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Matsuoka Nui

Averax Magna Chronicles

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Averax Magna Chronicles

Book I: Kingdoms of Paradise

NOTICE: I will be adding information as we go further in this new arc. I know that I didn't post the story of "The Great Plague" but this will have to do. This section is ONLY for Chapters, no review. There's a link to a review on a separate topic.

Review: This Link


The Past...

Throughout the last arc, there were a series of flashbacks that showed as early as Mata Nui's construction, up to Tuma's Plan. Here's a list of past events in this story...

*Certavus receives the Ancient Necklace from the Great Beings. They also place a throne (in the future village of Roxtus) as well as the Tesara Temple (which becomes the future sanctuary of Tesara).

*Skralla and Mata Nui are created during the Core War. Skralla wakes up and remembers nothing but her name.

*Skralla heads to Atero and decides to work there, helping the Agori for the war effort. She later meets Certavus and starts a relationship with him.

*After the shattering, Skralla continues to work in Atero, keeping the building stable. She rarely leaves the city, believing that it was her home.

*The other Skrall get attacked by the Baterra, a number of them were killed. Starax sends a small team to find refuge by finding a way out of the Black Spikes. They discover Roxtus and the Skrall flee into the newly village. At this time, the female Skrall were banished by the male Skrall, leaving them for the Baterra. The Female Skrall arrives in the Maze Valley and set up their new lives.

*Tuma, whilst traveling across the wastelands, arrives in Atero and sees Skralla working. He invites her to join the Rock Tribe. She accepts and becomes a "daughter" to him. Starax refuses her to live, though she had no clue about their crisis. After an argument, they set up a deal, allowing her to live if she could fight in an Arena Match.

*Skralla asks Certavus to secretly train her so she could live in the village. Certavus completes his book and gives it to Skralla for some time. Then she returned the book so Certavus could hide it.

*Skralla fights against Stronius but the elite warrior saw the future, seeing "The Eclipse," Mata Nui, and, Skralla becoming the princess. He calls the fight to end, allowing her to live, though Starax declares a rematch.

*Skralla asked Stronius on what he saw, he tells her that a long-term prophecy has begun. Stronius managed to convince Starax to allow her to live in the village.

*Skralla, Tuma, and several other Skrall head out to the wastelands to find weapons. They found a mysterious cache of weapons that they're familiar with as well as weapons that came from another world. Tuma discovers a "launcher of light" (Midak Skyblaster) and later asked Starax to experiment it.

*On the night before Certavus died, Skralla confessed her love to him. The warrior died the next day as while he was fighting in a match. Certavus gives her the necklace and tells her to be prepared for the future...

*Starax and Tuma head out to Iconox to make a deal with the residents on making a new trade route in the White Quartz and Black Spikes. They were attacked by the Baterra on their way and Starax falls to his death. Tuma, now the last member of his species arrives in the village, but the deal gets canceled.

*Skralla thinks back about Certavus and cries to herself. Then she took out the necklace and put it on. As she tried to investigate it, she saw a series of past and future events. She hears someone saying that everything will be alright...

*Tuma crowns Skralla as the princess but then a small horde of Baterra attack the village. The Skrall managed to hide, knowing that fighting them would be too dangerous for the Agori. The robots eventually leave when a storm hits the village.

*Garaxial sends his shadow entities to capture Stronius and cloned him. He sends the clone one back, hoping that the plague will spread but Agarax manages to remove it secretly. The real one escaped, traveling in various worlds. He stumbles upon a dimension where he was imprisoned for some time.

*Skralla, Clone Stronius and Tuma, whilst walking in the wastelands were attacked by a few Sand Bats. Then a female Skrall takes the princess to safety.

*Skralla discovers the female Skrall, realizing the terrible truth. They convince her to stay for some time, hoping that they can arrange a deal with Tuma.

*Tuma sends the Clone Stronius, Branar and other Skrall to find the princess. The Female Skrall evacuate the village and headed to a hide out in the mountains. The Male Skrall find the Maze Village and destroyed it, leaving the empty village in ruins.

*The Female Skrall go on strike, creating a "Civil Rights" movement, telling Tuma to allow the female Skrall live in Roxtus in return for giving Skralla back. Realizing that there was no other choice, Tuma allows them to live.

*Tuma starts to develop an addiction to conquer Bara Magna, believing that it's the answer to all of their troubles. He starts a plan with Stronius and the other Skrall to participate in the Arena Matches with the other Glatorian. He also prohibits Skralla from leaving the village, thus making her "trapped".

*Skralla tries to argue against this conquest, but Tuma refuses to listen to her. Then one day, she hears him talking to another Skrall about a traitor who was selling information about the Bone Hunters raiding a caravan.

*Skralla eventually runs away, thus starts the "Princess Skralla" arc...

About the 1st Story:

In the last arc, we meet Skralla, a sole princess of the Skrall. She resided in Roxtus with Tuma and the others (despite her being the only Female Skrall.) and was the adoptive daughter of Tuma. When Tuma prepares to take over Bara Magna with his army of Skrall (from the Siege of Atero, to alliances with the Bone Hunters), Skralla ran away, trying to find help with the Glatorian and Agori. She later runs into Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold, three Agori who were going on a journey to the north (see RotGB), she accompanies them to Iconox, home of the Ice Tribe. She then wishes them good luck and finds Strakk, asking him to help her. She gives him special payment in return, so the two went to Tesara, meeting Tarix and Gresh practicing their battle moves.

But as they introduce to each other, a small troop of Skrall, sent by Tuma to find the princess invades Tesara. Skralla and her friends quickly hid in Gresh's hut, then taking a secret exit. But as they escaped, they ran into some Vorox scavenging. The Skrall army found them and prepared to attack the Glatorian when Skralla's necklace (plays an important role for this entire arc) glows and teleports them to Tajun.

Upon their arrival, they meet with Berix. He takes a study at the necklace and tells Skralla about its power. But as they learn what the necklace can do, an army of Bone Hunters invade the village, sent by the Skrall to find the princess. Using her newfound powers, Skralla and her friends reappear in Tesara. But when they arrived, they see Tesara in ruins due to the attack by the Skrall. They eventually separated their ways, leaving Skralla alone to seek the crystals. (These provide special powers to the Ancient Staff.) As she seeks them out, Malum arrives with three Vorox to capture her. She manages to escape and flies away with the power of the Green Crystal. She eventually arrives at Atero the next morning, but stayed in the sky in case if any of the Glatorian were asked to find her. Then she saw the Skrall invading Atero, realizing what was going on with her father, she vowed revenge to stop his plans.

Skralla later finds Gresh, Tarix, Strakk, Metus, Raanu, and Berix hidden in the canyons. Reuniting with them, they agreed to help her find the crystals. Well, everyone except Raanu, who fears about his people in Vulcanus. When he returned to his village, he found several Skrall and Bone Hunters taking control of the village. Skralla, Gresh, Tarix and the others managed to rescue him and the other Agori and fled to the wastelands. There, they see a flying object (the Ignika) falling into the sands. Mata Nui created his own body and meets with them, asking them his help to return to the MU. They offered him in return to help Skralla on her quest. As they walked, they were attacked by an unknown force and were in an unknown fortress. (later turns out to be a secret team called the Glatorian Legends)

After meeting with Kiina, Ackar, Gelu, and Vastus, they managed to gather all of the Glatorian and Agori to prepare for a final assault at the Skrall. Divided into teams, each armies were sent into different parts of Roxtus, eventually making their way to the fortress. Skralla later finds out that it was the throne of Tuma that controlled him and his Skrall and successfully cured it from its deadly failsafe.

In the epilogue, everyone celebrates on the Glatorian's victory but then an unknown attack from another dimension steals the necklace and begins to spread shadows. It also caused a "leak" to return.

About The Rising Darkness:

As everyone escaped from Atero, they all headed out to the wastelands, trying to figure out how to reclaim the necklace, stop the shadows and to contain the leak. It was revealed that the throne is capable of taking a small team of Glatorian to various worlds. As a result, Skralla, Mata Nui, Vastus, Stronius (Clone), Malum, Strakk, and Kiina went, traveling through other worlds.

Meanwhile, the other Glatorian, Tuma, and Skrall tried to prevent the leak that was spreading in Roxtus. They managed to purchase a large supply of exisdian, but was proved useless. The shadows continued to spread, taking over some of the villages.

The Glatorian that went on the journey faced terrible dangers. From a dimension where a Makuta, Icarax ruled the Matoran Universe to places where love and unity were prohibited. In one of their dimensions, Stronius (clone) was killed by a Toa. The others eventually arrived in a dimension that was full of darkness and had mysterious beings. Garaxial, the one who stole the necklace tried to use its powers against the Glatorian, manages to defeat most of them. Only Skralla and Mata Nui stood, but even as Skralla was trapped in an energy sphere, Mata Nui stood alone. But little did they know that Malum was going through an experiment by Agarax and Garaxial, causing another Malum to exist. Seeing that there was no other choice, Skralla revealed her love to Mata Nui, telling him her feelings. It was that revelation which caused the necklace to break free from Garaxial and return to Skralla. There, she manages to take everyone home and save Bara Magna once more. The shadows and the leak were dispelled from the planet.

But after their renewed celebration, Tuma started to feel awfully sick...

About The Great Plague:

A new epidemic begins to spread as several Agori villagers grew sick. The Iron Canyon exploded, causing the citizens to evacuate to Tajun as the molten rock spreads all over Vulcanus. In Roxtus, several Agori and Skrall evacuated to Creep Canyon in order to prevent the disease from infecting them. This brought an opportunity for the Bone Hunters to attack, since they lost their alliances with the Rock Tribe.

Meanwhile, the clone Malum tried to spread the plague secretly when he felt sudden pain. It revealed that the other Malum was awakening from his slumber. The Real Malum woke up and broke free from his time in stasis, meeting Agarax who sent him home, but ended up in another dimension. There, he discovers the Real Stronius and together, they traveled their way back to Bara Magna.

Back in the Wastelands, Skralla, Mata Nui, and Tarix discovered a secret cave which revealed vital information. The carvings stated that Spherus Magna can be reformed at time called "The Eclipse". After the Siege ended, they met up with the Real Malum and Stronius, who brought specialized bombs that are required to use during "The Eclipse". But as they discussed plans, they were attacked by Garaxial and his shadow entities who tried to steal the necklace again and the bombs but fast action by the arrival of Agarax brought the Glatorian time to prepare for "The Eclipse".

On that morning, the Glatorian divided into three teams; two of them would bring the bombs to their needed destination while the third team headed to Tesara to use the temple. All three sides face difficulty; Agarax combated Garaxial while several Shadow Entities and Rouge Vorox attacked the others. Luckily, the Glatorian managed to explode the bombs, spreading radiation all over the planet. Mata Nui and Skralla activated the temple, creating beams of light (called "The Triangle of Light". This shined from the temple, to the maze valley and Roxtus.) which allowed the moons, Aqua Magna, and other celestial objects to fuse with Bara Magna, thus re-creating Spherus Magna.

Meanwhile, Teridax in the body of Mata Nui's Robotic Universe flew towards Spherus Magna, (after watching Aqua Magna's explosion) preparing to conqure the planet when he discovered that Mata Nui was still alive. MN managed to return to his universe, seizing control of his robotic structure and finally taking it back. As his destiny was almost complete, Mata Nui flew into the galaxy to find the Great Beings, telling them that it was time to return.

A month later, MN returns and reunites with Skralla. Together, they finally became rulers of a new kingdom named Averax Magna. The species of the MU left, joining with the Agori, Skrall, Glatorian, Elemental Lords, and the Great Beings.

After Spherus Manga's Rebirth, a variety of locations are re-created while most of them remain the same. Three Massive Kingdoms are built as well as other villages and smaller provinces are created. But most of the ruling comes from the Kingdom of Averax Magna.

Characters: *=New/Updated Information

*Mata Nui- The Great Spirit who was a gigantic robot that housed the Matoran Universe. After his exile, he arrived on Bara Magna and helped Skralla and the other Glatorian, defeating the Skrall from taking control on the planet. Just as everything was alright, he, Skralla, Vastus, Kiina, Malum, Strakk, and Stronius were sent to various dimensions to take back the princess' necklace from Garaxial's shadow entities. Later, it was revealed that his destiny was exactly the same as Skralla's; to rebuild Spherus Magna. Together, he and Skralla combined their powers, allowing the planets that were shattered away to come back and recreate the planet of Spherus Magna. When Skralla fell unconscious, he took her to the nearest healing center, hoping that Gaaki would be able to help them. He later returned to the palace to send a message to Agarax, hoping that they'll be able to relocate their daughter. He was talking with Agarax and Skralla, discussing ways on how to recover Sakari. Afterwards, Mata Nui left, heading towards the Temple of Ancestors, hoping that he would find a way to save Sakari. He eventually found the Chamber of Prophecies and tried to see if there was anything that would reveal the kingdoms' future. As he was searching, he saw Sakari and Syarix trapped, as well as the kingdoms being sealed by the darkness. But he also saw himself and Skralla in a similar place where Sakari and Syarix were trapped. He later tells Skralla and requests Belirax to retrieve the Kanohi Vahi, for unknown reasons. Eventually, Agarax discovers a way on how to send multiple people into the Dream Dimension. He went with a small group to meet Sakari for the first time since her birth. Afterwards, he and Skralla take a look at the Vahi, trying to figure out a way to protect their kingdom with it. How exactly he wants to use the Vahi is unknown...He eventually returned to the temple and discovered that the future of Averax Magna was near. Later, he asked Agarax to go on a quest with Belirax to find Sakari in order to keep their world safe.

