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  1. Dark age sveltey?

  2. Klay

    MOC: Desert Assault

    I had this MOC sitting around in my room for a week or so, and I thought I'd share it. I made it for a set of three, and it is a near future, post-apoc type scene. Overview Enemy point of view. Hero point of view. I really liked this guy. I experimented with different heads under the skull twins mask, and Disco Stu's was perfect. The figs. More pics on Flickr and MOCpages.
  3. Klay

    MOC: Village Church

    What an epic MOC. Very Victorian-era.
  4. I remember this. However, the minifig itself is a magnet, it doesn't come off a base.
  5. Klay

    [MOC] Where Spartans Failed

    Dude, this is epic.
  6. Klay

    MOC: Storm

    Man, the bulkiness of the hands takes the cake. (No pun intended)
  7. Klay

    Futuron Fans?

    Futuron was before my time, but I always love finding Futuron elements in my brother's old LEGO bins.
  8. Klay


    This is really good, it's just kind of hard to look at. Maybe stick to two or three colors, and cover the studs. Other than those, this is a quality MOC! I adore the use of trans elements!
  9. Not exactly Space Police, but awesome nonetheless!
  10. Klay

    Magical tricks

    Man, this is awesome! The only thing to improve it would be the series one magician!
  11. You'll probably hate me for saying this (I am a vassal, after all) but, I feel it's too simplistic. Some more detail would rock. Maybe add some small sand dunes, or encase the staff in a temple or something. Don't get me wrong, this MOC is excellent, I just think it could be improved somewhat.
  12. LEGO Smash Bros, eh? Sounds awesome. This MOC is amazing, but my favorite part has got to be the thing on the left. This needs to be front-paged.