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  1. Not interested in this line at all. Maybe a few body parts / accessories could be useful, but that's all. However it's great that Lego has gone back to the 3-4-5 distribution. Here's hoping it will stay like this for the normal collectible minifigures, too. 2-4-6 was awful.
  2. Nagyzee

    Legends of Chima 2014

    Now worries. No, the rest of the summer sets are not available, just these 3 retailer exclusives. A shop started selling them early by accident, I guess.
  3. Nagyzee

    Found: NISB Grand Emporium for $100

    I did. If something in my reply indicates that I overlooked something and you'd like to point that out then please be less cryptic.
  4. Nagyzee

    Found: NISB Grand Emporium for $100

    Have you also reported it to Walmart? The set was stolen from them, not eBay. When Shop@Home is used by these stolen CC dropshippers TLG quite often asks the recipient to return the goods to them. When you unknowingly buy stolen products the original owner can still demand it sent back. It's a bit worrying how you just seem to be shrugging this off like it's no big deal and are already happily building your stolen set. On a more general note it's a bit perplexing for me how naive buyers can be.* I'm shocked how literate, educated people can't resist the temptation to buy 500 dollar UCS Millenium Falcons and stuff like that. Have you given it a thought before buying where the seller could have sourced the set so cheap? Small time eBay seller John Doe can't buy at wholesale prices just as you can't either. And even if he somehow indeed could buy a few at rock bottom prices why would he sell them so cheaply, leaving money on the table? When he is selling at 100 USD, he will end up with less than 90 USD after fees. *Another sentiment is that "I'll just go in recklessly, eBay, PayPal or my CC company will have my back anyhow if the 99.99% chance that it is a scam materializes. Hey, no risk for me, why not take that 0.01% chance that it's legit?" To me this one is even more annoying than those who are simply naive and just can't help jumping on a great deal. --- Btw I'm a Nigerian prince and I need 1000 USD to access my heritage of 150 million dollars. Just send me 1000 USD with Western Union please and we will both be filthy rich. (/jk)
  5. Nagyzee

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sets of similar size and price (3061, 3184, 3187, 41006, 41007, 41035, 41056) all have two minifigs. The only set of roughly the same size with only 1 figure is 3186. I'd say it's very far from the norm to have only one figure in a 30 USD / 30 EUR set.
  6. Nagyzee

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A full set of pictures of 41059 Jungle Tree House:
  7. Nagyzee

    Legends of Chima 2014

    First off I'm not expecting to sell it for that much. That's why I accept offers. Secondly over here it will retail for about 1.5x more than 60 USD. (And I bought it at retail price.) Factoring in eBay's fees and free shipping which is damn expensive for a parcel I'd have to sell it for more than 150 USD just to break even. If you want it at US RRP (which is the lowest RRP in the world) then you'll have to wait a few more months I'm afraid. Additional pictures below. 70147: I'll upload pictures of 70135 in a few minutes. Images of 70135: Edit: Retail price of 70135 will probably be 40 EUR (and thus 35-40 USD in the US). The set weighs about 630 grams. 70147 weighs 1140 grams.
  8. Nagyzee

    Legends of Chima 2014

    It will retail for about 65-70 EUR. I assume that translates to 60-70 USD. I can't help with part count as it's not mentioned on the European boxes.
  9. Nagyzee

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here you go:
  10. UK seems to have gotten a quite fair price. It's about 50 EUR (20%) cheaper there than in continental Europe.
  11. Nagyzee

    About the Modular Western Town?

    Most likely their licensing deal with Disney didn't allow them to put out western themed sets while the LR theme was running. It's quite logical.
  12. Nagyzee

    New track design by Big Ben Bricks

    This is a bit of a disappointment. The concept is nice but not everyone has access to a 3D printer. The texture of the 3D printed parts on the example pictures is also somewhat distracting. Looks a bit odd among Lego pieces. But the main problem is that so far this concept doesn't offer a solution for the biggest flaw of LEGO's own track design: the switches.
  13. Agreed. The awful geometry of the switches is the biggest issue. It doesn't allow for compact and nice station design. I don't even understand why they went this way instead of the normal solution virtually all model rail track systems have. From the curves, I'd opt for the standard plus one. That is probably the most useful addition to the standard curve as it would allow for building nicer parallel tracks.
  14. Nagyzee

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    Krazy Glue (it's in the Lord Business' Lair set), chewing gum (Superman is shown stuck into it in one of the trailers), Band-Aid (also seen in one of the trailers / promo videos), and probably there are more.
  15. Nagyzee

    MOC Widths

    Track gauge is the same, structure gauge not necessarily. UK locomotives are usually noticeably less tall for example than continental ones. Here's a picture depicting a Hungarian diesel shunter together with an Enligh mainline electric loco: