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  1. Yea there is still some bugs with importing I found the same and any 1x1 tile in general. I’ve reported the bugs on their bug forum.
  2. That’s interesting I didn’t realize that but it crashes when I try moving big Mocs. I’m not sure if I tried V2.0 though I’ll give it a go
  3. If they used hardware acceleration I think I’d be completely sold on it as I build huge Mocs...
  4. So far it’s very impressive but still lacks the workflow and smoothness of LDD in terms of building. Making instructions in blueprint is easier so far but the quality and customisation of is better. The images are a higher res, you can alter the view of the model in 3D and I think it even saves the layout of the final product. You have to keep regenerating the layout in blueprint.
  5. It’s awesome that this is inbuilt, POV ray wasn’t the easiest to setup up for a lot of ppl
  6. I still prefer LDD for building then importing into for the final renders in pov ray as well and uploads to your baseplate so you can buy the bricks. I'm playing with its instruction builder atm and its very high quality.
  7. Blueprint is by far the best instruction maker I've used so far but you do need to use it with LDD. There is no option to export directly to LDD from as you know but you can export to Ldraw like you tried and use programs like Lpub 3d for instructions. If you can export to Ldraw from without missing parts this would be the way to import to LDD: Also the updated Ldraw conversion file can be found in this forum above: EDIT> Ok the new beta 2.0 has a new instruction builder app inbuilt that looks similar to blueprint and you can export to PNG or PDF if you want to..Im gonna be trying this!
  8. Would be amazing if it was a way ppl could buy your instructions and the bricks to go with it in one click. Kind of like the LEGO store available only online. A shared design by me type of idea. Maybe an option to choose pick a bricks along side Bricklink stores
  9. I actually still have all the old space LEGO sets from Blacktron, Mtron, ice planet and space police. They are such great sets, the new release of space police I thought was good. The PT cruiser and tow truck especially. TLG do need to bring more out though. Futuristic ones, not NASA rockets etc.
  10. Shroud

    Eris MoC

    Hi all, Shameless post here looking for feedback from my redesigned Eris fighter. I can’t post the image here for some reason but this is the link: Regards Shroud
  11. Shroud

    LDD Pro was actually pretty good I just tried it, the fact it rendered in POV Ray with a click of the button was awesome. I've only imported lxf's atm and the Bricklink buy all option was actually decent. I'll try and build with it soon. What Pro's do you speak of that use LDD?
  12. Shroud

    LDD Pro

    I've always said a paid version of LDD would be amazing, and please please please use the GPU!
  13. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted and as I'm now more active and back into LDD I thought to revamp some older Mocs and enter them into Lego ideas. The first is the rocket surfer, it was chosen from a competition run here and has undergone a redesign. You can vote for it here if you like: Unfortunatly it wont let me upload the image even though its within the guide lines? Many days went into the rendering, any comments or ideas are appreciated even post your own :)
  14. Hmmm maybe you could complete it all and we shall bow in your presence :) I've been hoping it got finished as I want to convert MoCs to Ldraw and then onto various 3d programs but I don't have the knowledge to do it (the ldraw.xml that is)
  15. TLG nerfed themselves right from the start. "Design by me" was aimed at children and only worked on a limited selection of bricks. The biggest piece of the pie are people like you and me contributing to this forum. Look at the gaming industry, the average gamer is 35 and they are people who work who can afford expensive pre orders and shiny goodness. You give LDD this ability to people who will actually use it (AFOL), taking advantage of all the extended mode has to offer and to people who can afford it and see where this leads. Lego is not about $$ to me but TLG is a business and DBM is a way to measure. Wouldn't be hard to link it to pick a brick etc.