa. All the other non mentioned people are still suspected but not as much,most of whom don't try to do anything.