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3 new technic sets from 2006 pic

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ooooh, finally some better pics of the new F1 racer.

I would have rated that set at 140% awesome, except for the fact that it's... red. So I'm taking off 50% awesome because of that. Too much red!!! (yeah yeah, Ferarri license, yadda yadda).

And what's with the schizophrenic tractor? Is it a tractor or a dune buggy? Heh...

Every box I see advertises it as a Dune Buggy; every time I see it built, it's a tractor. Which is the main and which is the alternate?

I'm guessing the Dune Buggy is the main set, since we've already had a tractor this year; plus I've never seen a Lime Green tractor in real life anyways.

And finally: The tow truck looks like it will be even more awesome than the Mobile Crane. 1800+ pieces! (no motor though; hopefully it should be cheaper then?). Woot.


I noticed they used 12-axles with a joiner on the boom of the truck; this brings up an interesting question. Why does the mobile crane use that gimongous 32-axle? I once read a lego rep saying something about 12-studs is the longest they can make an axle and have it remain reasonably sturdy; and then last year we get the forklift with a 16-axle and the mobile crane with a 32-axle. Weird, no?

Edit 2:

Hmmm; only one differential on the Tow Truck; that's weird. From my understanding of physics, wouldn't both rear axles need a differential?

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I'm really looking forward to the truck. I'm partly cloudy on the tractor and have zero interest in the F1 racer. Too bad we have to wait six months to get it...

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