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Review: 886 Space Buggy

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My review today is on the Classic Space 886 Space Buggy. It was one of my first classic space sets, but does it meet the expectations of classic space or not? Time to find out!

Theme: Space

Year released: 1979

Pieces: 20

Mini-figures: 1

Price: On Bricklink for £2.52 upwards


(Image from Bricklink)

I don't have the box and I can't find the instructions so we'll skip ahead.

The parts:


Primarily grey parts, as with many early space sets, the only exceptions being the mini-figure and a translucent green round piece. The parts themselves are hardly interesting, except the figure. Moving on...

The Mini-Figure


The mini-figure in this set is a classic white spaceman. The white spaceman comes in most classic space sets, so he's not rare. Still, he's a charming chap, with his broad smile. As you can see here, his logo is starting to fade, but he doesn't mind.


The back of the mini-figure. There was no back printing back when this figure came out, but he does get a standard white oxygen tank.

The Buggy:


The finished set. It's quite simple, but I think its the simplicity I like about it. It gives off a retro feel that I simply love! :wub:


View from the front. As you can see, the driver gets an extra air-tank for when his runs out. You can also notice how thin the set is.


The back. Here you can see his gun and the antenna of the buggy. Not much else to say.


Price: £2.50 is a lot for 20 common pieces, but old sets go for ridiculous prices these days, so I'd say this is fairly priced. 8/10

Build: You don't really get much of a build with only 20 pieces, but it's very enjoyable for how little has to be done. 9/10

Mini-figure: Although the minifig is very common, I just absolutely LOVE this fig. 10/10

Finished set: This set isn't very big, but I like it. And I think its essential for a space colony to go out on it and do tests. 9/10

Overall: 36/40. This set is amazing and pretty much perfect. Every space fan should get it!

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That's weird because today I was going through a box with some of my old sets in and I found this one, great review.

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Ahh the memories come flooding back. I bought this set from the local toy shop on my way home from school. I was so excited, I rushed home to show my Mum what I'd bought only to get a bollocking for spending all my pocket money! I think it was 80p!!!

Thanks for the review and the memories :thumbup:

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