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  1. You can import into Studio and Im sure someone will create a batch converter
  2. I thought that about until I used it for the bricklink competition, would never go back now
  3. Is a good effort, they should have chosen your other one ?
  4. Mine still says “in review” under the my studio section of crowd projects. I’m sure it got looked at though ?
  5. Not sure, was supposed to be that size but too big for what they were looking for maybe
  6. Just posted my entry that didn’t make it: Cargo Runner
  7. Thats awesome! Totally up my ally. I do think the other build by ElisiumFountain is good too
  8. So nothing from the space theme made it? I’m a little surprised at that really even though mine didn’t get chosen. I’ll throw it up on Flickr later but here’s one shot of it. 2000 piece cargo space ship moored to an asteroid with enclosed glass cockpit. The flight chair lowers through the glass floor. Edit: ok so I can’t ever upload pics here for some reason...
  9. So does that mean all finalists have been contacted now? I entered the space theme and haven’t heard anything. Either way it was fun and I’ll post it on my Flickr if not selected ?
  10. I like having everything as one file tbh but I see what you are saying ?
  11. You can open the .io file with total commander. I haven’t tried extracting it so haven’t come across any passwords as such.
  12. You may have to use the instructions to build it in Or maybe find it built in ldraw and import it?
  13. Haha wish I knew that before I imported all my Mocs. Then again if I ever get back into trying to import them into games I might check it out. I got my fighter into crysis once and a unity engine.
  14. Does studio import groups from ldr?