Alternate builds for 76014: Spider-Trike VS. Electro

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With the release of the Spider-Trike vs. Electro, many fans have been overwhelmed to see a minifigure of Electro.

However the main build in the set has garnered a substantial amount of negative publicity.

So, for those of us who do not plan to build the set once we get it, what would you say would be a good alternate build for the set?

You may use up to 2 copies of the set (the vehicle alone should not cost a lot) and perhaps use a couple of other parts (nothing too rare please)

Hope to see some great builds!


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This is actually a great idea for a thread, perhaps even an EB community activity or contest. Unfortunately, it requires the participant to buy the Electro set, and I'm decidedly undecided on the whole thing. Especially now that TLG has released a second, and in my opinion, far superior comic-based Doc Ock just a short time after the TV adaptation.... I loathe the idea of spending any money on this blue fig only to see Lego roll out a comic Electro, crazy mask and all, in 2016 that I would prefer.

But if I do spring for this set, sure, I'll try my hand at actually making something worthwhile out of the pieces of this monstrosity.

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