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  1. PF arctic vehicle

    I have a little video clip for you guys. It was a short test, as you can see, I hadn't decided which color wheels to use and had black on one side ang bgrey on the other. Also it broke at the end :D
  2. PF arctic vehicle

    It's been a while since I have built something. Always wanted to build an arctic exploration vehcle and make it remote controlled. It has 2 medium motors for each track. The rubber tracks give excellent traction and it can climb all sorts of obstacles. I wanted to make it orange to suit the current arctic city theme but lacked the parts for it. Let me know, what you guys think, haven't made a video unfortunately, and the pics could be better..
  3. I have the same problem. Ever since I came back from the dark ages.. Cheese slopes, 1x1 bricks, 2x1 and 1x1 plates, plates with clips, are the most common to have cracks :( I even have cracks in the Bright Green Panel 1 x 2 x 3 with Side Supports - Hollow Studs from the 4432 garbage truck. I have thought if I am doing something wrong, but I keep them in drawers and not near heaters or anything like that. It's so disappointing to witness cracking with such light use. I can't imagine what would happen if I would play with them all the time. It's quite annoying to order replacements one by one for each set.. I wish I could get more quality for my money.
  4. MOC: Minifig scale Liebherr 724

    Thank for the positive feedback everyone.. very inspiring. Yes the tracks roll, but not on slippery surfaces.. Here is a pic of the blade linkage:
  5. MOC: Minifig scale Liebherr 724

    V-LI-09D Hi, here is my best work yet. I love minifig scale but it's hard to build detailed and recognizable models. Since I just recently started moc-ing again, I'm quite pleased with it. It's solid enough for a child to play with.. I also made my first bricklink orders to complete this. The stickers don't match the right lego yellow tone, but they make the model much better.. My camera and photo-skills don't do this model justice, but take a look and tell me, what to think.. and also what should I build next :)
  6. MOC: 6 wide Kamaz garbage truck

    My first town scale creation since the dark ages. Even made my first bricklink order for this :) The cab and underside I am very happy with. I think it's pretty recognizeable for this scale? The carbage part is obviously blue version of the 4432, didn't have the parts for anything else and wanted to complete this moc asap.. Here are two pictures, sorry for the quality: IMGP95342.jpg IMGP953423.jpg Let me know what you think :)
  7. Lego Quality Reference

    It's sad to bring this topic up again, but I just have to say something.. Bought a 4208 and a 4432 and I am sad to say that I am disappointed yet again. The 4432 is rather good, just one bad white hinge, but the 4280 fire truck has so many different shades of red, it's just outrageous. Not to mention all kinds of moulding marks etc. Also, my 5893 has so many cracked blue parts even though I just built the main model. I just can't understand, what has happened to lego. All my parts from the time I was a kid (mid 90's) are the same color, and don't have these marks on them. It seems as if they do not care about the quality anymore. I mean, I really love legos, but the quality nowadays is just awful. Too bad I can't resist buying more.
  8. Lego Quality Reference

    I recently bough a 5893, and I am quite disappointed... Built the main maodel, and when I disassembled it, I noticed cracks and wierd bird leg like markings on the side of bricks. I havent had problems like this before, and I don't know what to do... takes the fun out of building :( Did not take photos of all the broken parts..
  9. Mini PF truck

    Thanks guys! Sorry, I don't have a video. I tend to like smaller models, but it's so hard to build such compact models. Micromotor would be awesome, but it's too expansive for me :P
  10. Mini PF truck

    Both drive and steering is remote controlled, I used two small pf motors you can see whats underneath form here:
  11. Hi, Since I bought 5893, I wanted to build something small and creator-looking. So I decided to build a small truck. I couldn't finish the details before I tore it apart so bare with me :D It was quite a challange to fit the PF stuff inside such a small model. I used the old 9v battery box, that made things a lot easier. Pics:
  12. The steering doesn't work properly now does it?
  13. Hi, guys. I discovered legos again about a year ago. As a kid, I loved Town/city. I started buying Technic. Now I have a few sets, and I have been building different things too. Until now my MOC-s havent been so great, but I think this one isn't so bad. I have been lurking around this forum for quite some time.. but today I decided to register and bost up my Loader. It has "Technic" look, because I dont have a lot of parts.. And I couldn't afford ordering them too :) Anyway, Hope you guys like it! Vid: Sry, I don't know how to embed :)