When the Shadow Entities invaded the kingdom, he and Skralla used the Vahi to wound back time...thus sacrificing the last of their keep their kingdom they're trapped inside the Vahi as a result of this action

*Skralla- In the first story, we are introduced to her as the sole princess of the Skrall. Her adoptive father, Tuma eventually grew a selfish desire to take over Bara Magna because of the Baterra that destroyed most of their species. She ran away and tried to find ways to stop him. Upon discovering an ancient power, guarded by her old friend, Certavus (who gave it to her before he died), she learns the Ancient Staff and masters it. Later it was taken from Garaxial who desire to take control over every universe that existed in this time. We later discovered that she was not truly a Skrall, because her spirit was that of the Great Beings, making her part Skrall, part Great Being, which is one of the reasons why she and Mata Nui were unique and why they love each other. Recently, she saw her daughter in grave danger but fell unconscious. When she woke up, she returned to the palace and gave half of her necklace to Sakari (through dreams), hoping that she'll survive the world outside of Spherus Magna. She was in discussion with Mata Nui and Agarax, trying to form a team that can go after Sakari. She later went back into the Dream Dimension, thus talking to her daughter once more. Skralla told her about Garaxial, the mortal enemy seeing that Sakari wanted answers. Later, after Mata Nui departs for the temple, she tried to sleep but couldn't so she left as well, looking for him. She eventually found him and learned that Mata Nui saw another dream that she didn't foresaw. Later, Belirax comes for a visit and she tells her what Mata Nui saw in his dream. Eventually, Agarax discovers a way on how to send multiple people into the Dream World. She joined with a few of her friends and Mata Nui in order to meet Sakari once more. Recently, she and Mata Nui are about to make a decision in order to keep their kingdom safe, but this might cause problems to themselves and their world. Later, she saw a dream, a time when Averax Magna was falling into the shadows, but suddenly, the time flow stopped. She also saw a stranger, perhaps a Glatorian falling into a pool of the energized protodermis. She also saw herself and Mata Nui trapped inside the Vahi as a result of this sacrifice to keep their kingdom safe. Later, she asked Belirax to leave this dimension and to join Agarax on a quest to find Sakari.

When the Shadow Entities invaded the kingdom, she and Mata Nui used the Vahi to wound back time...thus sacrificing the last of their keep their kingdom safe...Now they're trapped inside the Vahi as a result of this choice....

Sakari- The daughter (Main Character of this new arc) and the new princess of Averax Magna; she takes after her mother mostly (by the essence of Great Beings and Skrall) but also takes after her father.( his fighting skills, emotions, etc.) Recently, she was kidnapped and taken away by an Garaxial, a mortal enemy in all of the universes. She eventually was in a dream where her mother gave her half of her necklace, hoping that she'll survive and will find her way back to her kingdom. As Garaxial tries to place "The Imprint of Chaos", her mother's half necklace protects her and takes her to another dimension. She arrives in the Era Country, a realm whose ruins provide a mysterious power. This country was connected to another world until a rain of shadows closed half of the world. She later meets her mother again in the Dream Dimension and learns about her enemy that took her away. When she wakes up, she arrives in the ruins of Era Country and meets a sapient liquid. The entity created a compass for her, telling her that it will take her to other worlds, but only when she fulfills a task in the new world. She flew across dimensions, arriving in Mezai Country, the current location of Syarix. Upon meeting him, he takes her to his hut and they talked for a few minutes. Then she invites him to come with her on the journey. Syarix takes her to the village, meeting Elia. There, she was given a special cloak from the seamstress. Later she slept while Syarix kept an eye on her, wondering if she loves him. The next morning, she and Syarix left, arriving in Kenax City. After a struggle, she was taken to safety by Arikai. She later returns to the Dream World and meets her mother, father, and some of her people from Averax Magna. She goes with Syarix the next day in order to meet a stranger named Aeran. They meet him and they learn about the other team and their leader. Later, she and Syarix participate in a battle against Sehrox and his men. Before Sehrox could defeat Aeran, her necklace glowed, combined with her cloak, defeated Sehrox and his men. By sunrise, she and Syarix left, leaving the city back to its peaceful age. Upon arriving in the next world, they meet the lost soul of Garaxial. Then, Agarax and Belirax arrive, telling Sakari how they got here. Suddenly, a bright flash of light changes the course of destiny...

Syarix- It has been revealed in Chapter 4 that he lived in Halan Country and knows Agarax. After a terrible earthquake that struck his home, him and Agarax were clearing away some of the rubble of the fortress. Their ruler died during the earthquake, thus leaving the world in despair. We also see him in one of Skralla's dreams; we see him trying to rescue Sakari from two things; a fail-safe, and a dangerous plant. He eventually fled to Mezai Country (how he gets there is unknown) and resided there for some time. Eventually, Sakari arrives and finds him. He takes her to his hut and they learn about each other. Later, he takes her to Elia, a seamstress who created a special cloak for Sakari. Later as Sakari slept, we discover that he has feelings for her. They leave the next morning and traveled to the next world. They arrive in Kenax City, a world of constant battles and conflicts. He saves two innocient beings who were almost killed by a building collasping. Aeran, one of the leaders invites Syarix to meet him tomorrow in the Avaron. They meet Aeran who tells them about the other team who he had fought yesterday. Aeran explains about his enemy, Sehrox and later fights with Aeran and Sakari to free the city from his grip. Sakari's cloak and necklace combined their powers and defeated Sehrox before he defeated Aeran. She later left with Syarix at sunrise, heading to another world. They arrive in Tasarta Country and met Garaxial's Soul of Light. He tells them his past but then Agarax and Belirax arrive. Not long after that, a brilliant flash of light blinding everyone, thus changing the course of destiny...

Agarax- It has been revealed in Chapter 4 that he originated in Halan Country and knows Syarix. One day, a terrible earthquake struck his village. Afterwards, he and Syarix were preparing to bury their king who was killed during the cataclysm. Later, he dreams about a Great Being who tells him about the future of Spherus Magna, Skralla and Mata Nui (though he doesn't mention their names) and about his destiny. Before he woke up, the GB gave him his Travel Staff and tells him to leave the next morning. After traveling in various worlds, he arrives in Kotan World and meets Kan and Garaxial. When Garaxial lost his light, Agarax escaped as he tried to find his Soul of Light. He was later captured and lost his body as a result of his attempted escape, thus losing his power to cross dimensions. As Garaxial had Stronius cloned, he placed the plague that would activate once the clone returned to BM but Agarax removed it in order to buy time for the citizens to survive. After being cursed by the Ignika in the last arc, he regained his power to cross dimensions and had his original body back. He later discussed with Mata Nui and Skralla, forming ideas on relocating Sakari. Eventually, he discovers a way to send multiple people into the Dream World. Later, he was asked by Mata Nui to leave this dimension and go with Belirax to find Sakari. He and Belirax left, and arrived in Tasarta Country, meeting with Sakari, Syarix and the Light Garaxial.

Belirax- A Female Skrall who founded the Sisters of the Skrall. Though she was the founder, the female Skrall decided to rule themselves. After being banished by the Male Skrall, her and the other sisters resided somewhere not far from the Maze Valley and created a village, dubbing it "The Village of the Maze". She and the other female Skrall secretly supported Skralla, (since she's the only female Skrall to be in Roxtus, plus the fact of the title of princess) and waited for revenge. Thousands of years later, she was accompanied with several female Skrall followers and witness an attack by the Sand Bats, attacking Skralla, Tuma, Clone Stronius, Branar and a few other Male Skrall. When they all fell unconscious, Belirax and the others too Skralla to the Maze Village. Later, they assaulted the Roxtus Village, threatening Tuma to grant them rights or else they won't return the princess. Tuma agreed to the terms and allowed them to live in Roxtus. In the 1st Story, she attempts to escape to find Skralla (since she too was against Tuma's Plans), but was caught by Clone Stronius and was imprisoned. She later escaped when Mata Nui and a Skrall fell into her prison whilst Mata Nui defeated the other Skrall. He took Belirax to safety and later helped MN and Skralla free the Skrall from their shadowy minds. When the Rock Tribe fell into the plague, she assisted the non-sick beings to safety. When the Bone Hunters attacked them in the Creep Canyon, she was one of the Skrall that fought them back. She and Skralla later went into the cave that Skralla discovered earlier that mentioned "The Eclipse". When Spherus Magna was reborn, she became one of Skralla's Royal Guards. Belirax briefly saw Sakari before she was captured. Later, when Agarax discovered a method to send other beings into the Dream World, she joined with a small group to meet Sakari. Recently, Skralla is asking her to leave with Agarax to find Sakari. She left with Agarax and found Sakari, Syarix and the Light Garaxial.

*Garaxial- It has been revealed in Chapter 8 (and Chapter 2) that he was created by the Great Beings. After a recent risky project that he made (which caused electrical bolts harming the Agori and several creatures), the Great Beings banished him. He appeared in another place called Kotan World, but fell unconscious. He later woke up in the Kotan Fortress and met with the ruler there as well as the citizens who took him to safety. Kotan shows him a new workplace for him where he could work on his projects and experiments. One day, as he worked on a new project, Agarax arrived in Kotan World and meets him and Kan. On one of his projects, his soul was split and his light had vanished. His Soul of Shadows granted him the powers of darkness and changed his body, making him the darkness itself. He banishes Kan from this dimension and takes over Kotan Country. Overtime, he sent his shadow entities to visit other worlds and gather information. He is a mortal enemy of both, Skralla, Mata Nui, and their kingdoms. It was he who attempted to steal Skralla's powerful necklace and tried to gain control of every universe that existed. Around 2,300 years ago, he sent his shadow entities to steal a Glatorian to become his first project in cloning. It turned out to be Stronius, who then had his body cloned and gained the contamination that will activate a plague, but Agarax removed it. The original one was imprisoned in this country for a number of years. He also created a Malum Clone in order to spread a deadly plague in Bara Magna. Now...he's back for another revenge as he already captured Princess Sakari and will try to make use of her. He tries to place "The Imprint of Chaos" on her as a fail-safe but Skralla's half necklace protect her and took her to another dimension. He plans to keep an eye on her so he could try to finish his plans. He is currently preparing for an attack in Averax Magna with his Shadow Entities...

Garaxial's Soul of Light- His Spirit that contained his light was banished into Tasarta Country. Recently, Sakari and Syarix are meeting this spirit. He tells them about his past, how he was once part of a body, and fled through various worlds, arriving in this one. Then, Agarax and Belirax , when the latter realized that he found Garaxial's Light.

*Sarhax- We discover that in Chapter 8, she and two of her friends found the unconscious Garaxial (who was exiled from Spherus Magna). She wants to send him to Kan, the ruler of this world, hoping that he could be saved. (But little did she knew that he would change the world, perhaps forever) She was eventually hired by Garaxial with some of her friends to work with him. They worked on a project, which involved using protdermis and some of their metal, modifying it. When Garaxial lost his light, he transformed her into his slave. One of her missions was to find Agarax and gain information about other worlds so that Garaxial could begin his conquest. When Stronius was captured, she help participated in the project of cloning the Skrall. Several thousands of years later, we see her again working for him as he takes Sakari from Averax Magna. After meeting Sakari, she seems to have sense something powerful about the baby, but has no clue exactly what it was...Later, she discussed with Garaxial, figuring out ways on how to keep track of the princess. She is currently working with the other servants, preparing for a siege in Averax Magna.



Councils: These factions are made to keep peace amongst the civilians of Averax Magna. It was originally created by Tuma but it was later modified by the Turaga, Agori, and the Great Beings.

Matoran Council: Tanma, Kapura, Macku, Tamaru, Kopeke, Hafu, Tapiu

Agori Council: Atakus, Berix, Tarduk, Metus, a Zesk, Raanu

Glatorian/Toa Council: Vastus, Tahu, Gali, Pohatu, Branar, Gelu

Advisors: Lewa, Kopaka, Onua, Tarix, Malum, a Vorox

Bodyguards, six beings were chosen by the Elemental Lords to protect Mata Nui and Skralla, in case of possible threat. Eventually, there will be a set of them for Princess Sakari.

Mata Nui's: Stronius, Ackar, and Takanuva

Skralla's: Kiina, Belirax, and Hahli


The Planet of Spherus Magna


Kingdom of Averax Magna

-----Averax Fortress


----------New Arena Magna/New Atero

----------Averax Council Center

----------Temple of the Ancestors

-----------------Chamber of Prophecies

----------Healing Centers

----------Alley of Av-Matoran

-----Averax Palace

----------Grand Bedroom

----------Front Entrance

----------Bridge of Stone

----------Twin Guard Towers

*Aqua Magna (Great Sea)

-----Various Islands




----------Island of Rahi and Various Creatures

-----Various Docks

----------Docks #1-12

*Kingdom of the Great Beings

-----Fortress of the GB's

----------Hall of the Maze

----------Hot Forges

----------Compass Room

----------Meeting Center

---------------Elemental Lords' Throne Room

*Bota Magna

-----East Highway Trail

----------Forest of Rahi

---------------Miserix's Realm

--------------------River of Protodermis

--------------------Miserix's Lab

--------------------Miserix's Hut

---------Black Swamp

---------Marsh of the Organics

-----The Great Jungle

-----Northern Frost

---------Gigantic Icebergs

---------Caverns of Sub-Zero

---------Bridge of Icicles

---------Storage of Creations

*Bara Magna (Most of the Original Locations still exist after being fused)



----------Titan Sea (formerly called Sea of Liquid Sand)


----------Original Atero/Arena Magna

----------Roxtus (now a museum)

----------Black Spikes and White Quartz

*Kingdom of Artakha

----------Artakha's Fortress

---------------Office of Artakha

---------------Forges of Fire

-----Village of Crafters

-----Desert of Statues

-----Forest of Fruits

Alternate Locations (More to Come!)

*Kotan World: The Sealed Darkness Dimension

***As of Chapter 12, it has been revealed that Kotan World is the name of "The Sealed Darkness Dimension"

*Halan Country

*Era Country

*Mezai Country

*Kenax City (Kenax Country)

*Tasarta Country

*This story takes place a few years after the ending of The Great Plague

Edited by Toa Syaoran

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Review Story

Chapter 1: A Royal Family

Averax Palace

Mata Nui ran up the stairs, heading towards the Grand Bedroom. He received a message from Belirax that the newborn was coming. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Skralla sitting on the bed, holding something in her hands that was in a small blanket.

