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MOC: The Metro Station Bar (Modular)

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I decided to tear down my 4554 Metro Station from the 1990's and rebuild it into something in a more Modular theme. So I combined it with glass from my Greenhouse , a bunch of 2 x 2 tiles and some odd bits and pieces and came up with the Metro Station Bar.


It was 13F/-11C outside so some of the pictures were a bit rushed. Anyway, I tried to reuse as much of the old set as possible throughout. So the greebling at the top looks like the detail work from the original, the Arrival board became the Bar's Sign.

On the ground floor a red cupboard from the original became an ice chest, a Train Decorative side (#2871) became the header over the Bar. There's also the Station's clock on the wall and the original Station Chef has been rehired!


Here's a shot with the stairs removed. You'll notice that the Metro Station Bar serves both kinds of wine (and it looks like it comes from an industrial source rather than a vineyard :classic: )


The rooftop terrace had the umbrella's up, but you couldn't see the detail so here's a shot of that. I reused the benches from the original. The hatchway on hinges leads downstairs.


I believe that with the exception of the 2x2 tiles and the glassfront that the two story version is probably 90% original. Then I decided to add an additional floor.


And this new floor's interior contains a couple of sofas, a low table and the Coffee Percolator from the original. (That Carpet colour is bright!)


Finally, here's a shot from the rear.


It's still very, very yellow, but I had a lot of fun transforming it from the original station!

Thanks for reading. Comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome!

Here's the original 4554 as reference.


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AWESOME creation :wub: and neat use of a train part as a piece of the serving counter too 'eurotrash' and Brick On.....but not too much red or white you might be allowed on the train in that state ! :laugh:

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A couple of things that I did notice when mixing bricks from the 90's to those currently available were:

  • The sticking power (the clutch) of the 90's is considerably less than today's bricks. I would not use them in any heavy-stressed area (failure apparently is an option! :classic: ).
  • That bright yellow colour was consistent throughout all the 90's bricks, but there was considerable variation in today's equivalents - even across bricks of the same size.
  • There were noticeable inter-brick gaps and corner-rounding issues with the 90's bricks when I constructed a wall length. The bricks came from a set that has not been heavily used/chewed & abused and I'm wondering whether today's bricks are built to much finer tolerance and are more rectilinear.

Thanks for reading. As I said it was a fun transformation!

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