For Sale: 4643 Power Boat Transporter

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Greetings to all. Been awhile since I've posted and even longer since I've sold something on Eurobricks so please pardon the rust. Long story short, looking to sell off my collection to pursue other hobbies (traveling, jumping out of airplanes, child rearing, etc.). Figured I'd start with the last purchase I made, the 4643 Power Boat Transporter. My interest in Lego was already waning when I made this purchase and thus it was opened, built, and immediately placed in the closet where it has sat until I took it out to take this photo. Instructions and sticker sheet included. There are two stickers missing from the sheet (two license plate stickers) which are where they belong on the toy itself (one on the the truck, the other on the trailer). Minifgures and minifigure accessories (helmets, life jackets, and coffee mug) included. I know someone will ask so I'll go ahead and answer NON-SMOKING HOUSE.


More info about this set here:


Important stuff

-Original retail price was $39.99 USD and I am looking for $20 paid via PayPal (for your convenience and peace of mind!)

-I only ship to continental U.S.A. (for MY convenience)

-BUYER WILL PAY SHIPPING. PM me with your location and we will discuss shipping options BEFORE payment to be sure you get the shipping options you want and the price is fair (not here to make a profit from overcharging on shipping).

-Willing to pay $25, $30, or even $1.7 million for this amazing set? Feel free to 'outbid' each other. Hooray for capitalism!

Questions? Post 'em here! Or PM me. Whatevs.

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