“I’m sorry that I worried you, but we’re both alright,” she said.

“We?” said Mata Nui, confused at first. Then he realized, “The child? Is it…?”

“It’s a girl,” she answered, “A new princess is born. I plan on calling her Sakari.”

Mata Nui approached to them and said, “That’s good. At least your necklace can be passed on.”

“I know…but I’m worried what if the necklace might not want her? You know, the necklace only picks a certain person once

I’m close to death,” replied the queen.

“And even if the necklace doesn’t choose her, I’m sure that the next user will be willing to protect it,” said Mata Nui.


Outside, Belirax and Kiina watched as they heard them talking about the new baby. Not wanting to wait any longer, Belirax knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” called Skralla.

“It’s us!” replied Belirax, “Kiina and I.”

“Come in.”

Then the two Glatorian stepped into the bedroom.

“So?” asked Belirax, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a girl, we named her, Sakari,” replied Skralla.

“Ah…she’s so cute,” said Kiina, looking at the newborn. Then she asked, “I need to talk to you for a moment. Is it alright Mata Nui if we just speak to her for a few moments?”

Nodding, Mata Nui went out and headed towards the balcony. Just a few years ago, he remembered the grand celebration that honored him and Skralla, King and Queen of Averax Magna. After saving the Matoran Universe and Bara Magna, they agreed to the citizens that they’ll watch over them and in return, peace and harmony over the land. Now that Spherus Magna was reborn, there haven’t been much of any problems for the last few years over resources. Now that the Great Beings had returned as well, they were willing to help out improve their lives in case of any possible disaster.

But no wonder we love each other so much, he thought, Skralla and I were created by them, but at different times. We had so much in common and wanted a better life. Now it has finally come true…


“But how’s that possible? Miserix hasn’t been that much of a problem wasn’t he?” asked Skralla.

“No…but some of the Rahi are acting pretty strange. That’s why we had to double the patrol around this kingdom. The Toa Mahri and the Toa Nuva are building a stronger gate so that way the rahi doesn’t invade this kingdom,” answered Kiina.

“But why are you telling me this?” asked the queen, “Mata Nui needs to know too.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want him to get upset with us. I know he’s been a great ruler, but sometimes I worry about this world. I don’t want to go through the same struggle,” replied Kiina.

“Alright, I’ll tell him,” said Skralla, “You may go now.”

The two Glatorian turned and left, beckoning Mata Nui to come back inside.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Kiina told me that the rahi are acting strange recently, but I don’t know why. They’re increasing the patrol in this kingdom.”

“You don’t suppose that Miserix has lost his light yet?” asked Mata Nui.

“I don’t know…but we have to be careful, especially with this child,” she answered.



“Tahu, watch out!” shouted Gali.

The Toa of fire turned and fired his Nynrah Ghost Blaster at the oncoming Nui-Rama. Chains of energy managed to strangle the rahi, pinning it down.

“Is that the last of them?” asked Pohatu.

“For now,” said Kopaka, “But what’s going on with these creatures?”

“It’s not Miserix, right?” asked Onua, “After all, he’s the last Makuta and even I don’t trust him.”

“I’ll fly-go and check,” offered Lewa.

“No,” said Tahu, “We can’t split up now.”

“It’s only me that’ll just fly-around,” snapped the toa of air.

“Then take Tanma with you,” replied Tahu, “I heard that it’s dark in that forest, a bit of his light should work, right?”

“I guess,” said Lewa, “Very well, I’ll go and check if our Makuta friend is starting to act up.”


River of Protodermis

Miserix, the sole Makuta left stood in the waters of the river. For the last few weeks, he was trying to use liquid protodermis mixed with the ocean water to make specialized marine rahi. Although it wasn’t much of a progress, Miserix had some difficulty using the ocean water due to its different properties.

There’s something in this water, he thought, something that we didn’t even had…

Miserix opened a small box and looked at the viruses. He managed to take them away from the Shadowed One, who wanted to use them against Teridax. True, he was against “the plan” and wanted to kill Teridax so badly, but he knew that using the virus on him would start another cataclysm. When the universe was saved and was taken to Spherus Magna, he found the Shadowed One carrying the box. From what he heard, the viruses were in there. After a long, formal talk, the Shadowed One agreed to give it to him, in exchange for some other viruses that the Dark Hunters could use to perform their own experiments.

And I can’t trust them, although they allied with the Order of Mata Nui during the war, that doesn’t mean anything, he thought.

“Did you find anything?” asked Agarax.

“Uh…no,” answered Miserix, “But could you please send this vial out of this dimension?”

Nodding, Agarax took out his staff and called upon the dimensional gates. The vial was sucked into the portal and disappeared.

“But what about the experiment?” he asked.

“It’s not working as I thought it would be,” answered the Makuta, “The waters in the ocean must have some different elements that are not like our Liquid Protodermis.”



“So…she has the baby?” asked Tuma.

“Yes, it’s a new princess,” answered Hahli, “Her name is Sakari.”

Tuma couldn’t help but smiled. For the last few years, he was recovering from a deadly plague that almost killed him and a few other Skrall, Agori and even some Glatorian.

“Skralla wants to show you her new child,” said the Toa of Water, “Are you allowed to leave the Coliseum and visit her?”

“I’m not sure…” answered Tuma, “I haven’t been outside for the last few months. I was attacked by a Muaka on a hunt and the scratches that I got kinda made me feel sick again. That’s why I stayed here.”

“Then allow me,” said Hahli, “We Toa of Water have special healing abilities. My friend, Gali did a similar process once with Tahu, but I’ll tell you about that another day.”

“You don’t have to…” said Tuma but sure enough, the water began to close the wound. Slowly the scratches disappeared and he suddenly felt much better.

“Thanks…I owe you one,” he said.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s our nature as Toa,” said Hahli, “I’ll tell her that you’re ready to see the baby.”


“So what did he say?” asked Skralla.

“He said that he’s ready when you are,” answered Hahli, “I used my powers to heal him that way he won’t affect the baby.”

“Hahli,” said Skralla, “What did I tell you about using your elemental powers for healing?”

“But, your majesty…” said Hahli, “I don’t want him to infect the baby, should the plague not be fully healed. Raanu was lucky because he was fully healed within a week or so before anyone else.”

Skralla could only chuckle and said, “That’s fine, I just don’t want you to waste your powers. I heard that using too much makes you become a Turaga?”

“Not the elemental powers, the Toa Power,” replied Hahli, “It’s the “Toa Power” that is limited.”

Skralla looked confused, well, what’s the difference, she thought, what’s so special about this one?

“It’s a special type of element that keeps us as heroes. It only used in times of crisis. For example, I could make Toa stones in case if I have to make more Toa which will then turn me into a Turaga in return,” explained Hahli.

“Skralla!” said Belirax, who stood at the door, “Mata Nui is waiting for you.”

“Coming!” replied Skralla. Then she turned to Hahli and said, “Let’s talk again later. Thank you for telling my father. He’ll be excited to see his new granddaughter.”

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Chapter 2: Dreams of Danger

“Skralla’s Vision”

Syarix dodged the oncoming attack by the shadows. He knew that Sakari was in grave danger and had to save her. If he was too late, then the failsafe would seal her and would start a countdown to major destruction.

“Sakari!” he shouted, hopping that she’d wake up but the darkness kept her asleep. He jumped and reached her hand. Suddenly the world around them changed.

What’s going on, he thought, where are we?

Then his answer was in front of him; a mirror pictured Sakari instead of his own reflection. He went up to the mirror and tried to find a way to break through. Sakari could somehow see him and started to spill tears. She wanted him to take her home and save the kingdom together but it seems that they’d be stuck here, perhaps forever?

Then Syarix gasped as some plants began to wrap around Sakari, dragging her away. Sakari tried to break free but had no weapon in her hand. Syarix tried to smash through but the barrier kept the two away from each other.

“SAKARI!” he shouted in the loudest voice. But all he could do was only watch as she disappeared, heading to the unknown…



“Daughter!” said Tuma, “What’s wrong?”

Skralla woke up suddenly, shocked. She looked around and realized that she was still here with Mata Nui. Sakari was in Tuma’s hands, sleeping softly.

“I…I…” she began but she started to cough, and then collapsed.

“Skralla!” said Mata Nui, “What’s wrong?”

Then he tried to pick her up but realized that she wasn’t breathing.

“Oh…no…” said Mata Nui, “She’s losing conscious.”

“I’ll hang on to the baby,” said Tuma, “Take her to safety.”


“Is she alright?” asked Belirax.

“I don’t know,” said Mata Nui, “But she was never like this.”

“That’s weird,” replied the Skrall, “She was always active and positive.”

“We have to find the nearest Healing Center,” replied Mata Nui, “Go find Hahli, Helryx and Gali and tell them to meet us there,”

Belirax turned and left while Mata Nui carried Skralla to the nearest Healing Center. Luckily he saw Gaaki inside, along with several other Ga-Matoran.

“Gaaki! I need your help!” said Mata Nui.

The Toa Hagah of water turned and asked, “What…what happened to the queen?”

“She was trying to tell me something and then fell unconscious. She must have had a nightmare or something,” he replied, “We have to save her!”


Alley of Av-Matoran

Tanma, Radiak, and Kirop stood outside, watching the sun setting. None of them noticed Lewa coming in.

“Tanma!” said Lewa, “We have a mission fly-to!”

Tanma turned and asked, “What’s going on now? Is this another Rahi-Goose Chase?”

“No. It’s more of a risk-danger, mission,” said the toa of air, “We are going to have a talk with our Makuta-friend. But I’ll need you to come with me so we can see where we are going.”

Tanma sighed. He already had enough today, discussing about the security back in the council. But he knew that it was his duty to contribute and help maintain peace.

“Alright,” he replied, “I’ll go.”

He turned to Radiak and Kirop and said, “Make sure the others are safe, I don’t want any rahi coming here so make sure that the light gates are up.”

Storage of Creations, Northern Frost

Three Great Beings placed the last of the chunks of metal in a crevasse. After Mata Nui evacuated the species of his robotic structure, they had it torn down carefully, small enough to fit inside this gigantic basin.

“Is this the last of them?” asked one of them.

“It should. I don’t know how long it would fit, but let’s hope that we don’t need it again. The Matoran are fine with the Agori, despite their communication, but they have been trained enough to understand the language,” said another.

“But what about Skralla and Mata Nui?” asked the third, “After all, it was we who created them, but why was she needed to exist? Mata Nui was doing fine...”

“You know why,” said the first one, “She was created as a backup plan. Like I said before, I knew that something bad would happen to Mata Nui, I couldn’t tell how it would’ve happen. She could’ve saved the planet herself but her meeting with Mata Nui was inevitable, not a coincidence. Plus with him around, they managed to repair this planet much more efficiently”

“Yeah, but I fear about something else,” said the third being, “Now that they’re parents, someone would try to end their relationship and bring chaos to this world.”

“What do you mean?” asked the other two beings.

“Remember one of our first projects? That one eccentric scientist that we made, but he was sent to another dimension of course, but I remember some of his projects; most of them were dangerous, but remarkable. The last time I talked to him was only about 90,000 years ago. After that, I haven’t seen him, but I overheard one night when Mata Nui and Skralla taking about him and his evil plans. I heard that they are going to keep this all a secret so that way no one would get crazy and bring his attention to them, and this world.”

“You don’t mean?” asked one of the beings, shocked, “That he’s after something?”

“He was,” said the other being, “Two things in fact. One of them was Skralla’s necklace. But the other…well, I don’t remember exactly but it had to do them and their realm.”


Healing Center

“Is she alright?” asked Mata Nui.

Gaaki placed her hand on Skralla’s head, then said, “I don’t know but I can tell that something is affecting her mind. Let me see if I can use my kanohi…”

But before she could finish, her mind was elsewhere. Somehow her mask always uses her rather than the other way around. Sure enough she saw the baby sleeping peacefully with Tuma. Then a portal opened, revealing some stranger taking the baby away. Tuma tried to fight back but the stranger overpowered the Skrall. Then she saw Sakari, but much older, trying to talk to someone through some mirror or glass but then was dragged away by some vines. The image changed, showing the toa the entire village of Averax Magna being sealed away by the darkness.

“This can’t be!” snapped Gaaki. She could barely stand up herself but managed to keep herself from falling.

“What is it?” asked Mata Nui.

“The baby…she’s in grave danger…” said the toa, “and it’s too late. It’s the beginning of the end…”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Someone has come from another world, and took the baby away,” said Gaaki.

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Chapter 3: Half and Half

The baby cried as it flew in the dimensional gates. Someone was holding her and for sure that it wasn’t Tuma or her parents.

The stranger looked at the baby and laughed, saying, “Now that you are in existence, I can fulfill my dream and unleash my power that will finally take root!”


Tuma woke up and gasped. The baby was gone, taken by some stranger from another world.

This is bad…just how we are going to find her, he thought.

Just as he got up, the door slammed opened, revealing Mata Nui and Gaaki.

“Is she gone?” asked Mata Nui.

Tuma nodded and said, “Yes. I swear! I tried to defend her!”

“Once Skralla wakes up, we must send a number of us to go after her,” said Gaaki.

“But how are we going to do that?” asked Tuma, “The throne is part of a museum in Roxtus!”

“Not if we get our old friend of ours,” said Mata Nui, narrowing his eyes, “Agarax…”


Healing Center

Skralla woke up and saw a Ga-Matoran standing nearby.

“What happened?” asked the queen as if she woke up from a deep sleep.

“Your majesty, I can’t explain,” said the matoran, “But Mata Nui will come back soon to check on you, just take it easy now.”

“It happened…didn’t it?” asked Skralla, “Sakari is gone…but that doesn’t mean I’ll just stay here,”

“But your majesty, it’s too dangerous! We need your power to keep the kingdom strong!”

But before the matoran could stop her, Skralla disappeared, using her tan crystal to reach the palace.


