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  1. Haha wish I knew that before I imported all my Mocs. Then again if I ever get back into trying to import them into games I might check it out. I got my fighter into crysis once and a unity engine.
  2. Does studio import groups from ldr?
  3. I watched the 2 hour video and they suggested to make internal colours different so it’s easier to distinguish in the instructions. Also it adds to how interesting the build is to make. Once they choose the 20 they will actually build them to make sure it works.
  4. Finally got my build submitted, the stability check doesn’t make sense. How can a 2x4 tile get a clutch power error when connected on top of something? Or pieces of a symmetrical build have errors on one side and not the other? Will BrickLink comunicate during the review phase? I think I read that...
  5. I remember LDD version 2 and I can say that it’s snappable parts weren’t really that great and it had bugs. is still being worked on and I already prefer it over the current LDD. The instruction app will take time to polish and if it gets the same algorithm as blueprint it’s all set.
  6. Omg this is what I’ve waited so long for! You can fly your craft around, but can you import your own builds into it? I would love to invade a city with my mech...or even import parts of my capital ship.
  7. I took a look at one of the trucks and compared it with one of my own blueprint instructions and the one is a higher image quality. Smoother edges and a higher resolution. I haven’t checked, when you save the file does it save the instruction layout? When you move things in blueprint it doesn’t save them at all and you have to redo the layout. Also it would be nice if the new steps in are highlighted. Maybe not a pink shade but the yellow outline.
  8. You could maybe group everything in, would that make it easier? Also I noticed that the .io files are a compressed group of .ldr ldraw files?
  9. That’s awesome news! Love how they update and change so quickly.
  10. That would explain it then as that’s the palette I’m using. I’ll have to run the check to see if the import is accepted for the competition, cheers.
  11. Don’t want to preach here but try, the import works well.
  12. I would suggest upgrading your java and restarting. I had that happen when I first used it.
  13. I’m probably doing something wrong but I can’t seem to get the minifig legs to hinge at the hip. Think I’m missing something and just imported the legs in from LDD in the meantime. That was ok for a work around.
  14. Does it not work on other graphics cards?
  15. Hi all, I thought I would share my experience using during the AFOL designer program. I’ve been a huge follower of LDD for many years, through its start and the days of opening up all its bricks to its current form. I’ve had POV ray setup rendering highly detailed Mocs and blueprint to make the instructions (great program). Unlike V1.0, the new version is smoother with less bugs and after a few hours of use I’m finding it easier to build with. Once you know what headers the parts are under it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for. The manipulation of the MoC is smoother including the placement of parts. The inbuilt rendering can be changed from its native one to POV ray at a click. The native rendering however uses your graphics card...finally and doesn’t have issues with transparent parts. The renders are so so so much faster and looks amazing, I run just a GeForce 780ti. The instruction section is of a high quality with the ability to rotate the view freely and choose background colours. It also exports to PDF now and lets you add pages from external sources. You can now add your amazing cover page/render. Then uploading the MoC to your “my studio” is easy and create a wanted list of the parts. There’s also a buy all option. You can even import your lxfs. So in short combines LDD, POV ray, blueprint and BrickLink in a higher quality whilst using your graphics card with faster render times. It looks a lot more professional and I’m looking forward to it’s future. It’s taken me a while to come around to it but I’m sold, it’s almost like it’s developers have been listening to us! If you haven’t tried it yet I would seriously recommend it. Any of your own thoughts and experiences are of course welcome. Shroud