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  1. Hmmm maybe you could complete it all and we shall bow in your presence :) I've been hoping it got finished as I want to convert MoCs to Ldraw and then onto various 3d programs but I don't have the knowledge to do it (the ldraw.xml that is)
  2. TLG nerfed themselves right from the start. "Design by me" was aimed at children and only worked on a limited selection of bricks. The biggest piece of the pie are people like you and me contributing to this forum. Look at the gaming industry, the average gamer is 35 and they are people who work who can afford expensive pre orders and shiny goodness. You give LDD this ability to people who will actually use it (AFOL), taking advantage of all the extended mode has to offer and to people who can afford it and see where this leads. Lego is not about $$ to me but TLG is a business and DBM is a way to measure. Wouldn't be hard to link it to pick a brick etc.
  3. Well if they put more into LDD it would be one application I would happily pay money for even (and I don't normally say this about an application) pay an annual subscription for. It's such a great tool and That Lego Chap was right, I've purchased bricks to build mocs I've made in LDD there just isn't a way for TLG to measure this. Using GPU, inbuilt rendering PoV Ray quality, all those options people have wanted all rolled into one program in the age of technology we live in is a revenue right there.
  4. I was just liking the mech haha, Loki?
  5. The only way I've found is to export it into an LDraw prog like MLCAD and convert it from there from the various conversion programs online. I used to get it into Lightwave and 3dsMax. You will find the "how to" in the pinned threads at the top. The XML file for converting can be found here Its not perfect though so you will need to rotate some parts after the conversion.
  6. I must admit I'm kind of be able to get my capital space ship imported? I'll have to try it hopefully I cant go inside etc Wouldnt let me place it but the bridge of my Capital ship is bigger than the island...
  7. I used to do this exporting into Lightwave (Ldd>ldr>lwo). Unfortunatly even Ghalaghers xml used to get LDD mocs to Ldraw wasnt complete. Did the same for 3dsmax thats how my mate got it into the unity engine. <<Thats the file, never got finished by them :/
  8. Shroud

    The Bricksperience

    So I tried the Lego Worlds and its a lot of fun, there's heaps of potential there. I would say they would add more sets...imagine running along the shore being chased by a pirate ship, or being the pirate muhahaha. There's already talk of people wanting to mod it so maybe some could "help" introduce more pieces like the start of creator mode in LDD for those that remember, it builds much the same. And FPS Oculus support would complete the drool.
  9. Shroud

    The Bricksperience

    So I could import my Capital Space ship!?! That's mad I've gotta try that. I had some success importing LDD into the Unity engine but this... Imagine using the Rift with this and seeing your hands like yellow claws haha. A I've just started, is there functionality? Like can you open doors etc?
  10. Man for an early version of this program I really like this! I didn't expect to be able to move pieces around to different stages to modify how you want it. Luv it, keep it up.
  11. Sorry for the late response. 21,416 pieces on just the fighter dock control system, its modular and designed to be replicated. I can open it but not move it around LDD just closes. This is a pic: I run LDD on an i7 3ghz, 12 gb ram, nvidia GTX 780 Ti, solid state drives with 64 bit Win 7. Did you have any luck from TLG?
  12. Once you reach a certain amount of poly's LDD will close/crash. There is nothing you can do to stop it except break your moc down into smaller chunks. My capital ship is on hold until LDD might finally overcome this and maybe even use your graphics card instead of just being software rendered.
  13. Its not a bad thing to take a break as I've done due to LDD's limitations. I've always used Flickr as a source of inspiration as it gives me ideas of things I would like to make (without copying of course). Create yourself a vision of what you would like your works to actually be rather than just Mocs posted on a forum. My vision: 1. One day TLG or someone clever will create a gaming platform where you can import your MoCs and use them in an open world sandbox. You would be able to assign rules to different parts so wheels act as wheels or even rockets for instance. That's why I want to finish my capital ship and fly it around with as many people as possible. 2. Something a little less far fetched (sigh) is you can import your mocs into 3dsmax or light wave and create scenes. use Photoshop to make awesome wallpapers or create a comic strip don't just limit yourself to LDD, treat it as your base tool. Create characters and a story to expand your works. Your style is how you build and will only get better with inspiration and most of all I believe a purpose. Randomly building for the sake of building will run you into a wall.
  14. Look in the pinned software section I believe you will find what you are looking for. I've used it and exported the part list to bricklink purchasing through there.I designed my mini scale sky station in LDD first then exported the parts list and bought them:
  15. Multiple threads and definitely GPU support would be amazing! I know the reason why they don't focus on this is because they would have to pay a team to do it rather than on the side like it is now (you guys rock and I hope you read this). It doesn't generate income for TLG and as a business they wont dedicate time to something that is not an asset. Having said that I would be happy to purchase, yes PURCHASE an advanced mode. You see it all the time, purchase the pro version and get this and this feature more. I never get the pro version but this is something I would make an exception to. Create LDD Pro TLG! Think of the income, hell even trial it with the added features and see what it will do for your bottom line. The free version is what you get now. Export it to pick-a-brick inside the program and watch what happens.