Skralla appeared at the front entrance, she was a bit weak but using the red crystal managed to keep her up, she headed to the Grand Bedroom but was stopped when she saw Mata Nui sending a Zesk to deliver a message.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

Mata Nui turned and saw her leaning on the wall. She looked as if she was about to collapse again. He ran up to her and said, “I’ve sent a Zesk to fetch Agarax. Hopefully his power will help us relocate our daughter.”

“Do you think she’ll be alright?” she asked.

Mata Nui paused for a moment, and then said, “I don’t know. I fear that she’ll face our greatest enemy, who might make use of her.”

“Then I’d better do this,” said Skralla, holding the necklace, “She will need a portion of this power in order to survive the other dimensions.”

“And just how are we going to do that?” asked Mata Nui.

“By dreams,” said the queen, “That’s the one power that I’ve discovered from her as we went to visit Tuma. I’ll be able to talk to her through that and hopefully give her half of my necklace.”


“Sakari’s Dream”

Sakari continued to scream but then her mind was elsewhere. Suddenly, she felt stronger, much older as if she grew. Then she saw a stranger in front of her, holding a tall staff in her hands. As soon as she saw her, the staff split into two smaller weapons, creating two swords.

“Take this,” said the stranger, “You’ll need it.”

Sakari took the sword and looked at it, and then she looked at the stranger. Skralla smiled as she knew that the necklace did choose her though her power was cut in half. But as long as Sakari had some of her powers with her, she knew that she’ll be alright.

“As long as you keep this safe,” said Skralla, “I’m sure you’ll be alright. When the time comes, you’ll be able to escape and come back.”

“Who are you?” asked Sakari, “Why are you giving me this?”

“Because,” said Skralla, “I’m your mother.”

Sakari gasped, she seemed confused about this revelation. Then Skralla continued, “Don’t worry; you’ll remember me and father in time. Right now, you’re with a mortal enemy of mine. He’ll try to take an advantage of you but as long as you believe in yourself, then he won’t stop you. Whenever you sleep, I’ll come and check on you so we’ll be able to communicate from here…”

But before Sakari could ask anymore questions, the world around her began to change. She was back into a baby but had the necklace on her. This time Sakari didn’t cry as she somehow knew that this would protect her no matter what lies ahead…


Averax Palace

“Did she get it?” asked Mata Nui.

Skralla woke up and looked at her necklace. Sure enough, the pendant was cut in half, leaving half of her amazing powers that she once had.

“Yes,” said Skralla, “As long as she believes in herself, she’ll be alright, but even I still fear about this. We can’t let him get away,”


River of Protodermis

“Agarax!” shouted Miserix, “There’s a Zesk that has a message for you!”

Agarax arrived and took the tablet from the Agori. After reading it, he took out his stick and called for its teleportation powers.

“Where are you going?” asked the Makuta.

“There’s no time. I can’t explain, this is crisis,” he said as he disappeared.

Miserix wanted to ask but he already left. Then after a moment of hesitation, Miserix called on his shape-shifting powers to grow wings and headed east. He knew that something was terribly wrong and wanted to find out.


“The Sealed Darkness Dimension”

Sakari woke up in a small basket. For some reason, she expected to be in worse condition, but after being told by her mother, she seemed to have an idea about this situation. She could she the stranger that kidnapped her talking to another being. From the looks of it, they were arguing about something.

“I told you,” said Garaxial, “The baby needs to be raised properly so we can make it look convincing for her!”

“Yeah but what about her real parents?” asked Sarhax, “You know they’ll want revenge.”

“I know, but that’s why I trust you more than Agarax, he disobeyed and betrayed me a few times. He’s with them right now of course, but just wait. When I place the fail-safe on her, no one will be able to remove it. And when she reaches to her coming of age, the imprint will activate, causing a catastrophe to their kingdom,” he explained.

Sarhax nodded and turned to look at Sakari. She knew that it would take time but something about this baby chilled her.

There’s something about this baby, she thought.

“Well?” asked Garaxial.

“It’s nothing. Let’s begin the experiment” replied Sarhax.

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Chapter 4: An Uncertain Decision

Throne Room, Averax Palace

"Agarax," said Mata Nui, "You hold the power to cross dimensions, right?"

"That's right," he said, "I can help us relocate her but as of late, my weapon has been acting weird."

"But you're still willing to take the risk?"

"I sure am, but I will need help with some of your friends. I could borrow some of the Glatorian or Toa to come with me."

"What about the Great Beings?" asked Skralla, "They have a teleportation device in their realm."

Pool of Protodermis, Sealed Darkness

Sahrax placed the basket that contained Sakari on the pool. Garaxial took out his staff of mutation and raised it high.

"Waters of Darkness," he said, "take in the form of my enemy's daughter and manipulate her! Place the Imprint of Chaos and start the countdown!"

Then the waters began to churn around, causing the water to tower above the baby. Sakari couldn't understand what was going on but she could feel the power of the necklace protecting her. She closed her eyes and could only hope that there's a chance for escape.

Then the water began to surround her, attempting for a strike in order to manipulate her. But the necklace created a shield that protected the attack.

"What's going on?" muttered Garaxial, then he realized,"THAT MOTHER OF HERS! She must have used her powers to protect her!"

Garaxial raised his staff and said, "But even as that force field buys her time, it won't last forever. Eventually the water will penetrate through. And by that, they'll realize that rebuilding Spherus Magna was a terrible mistake on their part."


Flashback: 105,000 years ago

Halan Country

"Is that all?" asked Agarax.

"That should be," said Syarix, "After all, our master says that we have to place them in the temple. Now that he's dead, we have to place his body in the burial grounds."

Agarax nodded. For the last few weeks, a terrible earthquake struck their world. Luckily there weren't that many causalities but the fortress was badly damaged. Most of the destruction came from the temple, which was next to the fortress.

"Well then, I must head back to the village,"said Agarax, "I need to check and see how much progress they made."


Agarax returned to his village and saw a few of his relatives and friends repairing their huts. Some of the trees fell on top of the houses while most of the houses were split open.

Then he saw a crowd looking at something in the streets. He ran up and asked, "What happened?"

"It's the king's sacred sword!" came one of the reply.

"Nonsense!" shouted another one, "The king never leaves his fortress!"

Then an argument broke out. Then Agarax shouted, "Silence! One of his friends, Syarix told me that he's dead!"

"What do you know?" shouted another.

"Syraix said that the king was killed during the earthquake. He saw him trying to escape but the pillars collapsed on top of him," explained Agarax, "Now let's just break this crowd or else it's not going to lead us a better life in this world."

Agarax's Dream

Agarax woke up in a strange room. The walls were as bright as the sun while the floor felt cold like ice. Then he saw someone standing on the other side of this chamber. In the center between them was a small pool of some liquid.

"What is this place?" he asked, "And who are you?"

"Ah, for an outsider like you, I'm called as the Great Being," came the reply, "And this place is one of the great rooms in our world. This room can tell us the destiny of one being, as well as predicting the outcome of events that happened in the past, or are currently happening."

"And what's happening in this world? Why am I here?" asked Agarax.

"Right now, several species in this dimension are in a war right now. They're fighting over a sapient liquid that's slowly shattering this planet. If they don't stop and think, they'll suffer of what is yet to come," replied the Great Being, "But you, you are the one who must be given the knowledge."

"Why me?" asked Agarax, "My people have suffered an earthquake and our king has died!"

"Because, my friends are creating two, special beings, whose power that can undo the damage in this world. Both of them will forget the knowledge overtime since they'll be facing their own problems. Only you can hold the knowledge of their destiny, and it is you that must face your destiny with them," said the Great Being.

"What's so important about this mission?" asked Agarax.

"It may not seem so now, but eventually, when 'The Eclipse' comes, the liquid will shatter their planet. But that same eclipse will also repair that planet but only every 100,000 years. But right now, you'll need to escape your country. Another storm is coming but it's far worse than the earthquake, your presence is not going to be enough to change the world, but if you meet these two beings, they might be a sign of hope to your world," came the reply.

"Who are they? And where will I find them?" he asked.

"I cannot say their names, but you'll find them in time. But for now, I must give you this," said the Great Being. He raised his hand over the pool. Then a long, speared staff came out. The head of the staff had a symbol; carved with three circles and two curves around it.

"This Travel staff will take you to other worlds and places that you've never imagine. When you wake up, you must leave in order for the prophecy to fulfill. It all begins as soon as you wake up," said the Great Being.

"But how do I summon this?" shouted Agarax as the world changed around him. He was back in his damaged hut and it was already sunrise. Then he heard a voice in his head, you can't stay here. Leave.

Agarax raised the staff and suddenly, a portal opened. Before he jumped, he took a few daggers with him and a compass.

I'm sorry my friends, he thought as he jumped in, but if I was told was true, then maybe I'll be able to save all of you.


Present Time:

Sealed Darkness Dimension

Garaxial watched as the water tried to penetrate through the force field. At first it seemed that it was working. That is until a sudden bright light knocked him and Sahrax down.

"What's going on?" he snapped, "Why isn't our plan working?"

Then the answer came when the light disappeared. The baby was gone, heading to the unknown.

"She's escaped!" he shouted, "All because of her!"

"Should we send our shadows to go after her?" asked Sahrax.

"No. Let her visit some other worlds. Maybe we can use them as an advantage when we unleash our plans. We'll have to monitor her whereabouts. And when the time comes, we'll get the Imprint on her and the countdown will start," said Garaxial.

Edited by Toa Mata Nui

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Review Story

Chapter 5: World of Ruins

“So will this fellowship suffice?” asked Agarax.

Mata Nui and Skralla looked at the team. It included; Ackar, Tahu, Pohatu, Vastus, Kopaka, Tarix and Branar.

“We don’t have much time left,” said Mata Nui, “But yes. This team should be fine. Now then, let’s head out to the Great Beings.”


Era Country

Sakari woke up with a confusing start. First of all, the last thing she remembered was that she was in some protective barrier from a water attack. Second, she felt stronger as if she grew again like in the dream, but this turned out to be no dream. Third, she was in a bed at an unknown house.

“Are you alright?” asked one of the residents.

“Eh? Where am I?” asked Sakari, “What happened to me?”

“You appeared in the forest outside of our town,” said another being, “You were somehow in a deep sleep. But at least you’re up now.”

Sakari looked around. She was in a small hut with a small family of an unknown species. She checked to make sure that her necklace was still on. Then she tried to get up on her feet.

“Don’t you want to eat something?” asked a female being.

“No thanks, I’ll be alright. But what is this place?”

“This is Era Country,” said the female being, “Long ago, we used to be part of a larger world, but then a storm of shadows cut us off from our friends in another country. Many of us tried to fight back in order to stop this division, but the shadows only killed them. Now, we’re fighting for any resources that are left in this world. Eventually there won’t be anything left to borrow, or to eat. Now where did you come from?”

“I…don’t remember,” said Sakari, “Other than living in a beautiful castle. I was only a baby at the time, then when my parents took me to meet someone, my mother collapsed. Then when I was alone with this other being, someone attacked us and took me away. After that, I can’t remember…”

“Don’t worry, if we are fortunate, there’s an excavation going on in another village from here. If they find more resources or something that can get us out of this world, we’ll help you find a way back to your world,” said the female being, “And my name is Dajan. The others beside me are, Sai, Edra, Toth, and Ler.”

“Nice to meet you all,” said Sakari, “My name is Sakari."


Main Dimension, Spherus Magna

East Highway Trail

Ackar, Tahu, Pohatu, Vastus, Kopaka, Tarix and Branar traveled across the trail, heading towards the Great Beings’ Kingdom. Mata Nui and Skralla gave them a tablet to be used as a pass in order to enter in their kingdom.

“You think they’ll believe us?” asked Tarix, “And how do we know that these guys existed?”

“Simple,” said Ackar, “They were mysterious beings that didn’t want to be discovered. Back in that war, they were busy making that gigantic robot…”

“Which is where we used lived…” finished Tahu, “After all, none of us knew that we lived inside of Mata Nui, at least before he fulfilled his destiny. But what happened after your world was shattered?”

“It was terrible,” said Vastus, “For the last 100,000 years or so, we developed a new society which we believed it would help us survive in Bara Magna.”

“And what of the Elemental Lords?” asked Pohatu, “We never heard such beings.”

“They…well, none of us has seen them,” replied Vastus, “one of my friends, Tarduk claimed to have seen one on a journey with some of his friends.”

“Um, I hate to cut off our chat, but I think we’re already here,” said Branar.

The Glatorian and Toa arrived at the edge of a cliff. There, they saw another kingdom, one that housed the Great Beings and the Elemental Lords.

“That’s awfully big out there,” said Kopaka, “Think we should knock?”

“I say we fly down there,” said Tahu as his armor began to change. In response, Kopaka and Pohatu shifted their armor into flight mode.

“Will your mask work Pohatu, for all of us?” asked Tahu.

“I’m not sure. I hadn’t tested the mask on the Glatorian…” answered Pohatu, “But it’s worth a try.”

Activating his mask, the Toa’s and Glatorian’s molecules began to vibrate and then soared their way down towards the Great Beings’ Kingdom.


Board Room, Averax Palace

Mata Nui, Skralla, Belirax, Takanuva, and Tuma discussed ways on how to prepare for Sakari’s return.

“What did you see again?” asked Belirax.

“It was horrible,” said the queen, “I saw Sakari trying to say something to some being, but before she could finish, she was dragged away by something. Then according to what Gaaki told me, she saw the shadows coming. And it’s the shadows that would try to seal us away.”

“But what about him?” asked Mata Nui, “We can’t let him try to make use of our daughter.”

“When I go to sleep tonight, I will go and try to find her again in my dreams,” replied Skralla, “After all. It worked before and I’ll do it again. Maybe then she’ll tell me what happened.”

“Daughter, it’s my fault,” said Tuma, “If only I was much swifter…”

“Father, we can’t suffer right now. If we don’t act, there’s a chance that we won’t see her again,” she replied.

