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  1. Loco de Lego

    urban combat

    Thank you so much Lasse d
  2. Loco de Lego

    urban combat

    I tried to deeplink it but it simply will not work.thanks for trying to help though.
  3. Loco de Lego

    urban combat

    Thanks for adding that photo Lasse D.
  4. Loco de Lego

    urban combat

    This is an old urban combat scene that i have finally gotten around to posting .It is basically my town being attack .There are military vehicles and a few pieces of artillery have been setup. I keep trying but it keeps saying You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif, an invalid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.one.gif but thanks for the help everyone one more try [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/11497800@N05/2441327941/[/url]
  5. Loco de Lego

    MOC: Le Corbusier - Villa Savoye

    That is really well done good job .I love it it looks exactly like the real thing.
  6. Loco de Lego

    New contests

    I started thinking on a contest ,the idea would revolve around the idea of human verse meach .You could do your diorama on a small baseplate or on a normal plate.the two best battles would win based on a pole .I am not sure would the prize will be yet though .
  7. Loco de Lego

    New Creators

    I love this boat its perfect It looks like it would take little effort to convert to minfig scale.Also The alternatives are nice but not as the boat its self.
  8. Loco de Lego

    French Gendarmes

    I think that the wheels are fine because look at the Renault Master page and the photos the have show that the wheels are quite small I think for a van.Here is a photo ,photo.
  9. Loco de Lego

    French Gendarmes

    A few day ago I made two French gendarme vehicles for my gendarmire. Here Are the photos photo 1 and here is the second viewphoto two .The van is a Renault master I forget the name of the other one sorry.Also I only had a few minutes to post this so sorry it may seemed rushed.
  10. Loco de Lego

    Twinning our Towns!

    my town is ready twinned .It has a population of 45 civilians,20 gendarmes and 4 doctors /construction workers.It was founded in 1234 by some fishermen who found the fishing and land for farming good.The total pop. is 69 . It is around the size of tabletown but a lot less crazy.I will updated some new pictures but my town is to big to be pictured all at once .
  11. Loco de Lego

    Town MOC inspiration thread

    I put my contest into the contest thread and am still waiting for when my contest is sceulded for.
  12. Loco de Lego

    Brand New fishing boats

    Sorry Johnny 5 and iamded for not explaining this is really a oyster farm but the reason a said a clam farm is because of the tractor which has a little attachment at the back which digs up the ground so others can come behind to pick up the clams at low tide also mussels are cultivated on those polls which on I will soon wrap black string to look like seaweed on which the mussels can grow on,the poles are covered at high tide so that the can grow.The oysters grow on the tables and the same as the mussels they get covered at high tide .The seaweed is collected at low tide and the guy collecting scoops it up with a claw and puts it in a basket behind its back .Here is a picture of and oyster farm in Cancale,France picture.Also all the tools are just for digging and sweeping away bad oysters and in the tool shed there are things for making repairs to the tractor.And you are probably thinking there is no room for the tractor but it but this is just a small part of a large diorama i am working on.
  13. Loco de Lego

    Brand New fishing boats

    I just finished one part of a large diorama that I am working on.This is a oyster,mussel,seaweed and clam farm at low tide in the north west part of Bretagne.Here are the pictures picture 1,picture 2,picture 3 . Also sorry for double posting. :-$
  14. Loco de Lego

    Brand New fishing boats

    I am almost complete with one part of a large diorama of the French sea side and of a village it should be complete by February.So I will soon upload that .
  15. Loco de Lego

    Competition Rules

    I wouldlike to host a contest about diffrent architecture. *from its taking place in =town and trains form. * format can be done as a vig and also it can overlap but it can be down on a base plate it all depends on your collection . * time span 3 to 6 weeks or longer. * theme diffrent styels of architectures * prize if an admin can give a title that would be great but if not I will make avater which I will try my best on . *different categories such as High-tech architecture, Victorian architecture,Art Nouveau architecture ,Neoclassical architecture and a few other main forms of architecture that if a nother form of architecture is posted please tell me would kind it is.