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  1. Darth Jar Jar

    UK Sales

    Argos are giving a free lego max minifig if you join at argos.co.uk/legoclub Which is prettey good considering the exclusive parts on the max minifig
  2. Darth Jar Jar

    Eurobricks guild on Lego universe

    I would join but all my guys are on storm I could create a new guy though for overbuild though Btw congratulations Jebediahs I saw you on the winners list for the survival contest
  3. Darth Jar Jar

    UK Sales

    John lewis the other day were selling the orient bazzar for £6 so I bought one and some off the other games they also had ehro factory %50 off
  4. Darth Jar Jar

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Well this pretty much confirms the rumors off the star wars advent calender I wonder what the price will be and what it will include, hopefully some nice minifigs and some mini's Source.
  5. Darth Jar Jar

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    Heres a pics of Nyas,Cole DX and Nuckals spinner sets
  6. Darth Jar Jar

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    Mraz 'Skintas posted in the what did you buy today thread and said that he got a mini V-Wing and stormtrooper promo set inside his clone trooper battle pack
  7. Darth Jar Jar

    LEGO UNIVERSE: Dragon Team-Ups

    I would fight dragons with you but my main character (which is sentinel) is on storm universe because im in the UK But I do have one character on overbuild which is on venture he has full rank 3 daredevil gear but not buccaneer Also I think I have seen you on legouni.com as well
  8. Wow these figures are so detailed I just love them
  9. Darth Jar Jar

    UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    This is a big projetc and im sure it will be amazing also I always thought a sandcrawler would look good snoted out
  10. Darth Jar Jar

    UK Sales

    Anyone noticed that the tantive IV has gone up by £22 good job I got it earlier this year and the imperial shuttle has gone down £5
  11. Darth Jar Jar

    Lego is out of their minds!

    Yes you can do that if you want but then you aren't getting as much accessories and the skellie doesn't have the shoulder armor which is one off the important features to the skellies Also it doesnt come with a spinner or cards And finally you got your price mixed up its 7 not 4
  12. Darth Jar Jar

    Modular Building 2011

    Why does everybody go CC,GG,FB and GE when we are all forgetting about MS Also so MS had the hint off GG with the vegetable crates on the side off the street and the guy in he green overalls was a hint to the color off the building like the tan purse to the GE?
  13. Darth Jar Jar

    UK Sales

    Yeah I saw that the other day when I was there,they have a dot cheat sheet behind the desk and when I was there some kid asked when they would new pirates so he said the new ones would be pirates off the caribbean so I said yeah I have seen pictures off them they look very good so the guy at the counter goes o the store computer to see what they look like I got only a glimpse off them they look good
  14. Darth Jar Jar

    Lego is out of their minds!

    I have to disagree in some way. We are getting cards a spinner which is a whole new mold to this theme which you cant get in the normal sets. Think how much a pack off pokemon cards or yu gi oh cards sell for then look how much a CM sells for then you get the spinner which you is a lego beyblade really which are quite expensive and then there is the blister packaging which is more expensive so in all in all I think what some people are looking at it is just for the minifig when there is a whole lot more in that pack Also it is selling very well when I went to my local tesco they had just put all the spinners out and when I came back to get more later in the day they were all gone I am not sure if it is going to be like this in the US but in the UK its selling very well right now from what I have seen.
  15. Darth Jar Jar

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I am not sure if anyone has pointed this out but in this kingdoms set the person in the bottom middle with the darktan hair could be the new luke hair If so it looks mighty fine!