“Will the others be alright?” asked Takanuva.

Mata Nui sighed for a moment. Then he replied, “I don’t know. The world outside of this dimension is dangerous. I know about your travels too, and in fact, we’ve been in one of them.”


Era Country

“So,” said Sakari, “How long has it been since this disaster?”

“Well. It’s been at least 23 years since the shadows divided us and about 12 years when we started the excavation. We believed that there’s a mysterious power source that can wipe the shadows away so we can regain the other land that we lost,” answered Dajan.

“Dajan!” shouted Edra, “Our boss says that you must come to the ruins, quickly!”

“What’s happening?” asked Dajan.

“I think…they found something,” replied Edra, “They need you to inspect the ruins and see if they found it!”

“Coming!” she shouted. Then she turned to Sakari and said, “I’ll be back. Stay here and get some sleep.”

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Chapter 6: The Compass of World Passing

Sakari's 2nd Dream

Sakari woke up in the dream once more. In the distance, she saw her mother standing nearby. She smiled when she saw her daughter once more.

"Daughter",said Skralla, "How's your journey, so far"

"I'm in a country called Era. But I want some answers here. How I did I escape?"asked Sakari, "More yet, who was the one that took me away?"

"Listen, that's not important right now," replied Skralla, "We need to keep you safe..."

"Mother, I must know!" snapped Sakari, "I need to know so I won't fall into the wrong hands!"

Skralla sighed. She knew that her daughter was right; she needed the knowledge in order to survive traveling various worlds. But she feared that telling her would corrupt her mind and would suffer as much as herself and Mata Nui.

"The one who took you is called, Garaxial. He's nothing but pure shadows who tries to take revenge against our kingdom, particularly myself and my husband, Mata Nui," explained the queen.

"But why? What was his wish?" asked Sakari, "What did he know?"

"I cannot explain right now, dear," replied Skralla, "If I told you, he'll be trying to relocate us here."

"This is a separate dimension?" said Sakari.

"Yes. Even though it's in our dreams, this is another world. Anyone can enter in the dreams, all they have to do is to sleep and think," replied Skralla.

Then the dimension started to glow as if the sun was about to rise. Then Skralla continued, "I think it's almost morning in your world, I'll have to let you go now, and we'll meet again,"

"But wait! What about Mata Nui? Is he my father?" shouted Sakari, but it was too late. The world changed around her as she woke up from the dream.


The Era Ruins

Dajan and Edra arrived at the excavation site. Their boss, Rea stood impatiently and said, "There's a liquid that is somehow eating our tools, bombs, and other materials. We need to move them or else we won't be able to continue."

"But how's that possible?" asked Dajan, "None of the substances from here?"

"Then they must be from another world?" asked Edra.

"It's a possibility," said Rea, "Now move it or else there won't be anything left!"


Main Dimension, Spherus Magna

Averax Palace

Skralla woke up and turned her head. There she saw Mata Nui, Belirax, Kiina, and Takanuva.

"Well," said Belirax, "Did you talk to her?"

"Yes, but unfortunately, I told her...about our enemy," she replied, "Could you guys leave so I can speak with Mata Nui?"

Nodding, the others left, heading outside. Mata Nui turned to her and asked, "Why did you tell her? She shouldn't know..."

"I know, I know, but she wanted answers,"replied Skralla, "Listen, she's our only daughter and we must give her the tools, knowledge, and power that we can provide for her. If she falls back into the wrong hands, it might be too late...

"Where are you going?" she asked suddenly as Mata Nui was leaving.

"The Temple," he said as he put on his cloak and went outside, "Stay here until I return."


Hall of the Maze, GBs' Fortress

After going through several twists and turns, the team arrived in a darkened chamber.

"Where's Onua when you need him," muttered Pohatu.

Tahu extended his hand out, calling for a small flame so he could light up the room. It seemed to work at first but then the flame went out.

"No fire please," said a voice.

"Then how in the name of Mata Nui do you work in the dark light this?" snapped Tahu.

"Ah Tahu," replied the voice, "Your heart is full of questions that desire answers. But for now, those answers are set to wait."

Then the room suddenly grew incredibly bright. Three cloaked figures appeared in front of the team. One of them said, "May we see the tablet?"

Kopaka took out the tablet and gave it to the Great Being. After taking a scan, he replied, "So it seems. The dream must be a dream or else it would bring chaos and adversity."

Then he turned to his partners and said quietly, "Go take them to the teleportation room. They must be on their way in order to save the princess."

Era Country

Sakari woke up with a sudden shock. She wanted to find her way out, even if it means to bring down the hut and smash her way through. Extending her hand, she called her partial necklace to summon the sword. Though she wasn't a fighter, her blood was that of her mother's (since she was part Skrall, part GB) and managed to use her newfound strength to smash the door open.

As she stepped outside, she saw several beings running across the village. They were all heading towards one destination; the excavation. As soon as the road was clear, Sakari stepped outside and quietly followed the stampede, trying to avoid being seen by her new friends.


"Well?" asked Edra, "Is it burning?"

Dajan took a cup and scooped the liquid out. Amazingly, the bowl didn't shattered but it seemed to change color.

"I'm not sure," she replied, "This liquid seems to be very picky on various objects."

"Indeed it is," said a voice.

Edra and Dajan gasped as the sound came from the water. Suddenly, the liquid began to churn and formed a solid mass being. Then it replied, "I am a creator, as well as a destructor. Those who aren't destined shall be punished, but those who are shall claim their reward!"

"Who are you?" asked Edra, "And what do you mean the ones who are destined?"

"Ah, but you don't simply know about the meaning of energized protodermis, do you? There is one being that can touch my essence and shall receive great power...and that being is the one that didn't come from here."


Sakari watched as the crowd was waiting for the others to return. She wanted to ask what was going on but she was worried that they might question her presence.

Suddenly, her body changed as if she grew, but it didn't turn out that way. She looked at her hand, realizing that it wasn't there.

Am I invisible, she thought. She turned and snuck her way through, realizing that no one took notice. Sure enough, her body was transparent from others.

Maybe whatever is down my way out of here, she thought, and I hope it is.

After going through twists and turns, she saw Dajan and Edra running towards the exit. A massive wave was washing its way through. As soon as no one was around, her body resumed visible and the liquid stopped charging.

"You are the one that I foresaw," said the liquid, "You are on a dangerous journey, are you not?"

"I am lost," said Sakari, "I was taken away from my family. Are you here to help me?"

"I can help you, but only once," replied the entity, "After all, I'm only a liquid..."

He took a chunk of rock, placed its hand over, transforming the rubble. When it was done, a compass was in place.

"This compass is your way out. It can take you to various worlds, but when you enter in a world, you must to a big favor to its people, help them, and they'll be able to recharge this device for you," said the entity.

Sakari took it and asked, "When will I know that it's ready?"

"You'll know when the time comes for you to leave. But this device cannot predict the exact travels. Only fate shall decide where to take you," came the reply, "Now extend the compass and allow your necklace to do the rest."

Sakari extended the compass away from her. Sure enough, the necklace began to glow, changing the world around her.

"I wish you for your safe journey," said the liquid as the being dissolved back into a puddle.

Edited by Toa Mata Nui

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Chapter 7: A New Friend

River of Protodermis

By the time Lewa and Tanma arrived, no one was there.

“Where could our Makuta-Friend fly off to?” muttered Lewa.

Tanma channeled a small burst of light from his sword, and then walked around, looking to see if there was anything that could explain Miserix’s absence.

“Could this be?” said Tanma, “Why he left?”

Lewa approached to the Av-Matoran, who handed him a tablet. Lewa looked at the message, then dropped it as if the rock was about to bite him.

“So it seems,” he muttered, “Hang on, we’re going to find the other toa-heroes!”

“What’s going on?” asked Tanma.

“No time,” said the toa of air, “Now let’s go! Before some weird rahi of his comes…”


Mezai Country

After flying through dimensional space, Sakari appeared in a darken forest. It seemed similar to the one in Era Country, but a darker sensation. Then she heard a noise that came from behind. She turned to see a small vehicle rushing, then stopped.

A lone stranger got up from the vehicle and looked at Sakari with wonder. Then he said, “Who are you? What brings you here?”

“I just came from another world; I’m looking for my kingdom. Could you kindly tell me where I am?”

“For a stranger, this is Mezai Country. Well at least that’s what we used to say,” came the reply, “Tell me your name.”


“Well Sakari, I hate to rush you but we must hurry, there’s a storm of shadows that are coming. I’ve been going into hiding for the last several months. Most of the people in my village had vanished, never to return. Come with me, I know a hide out that’s not far from here.”

The two got on the vehicle and soared off. Along the way, Sakari asked, “What is your name?”

“I’m Syarix,” said the stranger.


Main Dimension, Spherus Magna

Temple of Ancestors

Mata Nui walked silently through the pathway. He wanted to get to the temple unnoticed though he knew that a guard might be present. But it turned out that no one was there.

Then that’s good, he thought, cause I need time alone, to think and to pray.

Then he saw a series of pillars which were the entrance to the temple. He took out his torch and ignited it and stepped inside. Though there were statues and carvings, the one particular place where he wanted to see was beneath the grounds.

Averax Palace

Skralla tried to sleep but with Mata Nui’s absence, she felt a cold touch of fear.

I hope he’s alright…but what is he seeking for? There’s nothing down there but carvings and statues of our past and present…

She could call Belirax and talk to her but the female Skrall was busy doing other things.

Maybe this is all of a dream, she thought, maybe I’ll wake up and see Sakari standing beside me.

Realizing that it was no use, she got up from the bed and took out her cloak. A while back, before Spherus Magna was reborn, she used this cloak when she ran away from Tuma in order to disguise her presence. She put it on and went downstairs, heading towards the outside.

It began to rain as she walked across the streets. Then she started to run, trying to find Mata Nui in the temple.


Mezai Country

“So, where did you live in this country?” asked Sakari as she and Syarix walked into a small hut.

“I didn’t,” he answered, “I used to live in another world. Then one day, a storm of shadows appeared, destroying everyone and everything in its path. I fled towards the forest in that realm, hoping that the shadows wouldn’t follow me. Then I saw a small flash of light and the next moment, I was knocked out. When I woke up, I appeared in this world. I eventually built this small hut, though there’s a village nearby. I fear that the shadows might come back so I simply stayed here when I’m not busy.”

Sakari sighed. She was happy that someone found her but she wanted to return home so she could see her family and her friends.

He seems quite cute, she thought, maybe he can live with me!

“Hey,” she said, “Do you want to come with me on my journey? You could live with me and my family!”

“I…I don’t know,” he replied, “From the looks of you, it seems that you live in royalty. I’m only a common person, and it’s probably weird for someone like me to live in a fortress or something.”

“Don’t worry about that,” said Sakari, “My parents would be more than happy to meet you.”


“The Sealed Darkness Dimension”

“So she’s with him now, isn’t she?” asked Sarhax.

“Yes,” replied Garaxial, as he watched the two from the pool of protodermis. We might not be able to reach them, but we can control their journey.”

“But what about the others?” asked Sarhax.

“There’s no need for that, right now,” answered Garaxial, “We must wait until the time comes, then we’ll unleash our plans like lightning and set the failsafe on her.”

“What about her parents? They are indeed powerful,” she asked.

Garaxial growled and said, “That is true, but if we can weaken them, then they won’t be able to see Sakari ever again, even in their dreams.”


“Do you recall your past?” asked Syarix.

“I can barely remember my early life,” said Sakari, “I do remember though, a beautiful palace that my family and I lived in. My parents were so happy to have me, but then someone from another world took me away, trying to use me as a weapon. Then I saw my mother in a dream. She sacrificed half of her power and gave it to me, telling me that everything will be alright. Once in a while I do see my mother whenever I sleep, who knows, maybe I’ll see her again when I sleep.”

“I can help you,” replied Syarix, “I can take you home. We can travel together for some time…”

“Really?” asked Sakari, then she turned to hold his hand but the two suddenly tripped. Sakari landed on top of him as they were face to face.

“Are you alright?” he asked as he tried to move his head.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered, then she gasped, “Oh my! I’m sorry!”

She swiftly moved her body out of the way.

“I didn’t mean to be on top of you,” she said, shocked, “That was…”

“Yeah, disturbing,” finished Syarix, sitting up.

Sakari turned to him and asked, “Well, are you sure? You want to come?”

“Well, it would be great to travel again,” said Syarix, “I’ve always wanted to visit other realms.”

“Yeah,” replied Sakari, “But when I got this compass, I was told that I have to do a favor for someone when I visit other worlds. Is there anything I can do to help so we can move out?”

“I’m sure there are ways,” answered Syarix, “Let’s head out to the village and see if there’s anyone out there that can help you. But I must warn you, the shadow storm will consume anything so we must keep watch.”

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Chapter 8: A New Prophecy?

Flashback: 100,100 Years Ago…

Spherus Magna

“I told you,” said Garaxial, “I only intended to reset the machine, not to tap its electrical power.”

“Then why was your latest experiment, the one with the electric bolts, flew all over?” asked one of the Great Beings,

“Several of them were harming the Agori and the creatures!”

“Look. I was only…” began Garaxial when another Great Being said, “This is getting out of control here. You are exiled from this dimension!”

Before Garaxial could reply, another Great Being held out his hand, sending the crazy scientist away. To them, there was no other choice but to banish him. Garaxial screamed as his body disappeared into the void.

“Are you sure that this was a good idea?” asked one of the Great Beings.

“Yes, now let’s move. Time is short!” said the other Great Being, “That eclipse is coming and if what we discovered was true, then life here is about to end…”


Garaxial woke up with a shocking start. Exiled from the world of science, technology, and exotic life, he was in a series of twist in turns as he tried to find a way out of this dimensional space.

What did I do so wrong, he thought, they appreciated my works for a while, then they started to shun me all because I took risks!

