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  1. Capn Kirk 911

    Western Mafia - Day 1

    I would like to play, please.
  2. The new Indiana Jones sets are available at However, they don't ship til Jan. 30th. Set prices: Temple Escape = 59.99 Lost Tomb = 19.99 Truck Race 29.99 Motorcycle Chase = 11.99 P.S. The new Star Wars sets are also available, and they don't ship til Jan. 30th, too.
  3. Capn Kirk 911

    "The Hobbit" Movie -- TLC's next license???

    It would be wonderful if TLC made a Hobbit line. There are so many sets you can make from the book the hobbit. It would be a smart move on TLC.
  4. Capn Kirk 911

    2008 Exo-Force sets on

    I *wub* the Panther! *meow*
  5. Capn Kirk 911

    Competition Rules

    I am building a castle to suite my knights from the new castle line. I was wondering if we could have a Castle Gates Competition. I think that it would help me finish the hardest part of the castle for me... The gates! Length: 4 - 5 weeks and aditional 1 week for voting Forum: History and Adventure Amount of Pieces: Infinite Amount of Figures: Infinite Sets you can use: Any from the themes Old castle theme Vikings Knights Kingdom Castle ( the new theme ) Prize: Bragging rights and a thank you from yours truely... Me
  6. Capn Kirk 911

    What game are we playing at the moment?

    On the computer: Dawn of war, Dawn of war 2, Dawn of war 3, Quake, and the halo 1 and 2 On my xbox 360: Quake, Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Gears f war, Shadow Run, Lost planet, Mass Effect, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Call of duty 4, Assasains Creed, and the Orange Box. As you can see, I really like my xbox and all the games that are able to play on it! P.S. My favorite games are shooters... P.S.S If any one has xbox live my gamer - tag is = St3w Bagins
  7. Capn Kirk 911

    Strange Happenings at Cookstown Mall

    You are very lucky! I look forward to seeing your review
  8. Hello, and welcome. I hope you will enjoy you're time here. Hopefully, it will not bring you much sadness. X-D
  9. Capn Kirk 911

    warhammer 40,000 discussion

    I am a fan of Warhammer 40,000 I collect the Space Marines, and I collect the Tau. I have to say that the Tau are much easier to paint than my space marine army.
  10. Capn Kirk 911

    Favorite Stand Up Comedian

    So, being the lucky boy that I am, got lucky again. My mom got tickets for me and a friend to go to see Dane Cook live in Indiana. Then It dawned on me, I want to know your favorite stand up comedian. So go ahead who's your favorite jokester? By the way the show is on Friday Nov. 9th. Is Any one else going?
  11. Capn Kirk 911

    Dwarves' Mine Review!!

    Thanks so much for the review I look forward to getting it on christmas.
  12. Capn Kirk 911

    Droid Carrier

    That is a very impressive moc. I love how much longer it is compared to the original set.
  13. Capn Kirk 911

    Pirates of the Burning Sea: Game

    They trailer looked marvelous! The battle at sea look very fun. I am going to have to pick up a copy of this game.
  14. Capn Kirk 911

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    I agree with Shakar the new wizard looks good with the printed legs and the belt. Personally, I would have liked to see the wizard in gray; not sky blue.
  15. Capn Kirk 911

    Resident Evil goes Bikini Bottom

    That must have been pretty pricey to get all those Spongebobs...