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  1. private_lego

    Scaling of LEGO trains

    I always build on scale (wherever possible) I build european trains. Passenger coaches are 3m x 26.4m (10ft x 88ft) Lego scale 6x52 studs. Bigger is impossible because they can't go thru the curves. The biggest problem is the size of the lego wheels. They are way to large in comparisson with the 1 stud = 0.5m (1.67ft). So you get funny flat cars with big wheels or you have to increase the height of the coach with 1/3. This makes the front of the coach to high to the width. Creating long and small coaches (which is standard for lego cars) So the ideal way to build (my opinion) is 1 stud = 0.5m for the length of the trians and 8 studs width (6 studs base + 1/3 correction from the increased height)
  2. private_lego

    City WIP: Sidewalks

    Very usefull stuff. Thanks for sharing Peter
  3. An color fill error happens if you put a tap (4599) into a 1x1 brick or 1x1 plate, but not in a 1x1 tile. The free space around the round part of the tap is filled with the color of the brick Fine grid needed!. I want to use taps and other elements to create unusual snot constructions. But the grid that is used to move the element is not fine enough. The snot element ends to high (leaving a gap) or to low and it would not fit. This is not a real error, but it limits the building possibilities with legal constructions
  4. In the Edit menu is an option rotate>keyboard entry>use rotation vector values. Here you can rotate in 3 dimensions by entering a digit. Select an axle on which you want to rotate (make that 0 a 1) and give a angle. At least 0.1 degree is possible. If you select more than one axle, you rotate over more than one axle at once.
  5. private_lego

    Eurobricks' 2nd LDD RCB

    That's my mistake. I thought I had them all fixed, but I seems to have forgotten the ones with the invisible surface. Peter If you follow these rules, the roof on step 4 will not fit if you fold the houses together. I sticks out of the boundry on the backside. So the wedges will have to be replaced by bricks or something else.
  6. private_lego

    Eurobricks' 2nd LDD RCB

    Thanks for the complement. Normaly more is possible with constructions inside the building, if only the outside counts, but this was not the case. I wanted to add a fireplace on the first floor, but I ran out of bricks. It was fun to build this one. Peter
  7. private_lego

    Eurobricks' 2nd LDD RCB

    Hi, I'm done. Here is my addition to the MOC Turn 3 Hope you like it. I used a lot of small pieces, so it is not cost effective, but its LDD, so nothing to worry about. Peter
  8. Can you give some more details. Operation system LPub version Location LPub, Ldraw on drive Is LDview installed & selected (see preferences in LPUB)
  9. private_lego

    Where's the glass...

    No looked for a glass that fit the 6154. And it seems that it doesn't existed. Mayby there were plans for it, and they created the element with holes, just in case Peter
  10. You can find the mpd (MLCAD file) here 6980.mpd
  11. private_lego

    Rook Runner

    Great MOC. Large one. Definitly front page material
  12. private_lego

    MOC: BR01-1075

    Such MOC's makes you want to drop all you are doing and start building.
  13. private_lego

    MOC: Christmas Layout 2010

    Can't wait for update 6. Nice build.
  14. The use of paper to make the curve is original. Give a wonderfull effect.
  15. I don't know a set in which this is used. Normaly the brick 6056 (brick 2x2x6 with groove) is used in all the castle sets. But this has the same problem, it will not fit. As soon as the 6046 slides below the top part of 30272, it gets disconnected. Physical the 6056 is a pile of 4216 stacked on each other. Probably is has to do with the shape. The 30272 has a circular shaped groove, equal to the 6046. All the other bricks have a square shaped groove, so it could be considered as a loose connection.