But before he could think of a plan, a portal opened. Taking his chances, Garaxial jumped in, hoping that it would be some refuge waiting on the other side…


Kontan World

Sarhax, Eajax, and Detex completed their work for the day when they saw a portal opening. A lone stranger fell and collapsed.

“Who is that?” asked Eajax.

“I’m not sure,” said Sarhax, “But we must fine him some shelter. Perhaps our ruler would allow him to enter the fortress?”

“Are you crazy?” snapped Detex, “Kan would never allow such stranger in his fortress!”

“But still,” replied Sarhax, “He could at least help us save this poor fellow.”

But little did they know that this stranger would one day change their lives, perhaps forever. Deciding on their choice, they dragged the unconscious being to the fortress.


Present Time…

Ati Country

“This way,” said Syarix, “Watch you head, the tunnel on this bridge is a bit small.”

Sakari and Syarix crawled across a secret tunnel. According to Syarix, it was a shortcut from the forest to the village.

“How many are left?” asked Sakari.

“Perhaps more than three dozen; we used to have a larger population here, perhaps about 500 of us. That is…until that storm came,” answered Syarix.

The two finally came out of the tunnel, arriving in the village. To Sakari, the town seemed empty as if no one was living but Syarix said, “Don’t fear. Most of us just stay inside in order to keep ourselves safe. We come out at a certain time of the day and then we stay in shelter when the storm comes. It could take hours for that storm to pass.”

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at a desolated hut. Syarix knocked on it until he heard a reply. He opened, allowing Sakari to enter and then went inside.

“What is this place?” asked Sakari.

“This is one of the places where I work at. Well, kind of. A friend of mine sells various types of clothing. She should be here somewhere…” said Syarix when he turned to see Sakari not by him.

“How?” began Syarix when he heard, “We’re in the back side!”

“Is that you? Elia?” he shouted.

“Yes! I’m busy sowing something!” she shouted.

Syarix went to the back of the workshop. There, he saw Sakari with an old being finishing up a gigantic cloak. She turned to them and said, “So. Is she the one who I’ve been expecting?”

“Expecting?” said Syarix, then he added, “Did you saw her in your dreams again?”

“Well, I had to see them,” said Elia, “I know the struggle that she’s been going through. You’re Sakari, are you not?”

“Yes, nice to meet you,” she answered.

“Well then, I want you to try this cloak that I just finished here. I saw your mother in a dream, she told me to make you this cloak here,” replied Elia.

Sakari took the cloak and looked at it. Then carefully, she wrapped it around. Suddenly, she felt stronger as if her powers were amplified.

“How?” she began.

“This cloak is powerful, enough to protect you from your greatest fear. But unfortunately, your mother sacrificed one of her weapons in order to complete the transaction. But not to worry, she still has the other half of the necklace since she can’t sacrifice it because you have the other half,” explained Elia.


Chamber of Prophecies, Temple of Ancestors

Mata Nui walked across the hallway, leading to a dark chamber. Inside were inscriptions of “The Shattering”, “Teridax’s Plan”, as well as “The Eclipse” but he sensed something else in there.

What ever it is…I need to know, he thought.

He scanned across the wall, reading for anything that might happen in the future. Suddenly, the world changed around him as he saw the dream that Skralla saw. He saw Sakari and some stranger trapped in the reflections as well as the shadows plaguing the kingdoms. But this time, (unlike what Skralla saw) he saw himself and Skralla in the same situation like Sakari, but this was different. He saw him and Skralla sacrificing the last of their power, allowing the world to stay protected. But then, he saw the time flowing back and forth as if the fabric of time was shattered.

“What did you see?” said a voice.

Mata Nui turned and saw Skralla, soaked by the rain. Then he asked, “What are you doing here? I thought you were asleep!”

“You saw my dream? Didn’t you?” she asked.

“Yes but I saw more…” he replied, “I saw ourselves in the same situation like our daughter was facing. Then I saw the world changing suddenly, as if the flow of time was shattered, causing the past and future to combine at once.”

“You don’t suppose that something bad will happen to Sakari, do you?” asked Skralla, “And what do you mean that the flow of time was tangled?”

“Whatever it was, I think it’s about to happen sometime soon,” answered Mata Nui, “If we fail to keep our kingdom safe…”

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Chapter 9: New Opportunities, Fierce Fights

Elia’s Shop, Mezai Country

“Is something wrong?” asked Elia

“Oh no,” said Sakari, “It’s nothing. I’m just tired though.”

“You and Syarix can stay here for the night; it’s too dangerous outside now. The shadows might flow by,” answered Elia, “You can sleep upstairs. The steps are by the bookcase.”

“Should I stay down here and guard?” asked Syarix.

“No, it’s best if you protect her. As long as you’re near her, her powers will protect you and this place,” replied Elia.


Flashback: 100,100 Years Ago…

Kotan Country

Garaxial woke up with a confusing start. He had no idea where he was nor who these people were.

“Where am I?” he asked, “And who are all of you?”

“This is Kotan Country,” said Kan, “Three of my people saw you arriving in this world. They took you here so you would be healed from your injuries.”

Garaxial nodded and tried to move but his body ached terribly. The last thing he remembered was the Great Beings banishing him, and flying through an endless space. He shook the memories and said, “When am I allowed to leave?”

“As soon as your injuries are healed,” answered Kan, “And is there anything else that you need?”

Garaxial tried to think of something. Finally, he said, “I want to work here, I have been known for my projects in another world. Well, at least until I was exiled.”

“This place can handle even the most deadly experiments,” said Kan, “There’s a laboratory where you can work on your projects…”

A Week Later…

Garaxial stood in the central chamber of the laboratory. The place was gigantic, filled with books, tools, and several samples. One corner of the place was some form of a pool, containing a sapient liquid.

“This is amazing,” he said, “I’ve always dreamed of having such lab to work on.”

“It’s yours,” said Kan, “This once belonged to my father’s, well…before he died, but this room was a lot smaller. That’s when we built a bigger, stronger lab so that way, there wouldn’t be any problems.”

“I’ll do anything that’ll help this world,” said Garaxial, “I’ll provide better technology within days, perhaps hours!”

“Is that alright if we work with you?” asked Sarhax, “With myself, Eajax, and Detex?”

“Of course,” answered Garaxial, “I’ve always wanted to teach students as well.”


Present Time…

Coliseum, Averax Magna

Turaga Vakama silently walked the hallways. He received a message from Belirax that Mata Nui needed the Mask of Time. The Turaga wanted to ask why but the female Skrall didn’t know the reason.

And what exactly is he going to do with it? It’s been in the hands of Voporak for some time and who knows what damage he did with it, he thought.

“Is something wrong?” asked a voice.

Vakama turned and saw Nokama walking towards him.

“Nothing,” he lied, “I was just taking a walk.”

Nokama narrowed her eyes and said, “I know there’s more. What’s wrong?”

Vakama sighed and answered, “I received a message from Belirax, that Mata Nui needs the Vahi. I don’t know why he needs it but…”

“Don’t worry. He’s just trying to keep this world safe…” said Nokama, “After all, he protected us for a long time when we were part of him, now he’s returning the favor…”

“What do you know?” asked Vakama, “I’m worried that he might damage the kanohi. Ever since Tahu used it…he almost lost its grip…”

“That’s only the past,” answered Nokama, “Here, we are in paradise, just like in the legends. As long as he knows what he’s doing, I’m sure that we’ll all be alright.”

“Vakama!” shouted a voice. It turned out to be Dume who was walking by as well.

“Yes?” asked the other turaga of fire.

“I just came in from one of the villages, there’s a terrible attack by some of Rock Steeds and Nui-Rama,” said Dume, “I’ve sent Jaller and his crew to go after them.”

“Not another of those attacks. This is just like how it was back on Mata Nui Island,” muttered Vakama, “Did anyone get killed?”

“Not that I know of…” answered Dume, “And why are you heading towards the Sacred Vault?”

“I don’t have time to explain,” said Vakama, “Go meet with our brothers, they’ll want to know the news.”

Before Dume could protest, Vakama walked away, he wished that there was a better way to explain this but he knew that Dume would argue against him.


Village of the Agori/Matoran (Western End)

Dezalk dodged another attack of the Nui-Rama. He fired a stun blast from his claw. Dalu took this chance by using her tools to increase the tiredness of the rahi. Eventually, the Nui-Rama crashed onto the ground, falling into a deep slumber.

Garan fired another blast at a Rock Steed, trying to back it away from the settlements. Kazi then used his pitch forks to back the creature further.

“Are they here yet?” shouted Garan as he tried to dodge another attack.

“I see them!” shouted Piruk, “Jaller and the others had arrived. They’re assisting Dezalk and Dalu!”

Jaller leaped on top of a Rock Steed, trying to gain control of the creature. Hahli took this chance by using her kanohi to mimic the abilities of the creature and leading several of them away.

“Is that all of them?” asked Jaller.

“It should be,” said Hahli, “But what is going on with these creatures? Even our Rahi are acting so weird…”

“Tahu told me that he and his team fought several Nui-Rama a few days ago,” answered Jaller, “They believed that it was Miserix that did something to them. Gali told me that Lewa was going to investigate him.”


Nuparu, Hewkii and Kongu managed to back off another swarm of Nui-Rama, Nui-Kopen and some Sand Bats.

“Seriously,” said Kongu, “How could these Sand Bats reach here? I thought they lived in the desert of something?”

Hewkii dodged another swipe from the bat and said, “Maybe they’re just bored?” Then he activated his kanohi, sending the flying creatures away from the village.

“I guess that we’re done for now,” said Nuparu.

“Wait! There’s another one!” shouted Hewkii. He took aim on his Cordak Blaster and fired. The bullet struck the Nui-Kopen and exploded.

“Let’s go,” said Kongu, “I don’t know where the others are at…but we’ll have to regroup.”


Elia’s Shop, Mezai Country

Sakari slept while Syarix watched her. He wanted to sleep too but he had to keep guard. From what Elia said, the shadows were coming anytime soon and would try to take away more victims.

Then he heard a soft whistle from the window. Sure enough, he recognized it as it was a sign that the shadows were coming in. He went up to the window and shut it and closed the blinds.

Sakari, I might not have powers like you do, but I sense something terrible that’s waiting. Don’t let it get you…he thought.

He turned to see Elia, holding a candle light at the doorway. Then she said, “How is she?”

“Sakari is fine, she’s sleeping beautifully,” he answered.

Nodding, Elia took a step in. She took out a sword to him and said, “I asked a friend of mine to make this for you. It’s called the Ebon Master Sword. I’ve heard that he trained you, did he not?”

“He taught me a lot of moves,” said Syarix, “And thanks. I know Sakari has powers too, but I worry about her.”

“I’ll send you guys to the next world tomorrow morning,” replied Elia, “it’s better off if you help her. Don’t worry about us; we’ll be fine for a while. As long as we do our drill, the shadows won’t take us away.”

“Thank you again,” answered Syarix, “I’ll be sure to protect her no matter what…”

And that’s because…I love her…he thought.

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Chapter 10: A World of Battles

Throne Room, Coliseum

“Well,” said Belirax, “Do you have it?”

“It’s right here,” said Vakama, handing the Vahi inside a small bag.

“Here, this is our payment,” said the female Skrall, handing the turaga several widgets, “Sorry to trouble you, but this situation is quite critical, we have to keep this world safe.”

“Be careful now,” said the turaga, “Even though Mata Nui is strong, the Vahi itself will eventually overpower him if he’s not careful.”

“Is something wrong?” asked the Skrall.

“It’s nothing, I just remember the day when I made that mask…”

“You made this mask?” she asked, puzzled.

“It’s a long story, but yes. I created this with special kanoka disks. But for now, send this to him right away,” he answered.


Averax Palace

I hope everything’s alright with the deal, thought Mata Nui, the turaga think that I’m crazy, but if we told them what he saw, they’ll never agree…

Then the door opened, revealing the Skrall carrying a bag.

“Is it in there?” asked Mata Nui.

“Yes,” said Belirax, “Is Skralla here?”

“Yeah, she’s upstairs. You want to see her?”

“Sure, seeing that I’m here. Take this and do what has to be done,” said the Skrall.

Mata Nui took the bag. Sure enough the Vahi was inside as the mask glowed dimly.


Grand Bedroom

Skralla sat on the bed, pondering the words from last night. If what Mata Nui said was true, then life in this world might come to an end shortly. But she wondered if it was because of her daughter’s absence.

Something is not right…at all,she thought.

Then she heard someone knocking at the door.

“Who is it?” she called out.

“It’s me, Belirax,” came the reply.

Skralla went up to the door and opened and said, “What brings you here?”

“Is everything alright?” asked the other Skrall, “Mata Nui seems a bit nervous about something…”

“It’s nothing” lied Skralla, “He’s probably worried about Sakari as much as I am. I’ll try to talk to her again tonight in the dreams.”

“What do you mean, it’s nothing? Skralla, we’ve been friends for years. Remember how I saved you? You can tell me anything and I swear that I won’t say a word.”

Skralla sighed, she knew that Belirax was right. Over 2,000 years ago, when the “Sisters of the Skrall” was still active, Belirax (though wasn’t granted her name) saved her from a Sand Bat’s attack and brought her to the Maze Village. There, the planned to go on a strike and demanded rights to the other Skrall. They won and were granted to live in the village of Roxtus, thus their organization ended.

“Alright,” said Skralla finally, “But you must, must, keep this quite for sure. You see, Mata Nui saw a dream…one that was almost exactly like mines, but was different.”


Mezai Country

Sakari woke up and turned to see Syarix standing.

“Morning, princess,” he said.

Sakari smiled and asked, “Did you sleep?”

“A little,” he said, “I’ve been watching.”

“Why did you have to do that?”

“Remember? The storm?”

“Oh, I must have forgotten. To me, it felt like as if I was in my kingdom,” replied Sakari.

“Elia says that we have to move on,” said Syarix, “She’ll send us to the next world, so you don’t have to use your compass.”

When they went downstairs, they saw Elia carrying a gigantic staff. She turned to them and said, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes,” said Sakari, “Thanks again for this cloak.”

“No problem,” said Elia, “Use it when you feel threatened, it’ll guide you and protect you.”

Then she raised the staff, calling forth on its dimensional powers. Then the world changed in front of Sakari and Syarix.

“I wish you the best on your journey!” replied Elia as they disappeared.


Flashback: 95,000 Years Ago

Kotan World

Garaxial, Sarhax, Eajax, and Detex passed supplies around, preparing another day’s work.

“Is the liquid ready yet?” asked Garaxial.

“In a little bit,” replied Sarhax, “Should we add the powder in yet?”

“No, just wait,” answered Garaxial, “It’s best when the liquid reaches its boiling point. That’s when the reaction will work its best.”

“Garaxial, what about the extract?” asked Eajax

“That comes last,” he answered, “The liquid must react and cool down before putting that in.”

Today, they were working on making some form of metal using some form of metal by using some metallic protodermis combined with some liquid, making a shock absorber suit. Their goal was to at least have the liquid prepared for now and then combine it with bits of the protodermis.

“How do you even make such substance? That protodermis?” asked Detex.

“Where I came from, it’s very simple, just synthesize the energized version, extract it with this pipe, and mix it with another liquid, such as sea water. To make it metallic, just add any form of metal and there you have it,” explained Garaxial, “I often used this method when I used to make weapons.”



It had been at least 2 hours, since Agarax crashed landed in Kotan World. He has been on a long journey visiting various worlds. Today, this one seemed to be a peaceful place. Some of the places he went were locked in battles, or sudden inevitable changes.

I wonder what this place is here, he thought.

As he looked around, he could tell that his place was a bit technological advance. As he arrived in a village, he could hear several citizens talking about some scientist making some specialized armor.

And I’ve never heard such name…he thought, Garaxial…what an interesting name…for a scientist. Should I even bother pay a visit?

Agarax arrived at the fortress of Kan. There was no bell or something that would signalize his presence but he found out that it wasn’t necessary. The gate opened, allowing him to enter.

Maybe I can spend some time here, he thought, I’ve been traveling a lot, so maybe I can rest for a day or two…

As he went inside, he saw the ruler talking to someone. It took a few minutes to figure out that it was Garaxial himself talking to Kan.

“Um…hello? Is this a bad time?” he asked.

Kan turned and saw Agarax standing by the door. Then he said, “No, come one in! It’s great to meet new people from another world…”

“How did you know?” asked Agarax.

“Even though you’re not from here, I can sense power that anyone uses,” said Kan, “This is Garaxial, the famous scientist in this kingdom.”

“It’s a pleasure,” said Agarax.

“Indeed,” answered Garaxial, “Sounds like you’ve been traveling a lot.”

“Oh that’s nothing,” replied Agarax, “I’ll probably just stay for a day or two, and then I’ll just move on.”

“What’s the rush?” asked Kan, “You’re more than welcome to stay here.”


Present Time…

Kenax City

Syarix woke up and checked Sakari. She was awake, but tired.

“We are in the next world…” said Syarix, “Are you okay? You seemed a bit tired?”

“I’m fine,” replied Sakari, “What is this place?”

The world around them was full of gigantic towers, filled with flying vehicles.

“Sounds like this place is quite busy,” answered Syarix, “Come on, maybe we can find someone that can allow us to stay.”

The two walked for some time when they heard a series of cries. They turned to see a crowd watching some form of fighting.

“What’s going on?” muttered Syarix.

The two turned and saw a team of fighters combating. It seemed that one team was beating the other side with ease but the defending team fired a stunning blast that caused them to be thrown across the streets. The other team retaliated with a gigantic lightning blast. Then suddenly, one of the electric strikes caused a building to collapse.

“Watch out!” shouted Syarix. He saw some of the rubble falling towards two smaller beings. He ran towards them, taking out his sword. As he dove towards them, a force field appeared, turning the falling rubble into dust. When it was over, Syarix and the two smaller beings took a breath of relief.

“You seemed to have a powerful sword, do you?” asked a voice. Syarix turned and saw one of the leaders looking at him.

Who is this being, he thought.

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Chapter 11: A New Opponent

Kenax City

“Tell me your name,” said the stranger.


“My name is Aeran,” answered the stranger, “And it appears that your sword is indeed powerful. You managed to save those two innocent children that I didn’t see.”

“Aeran!” shouted one of his teammates, “The troops are coming and we have a problem at our headquarters!”

“Oh well,” he muttered, “Well then, I guess you and I will have to fight later. See you then, meet us at the Avaron tomorrow afternoon.”

Then he turned and left, joining with his teammates and disappeared.

Syarix gasped, he forgot Sakari but there was no need to search for her. She saw her with another stranger.

“Sakari!” said Syarix, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. But what happened back there?” she asked.

“Some stranger named Aeran told me to meet him tomorrow at the Avaron,” replied Syarix.

“But he’s too powerful,” said the female being, “But come on, I’ll take you to my place.”


Averax Palace

Mata Nui silently walked up the stairs, heading towards a secret vault. Only he and Skralla know where it is and what was inside. Special artifacts were kept in there as well as some important information. Today, he was worried if the Vahi would affect these inanimate objects.

Then maybe I shouldn’t put it there, he thought, unless…

“Mata Nui!” shouted Skralla, as he ran upstairs towards him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Agarax found the current location of Sakari. You want to see?”

“Where is he now?” asked Mata Nui.

“He’s at the Coliseum with the turaga. Dume allowed him to use some device of his in order to locate her,” she explained, “Come on! You have to see this!”


Shores of Aqua Magna

“I ask, where are they?” asked Miserix.

“I haven’t seen them for a while,” said Takanuva, “After all, I only work there when the others are busy.”

“But did you hear what happened?” asked the Makuta.

“Yes, and I heard that Agarax is trying to help them. I heard rumors that he’s at the coliseum. Perhaps that’s where they’re at…maybe,” answered the toa.

“That’s perfect,” said the Makuta, “That’s all I need to know. I need to find them.”

Before the toa could protest, Miserix grew back his wings and flew towards Averax Magna.

What’s been going on with him, thought Takanuva, sure that he didn’t turn as dark as the others, but even I can’t trust him.


Throne Room, Coliseum

The seven Turaga, Mata Nui, Skralla, and Belirax waited for the last half hour. Agarax was trying to extract the powers from his travel staff, manipulate it with a small sample of protodermis to create a projection. It was a risky one because the extract from the Travel Staff had a dangerous reactant with water or liquid protodermis.

“Anything yet?” asked Belirax.

“I think I got something,” replied Agarax, “But the signal is very statically since they’re in another world. Perhaps you, Skralla, could try to go into the Dream World and see if Sakari is available.”


“So is this your home?” asked Sakari.

“Yes, my name is Arikai,” said the female stranger, “I believe that you were sent by a friend of mine, Elia, right?”

“You know her?” asked Syarix.

“Yes. Even though we live in different worlds, I talk to her now and then,” explained Arikai.

“Is there anyone else that lives her?” asked Sakari.

“Yes, my son and my niece live here also. My niece lost her mother when she was younger, died from a plague or something,” replied Arikai, “Which by the way, they should be home soon…”

“Mother! We’re back!” shouted Serax, “Sorry if we’re a tad late!”

“Aunty? Who are those people? I’ve never seen such clothing?” asked Sahra.

“These people are the ones who Elia told me about,” replied Arikai, “They’re on a journey right now, but we’ll have them stay for some time.”

That man who I spoken too seemed awfully familiar but how..., thought Syarix.

“Is something wrong?” asked Arikai, “You seemed troubled…”

“It’s a long story,” answered Syarix, “I’ll explain when once we finish settling here.”


Flashback: 85,500 Years Ago…

Kotan World

“Is it done yet?” asked Garaxial.

“No, not yet,” replied Agarax, “We need to make sure that the seat is stabled in order to not cause any problems here.”

Agarax, though a traveler, was convinced to stay for a while. Though he wasn’t much of a scientist himself, he was willing to try something new after traveling for hundreds of years, but he kept this Travel Staff at the ready in case of a situation.

Garaxial placed a few metallic bars together, and then used a heated torch to fuse them. This wasn’t an easy task, since he wanted to create some form of time traveling device. His project was to build a “Time Chair” for unknown reasons. But the truth was, that he wanted to get back to Spherus Magna (but little does he know about “The Shattering”), and to ask forgiveness to the Great Beings, hoping that he could resume his works. He remembered well when one of the Great Beings desired power and touched the Ignika. In fact he was one of the beings who were forced to lock him away.

“Now?” he asked.

“Yes,” answered Agarax, “Sarhax and the others have prepared the pedestal so we can insert the seat on top…”


After a few hours of hard labor, the project was completed. Garaxial was willing to try out the “Time Chair”, though Sarhax and the others wanted to go first.

“This was my idea. Don’t worry, with this, I’ll be able to go back and forth, so you guys will get a turn,” he said.

With that said, he took a seat and threw the switch. Bolts of electricity and light swirled around the chair. At first it seemed to work when suddenly, an electrical bolt struck him. Garaxial was thrown from the seat and landed on the floor. Then he felt agony in his body as if something was tearing apart from him.

“What is that?” asked Sarhax, pointing at some steam that was leaving Garaxial’s body.

Little did they know that it was Garaxial’s Soul of Light, all of the goodness in him was vanishing. It was trying to fight back at the Soul of Shadow, but the darkness struck back, forcing the Light Soul to flee. Suddenly, Agarax’s Staff inevitably glowed, creating a portal for the soul to escape. With only half of the soul remaining, Garaxial would never be the same, unless if the Soul of Light were to return to his body of shadows…

Garaxial woke up and asked, “What happened? Why do I feel as if I’m about to die here?”

Sarhax came up to him and said, “Whatever it was, we’ll send Agarax to go find it. Better yet, we’d better ask Kan, he might know.”


“This is no good,” said Kan after he removed his hand from Garaxial’s head, “His Soul has divided in half, leaving him nothing but the shadow inside. His light had vanished, but it’s not completely gone. The last of it inside of him will disappear once he fully loses his light.”

“Is there something we can do?” asked Sarhax.

“I’m afraid not. Even if Agarax recovers that Soul, Garaxial will never be the same if he were to obtain it once more…”

But before he could finish, Garaxial’s body began to change, slowly, but surely, it seemed as if he was melting, but he wasn’t. His body was turning into the darkness itself, the form that he currently still has.

“We have to get out of here!” snapped Kan, “Once this transformation is complete, he’ll try to kill us all!”

“There’s no need to…” hissed the newly changed Garaxial. His newly formed body soared up towards the ceiling. He looked down and said, “With this power, this world shall be mine!”

Shadow Bolts flew from him, striking Sarhax. Sure enough, her body began to somewhat change into a similar state. Kan barely missed that as he tried to send his fellows to warn the villages…


Kenax City

“Is everything alright?” asked Sakari, “You seemed nervous.”

“I was told by that one stranger to meet him at some place called the Avaron. I might have to fight him or something.”

“Was it Aeran?” asked Arikai, “He’s a well know fighter indeed, but I don’t know what he wants from you. He never challenges a stranger if he were to even battle.”

“But seriously, I don't understand how there's fighting everyday,” said Sakari.

“Here in Kenax, there’s dozens of matches that go on everyday. Some take place in stadiums while other takes place in streets. It’s usually illegal to fight in the streets, but if you have a special license, then you’re somewhat allowed, but have strict restrictions as well,” explained Arikai, “I think it’s getting late. You guys might want to get some sleep; I’ll leave you two alone. I have to check Serax and Sahra if they’re sleeping yet.”

Syarix turned to see Sakari sleeping. He wanted to confess his love to her but realized that he was tired as well.

I’ll tell her…he thought, and hopefully she’ll feel the same way…

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Chapter 12: The Afternoon Meeting

Sakari’s Third Dream

Sakari woke up and realized that she had return to the world of dreams. She saw her mother like always but this time, she saw several other strangers.

“Welcome back, daughter,” said Skralla, “The people behind me are the ones who live in our kingdom.”

“Is father here?” asked Sakari, “I would like to see him.”

Skralla moved out of the way as Mata Nui slowly walked towards Sakari.

“It is good to see you,” he said, “Your mother and I have prayed for your travels. Where are you now?”

“I’m in a place called Kenax City, there’s been nothing but a lot of fights. My new friend, Syarix got caught in between, but he’s alright. I’m sure he’ll be okay when this is all over.”

Skralla realized that she met this “Syarix”, as she recalled the dream. She tried her best to show no sign of fear but simply smiled and replied, “Stay with your friend. Hopefully you’ll make more friends along the way…”

“I promise, mother,” said Sakari, “And who are the others?”

“These are my friends too,” replied Skralla, “Belirax, Vakama, and Dume.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Belirax.

“It’s an honor to meet you, princess,” said Vakama.

Sakari smiled and asked, “What’s going on in the kingdom, mother?”

“Nothing much, just trying to keep the world in peace, we’re preparing your return so we can celebrate together. We sent a fellowship of ours to find you, but I don’t know if the Great Beings will send them. If not, then I’ll talk to your new friends in your current location,” said Skralla.


Kenax City

“Is that everything?” asked Arikai, “I hope you won’t get badly injured.”

“I’ll be fine,” said Syarix, “Just make sure that Sakari is safe.”

“I’m going with you,” said Sakari. She tried her best to keep herself awake after her recent dream, but Syarix said, “Don’t worry. I won’t be gone for long.”

“But still…” replied Sakari, “I don’t want to lose you…more yet, I do have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” asked Syarix.

“Well, I can’t say it out loud…but Syarix…I…I…” she began.

Suddenly, a loud bell rang from the towers in the city.

“Hurry,” said Arikai, “That’s the warning bell that’s used in the Avaron. You must go.”

Syarix turned and ran. Arikai tried to protest Sakari from going but the princess ran, keeping her distance from Syarix.

I might not be as strong as you, Syarix, she thought, but I sense something bad that’s about to happen…that’s why I want to be with you.

Flashback: 85,500 Years Ago…

Kotan World

Kan turned to one of his servants and said, “Go warn the villages! Send them away from this place as far away as you can!”

“That’s impossible,” said Garaxial, “As I become the shadows, I control this kingdom’s fate. They will be unable to escape. As for you, your life is no longer needed.”

The Shadow Entities lashed out, trying to kill Kan, but the ruler barely dodged in time.

“Your talents are proved useful,” hissed Garaxial, “But…your life is nothing…”

Once more, the shadow beings attacked, this time knocking Kan down. A massive swirl of shadows surrounded the king.

“I would kill you…but since I don’t know how to use my newfound powers…I’ll just have to exile you,” said Garaxial.

He raised his hand, allowing the shadow entities to banish him. Kan tried to use the last of his power but he could feel his body disappearing. He screamed in rage as the shadows began to spread outside of the fortress…


Kotan World, once a world of light has fallen into a sealed, perhaps permanent darkness…

The Shadow Entities continued to spread, transforming all of the villagers into shadow slaves. Their minds have brainwashed, thus all of their memories of the past were wiped away. They all had only one thing in their minds; to work and serve the darkness.

But if anyone could hear what Kan said, one phrase could mean possible salvation in the future…

They all know the true meaning of love, tragedy, and change …you keep it within your heart…not in your sword…and even if you change them, they will survive…


“Now then,” began Garaxial, “Shall we continue our works?”

The shadows nodded and dragged Sarhax, Eajax, and Detex to him.

“You three are needed. The works in this country must continue. Each of you must gather knowledge from other worlds. If any of you run into Agarax, take him to me…for he’s the one who escaped,” ordered Garaxial.


Dimensional Space

Agarax flew across the void, heading towards the next world. He barely escaped a series of shadows that were attacking him. The last thing he saw was several villagers transforming into a twisted, darker version of themselves.

I cannot allow this to affect me…I have to find those “prophesized beings”. Maybe they can help me restore this world and help mines…

For a moment, he wanted to return to his world and see what happened, but he feared that he could run into greater problems. After making a decision, he decided to go to a new world, hoping that it would bring him some time to think and to make a choice…


Present Time…

“The Avaron”

Syarix walked across the hallways. He was accompanied by three of the fighters that he saw yesterday. Some of them seemed as if they wanted to fight him while the others were concerned on what Aeran wanted to do.

“He’s waiting at the other side of this bridge,” said one of the fighters, “Take a left and go straight across. Whatever he plans to do, just listen to him, but be careful.”

Nodding, Syarix took out his sword, and walked cautiously. From his practice, he learned that charging might spring a trap.

Whatever it is…I cannot let Sakari suffer. She worries about me a lot…and so do I…

But before he could finish, he heard someone running. He was turned and readied his sword, but realized that it was Sakari, wearing her new cloak.

“I’m going with you,” she said, “I might not be as strong, but my powers will help us.”

At first Syarix wanted to yell at her, but smiled and said, “Alright. But stay close with me. I don’t want you to get hurt.”


At the other side of the bridge, Aeran and two of his teammates waited. They expected Syarix to come but none of them knew that he was with another companion.

“Shall we?” asked one of the fighters, “And what about the girl?”

“Very well, it’s time to welcome them. And I see that he brought a friend over too…” muttered Aeran, “This will be interesting indeed…”

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Chapter 13: Answers to Questions…

Kotan World (The Sealed Darkness Dimension)

“So he’s about to face a battle?” asked Sarhax.

“Yes. If he fails, then we can strike and get the princess. We’ll be able to place the Imprint of Chaos on there. If he succeeds, however, then getting them won’t be as easy,” replied Garaxial.

“What about Sakari’s parents. Now they’re able to talk to Sakari whenever she and her mother sleep. Should we just trap them?” asked Sarhax.

“No…I’ve got a better idea…when they were looking for that precious necklace of theirs, they encountered a dangerous Toa who killed one of their kind. Little did we know that it was one of my creations, a clone that died…I didn’t know where the real one was at either. But if we can convince that one toa…maybe we can use her as a pawn to attack them. But there’s a problem for that as well, this Toa will do anything to rebel against anyone, even us, perhaps, if we’re not convincing…” he explained.

“Well then, if this Toa agrees, will we gain an alliance?” she asked.

“Most likely, after all, she has something that we have in common; hatred…” he answered, “With that, she’ll be able to kill the mother, and that father as well.”


The Avaron

Syarix and Sakari silently drew closer towards the other side of the bridge. Syarix kept his sword out while Sakari held his free hand tightly.

Out of the shadows came Aeran and two of his men. Syarix took a harder grip on his sword but Aeran said, “You won’t need that for now.”

“I would, but I’ll still take grip and keep ourselves safe,” replied Syarix.

Aeran chuckled and said, “Such courage you have there, protecting yourself and the princess of course. Now put away that sword.”

Sakari could sense something dark about this man, she whispered to Syarix, “Don’t listen.”

No sooner when she said that, she was repelled across the bridge. Before she hit the wall, her cloak teleported her, reappearing right by Syarix as if nothing happened.

Amazing, she thought, this cloak seems to know my problems as if…

“Listen, we don’t want to fight here,” said Aeran, “This area of The Avaron was one of the first places to be built.”

“If you’re so famous, then why are you acting as if you’re a threat?” snapped Sakari.

“I’m not,” replied Aeran, “I can get frustrated easily. And when that happens…”

He raised his hand towards them. Then the cloak and the sword flew away from them, falling into the hands of the two other men.

“Go take these in a safe place,” said Aeran, “Where it cannot be reached…”

Then he turned to them and said, “Come with me. You’ll understand about why I wanted you here as we walk.”


Averax Palace

“Is this even a good idea?” asked Skralla.

She and Mata Nui looked at the Vahi. Sure they knew that it was powerful indeed but if it gets misused, the outcome would be unpredictable.

“This mask and my Ignika are the ones what keep this universe and its entire people, alive. Destroy either of these and then the universe would go through a dangerous situation, one that might never be repaired,” said Mata Nui.

“But what exactly do you want to do with it?” she asked.

“I…I don’t know,” he said, “But I’m going back to that temple tonight and see if there’s something about these masks. Maybe there might be another event that’s coming…one that we don’t expect.”

“You don’t suppose that the dream that Gaaki saw…” she began.

“If it is, then I don’t think we have any other choice. We can’t let that man get his wish…” he replied.


Flashback: 75,000 Years Ago

Unknown World

“Where is he?” snapped Sarhax as she tried to choke him.

“I…have no clue who you’re talking about…” said the stranger.

“I know you had something with him…with Agarax,” hissed Sarhax.

“I seriously don’t know who you’re talking about!”

“Then pay that with your life,” she snarled, “Tell me where Agarax is at! Perhaps I’ll let you live to see another day…”

“He…He…left. He escaped to another dimension, I don’t know where but I saw him disappearing,” answered the stranger.

Sarhax threw the informant and turned to Detex and Eajax and said, “He’s gone, as what this man says. Let’s go and head to the next world.”

The three closed their eyes and concentrated their power to cross dimensions. After they were converted to the shadows, they somehow contained power to travel worlds.


Kotan World: “The Sealed Darkness Dimension”

Garaxial scribbled the writings in another book. For the last several thousands of years, he sent his servants to gather information about other worlds. So far, he found at least 50 different places, including Bara Magna, Mata Nui’s Matoran Universe, as well as the Red Star.

Tonight, he was writing some secret information about some futuristic event that would change Bara Magna forever. Though he didn’t knew exactly what it was, he knew that he could use some of the inhabitants there to make them his slaves.

I could make them slaves…but that might draw attention to their kind…maybe I’ll make clones of them, that should do just fine…they won’t tell the difference…

It would take a while for him on how to make a clone but he knew that it was the only way on how to possibly conquer Bara Magna some day, once he gains enough knowledge and power.

Better yet, from what Sarhax said, they’re not immune to plagues; perhaps I’ll send them a gift, one that would destroy their lives unless they turn to me as their master…


Present Time:

The Avaron

Sakari, Syarix, led by Aeran walked across several hallways and stairs, staying silent.

“Well?” asked Aeran, “Do you want something to eat? There’s a café not far from here.”

Sakari turned to Syarix who nodded and then said, “Yes. That’s fine, but we would like some answers here. What happened yesterday?”

“There was this bully; the other team leader who I was fighting with. He was harassing those two children who you saved. I tried to tell him to leave them alone, but he wouldn’t listen. This bully likes to fight those who have no powers to fight or those who are too cheap. Thankfully, he’s afraid of me so he has some weakness himself,” explained Aeran, “I tried to use my powers to knock him down, but he deflected them and sent them towards a building that nearly killed the innocent ones, that is until you saved them…”

“Was he an enemy of yours as well?” asked Sakari.

“Yes,” replied Aeran, “In fact he used to bully me all the time, that is, until I grew old enough to fight. I took a test and got a fighting license so I could be able to fight in the streets. That’s why I can get stressful easily, because I don’t want anymore lives killed. Eventually he stopped harassing me when I managed to trap him, though he eventually escaped.”

“Did he kill anyone?” asked Syarix.

“No…but even as the police tried to stop him, he overwhelmed them. That’s why I wanted you here, Syarix; to help me defeat him. And you Sakari, you seemed to have some powers as well. We should try to work together to stop him…” said Aeran, “I’ll send my men to give you back your weapons. You’ll definitely need them when we face that man…because he’s also powerful…and dangerous…”

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Review Story

Chapter 14: The Battle of Kenax City

Sehrox, the enemy of Aeran was busy at the moment.

He was gathered the last of his surviving men and said, “Go find Aeran, and take him to me. If you find those new comers, slay them, for they are only intruders from the outside world.”

As soon as his men left, he sat down and thought to himself.

Aeran grew stronger and stronger every time I see him. At first, I though he was just another weakling, but now…he’s about to overthrow me and I won’t let that happen…sure that his power is that of mines, but I’ll make sure that he’s defeated before he even takes another breath.


“Is this everyone?” asked Syarix.

Aeran looked at his teammates and said, “This should be most of them. Some of my members were killed during the fight. Perhaps with you and Sakari could make an edge of this battle and might help me defeat Sehrox and his men.

“What should we do?” asked Sakari.

“My men and I will go first,” replied Aeran, “When we start to fall, I’ll summon you guys for our aid.”

Two of Aeran’s men returned the Cloak and the Ebon Sword to Sakari and Syarix.

“When will he strike?” asked Syarix.

“Sehrox likes to fight at night, usually, and that’s illegal most of the time. But since I’m here to stop him, the time of the day doesn’t matter,” answered Aeran.


Chamber of Prophecies, Temple of the Ancestors

Mata Nui walked silently through the dark halls of the temple, carrying the Vahi with him this time. He knew that there was something down there that he had to find.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get our daughter back, he thought.

He arrived in the chamber once more, but this time he saw something on the walls. He took a closer look at it. He read it again and again and still was confused on this discovery…

Time flows in one path…but according to this, it says that it can flow in all directions! How could the past and future combine together?

Then he realized the answer, it was something that would change Averax Magna forever…and if he and Skralla were to do this mission, it could result an endless cycle from the past up to when?

Whatever it is…I think something bad is about to happen…and it’s coming very soon…he thought.

He turned and left, heading towards the palace. He had to warn Skralla about this.

“Skralla’s 2nd Future Seeing”

Skralla saw the Shadow Entities, sent by Garaxial to invade the kingdoms. Then she saw herself talking to Sakari about something (though she couldn’t tell what she was saying) and later she saw Mata Nui and herself, sacrificing the last of their power, to allow the Vahi halting the time in the dimension. Then the time began to wound back slowly as the planet of Spherus Magna disappeared from the current time. She also saw a being exposing inside a pool of energized protodermis, gaining the power to cross dimensions.

Who is that being, she thought, I don’t recall anyone that stranger before…

Then the image changed around her as she saw Sakari and Syarix trapped in the reflections again. Could this be the answer to undo this time shattering? Was all of this going through a cycle? Does this mean that Spherus Magna would go back to the beginning of time?

I must tell Mata Nui…she thought, but what if he saw the exact same dream?

Mata Nui arrived in the Grand Bedroom. He saw Skralla shaking her head as if she was in another dream.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.

“I saw it…our kingdom is in grave danger…” said Skralla, “That man will try to attack us very soon. We must act!”

“But how? We can’t evacuate everyone in time…” replied Mata Nui.

“That’s why I’m picking a small team to leave here. Maybe with luck, they’ll be able to solve this problem…” answered Skralla.


Fortress of the GBs

Ackar, Tahu and the others waited impatiently. For the last few hours, they were waiting for the Great Beings to activate a portal.

“Is something wrong?” asked one of the Great Beings.

“Yes. We have to cancel this,” said the other GB, “Go tell the Toa and Glatorian to return to their village.”

After learning about what happened, Tahu asked, “Shouldn’t we just find Brutaka?”

“No,” said the Great Being, “It’s best if you stay in this world. Go tell Mata Nui and Skralla about this, perhaps they’ll make an arrangement for you guys to travel.”

Tahu wanted to argue but he knew better to keep his mouth quite in front of these Great Beings. He didn’t want to know what would happen if he were to object.

“Let’s go,” he said to the others, “We have to hurry.”


Kenax City

Aeran dodged another attack from Sehrox’s Sword. Aeran blocked the blow with his Sword of Light. He activated a light blast and sent his enemy across the streets. Sehrox crashed into the wall, but it didn’t stun him.

Syarix knocked down a few of Sehrox’s men with his Ebon Master Sword. As for Sakari, she used her necklace to fire various blasts, knocking some more enemies down. Luckily, the cloak was able to amplify her powers. Then one of Sehrox’s men snuck behind her, but Syarix saw the attack from the corner of his eye. He turned and struck a fatal blow at the attacker. He held Sakari’s hand and said, “Hold my hand. Perhaps our combined powers will make us stronger.”

Sehrox struck again with his Black Shadow Cutlass but Aeran used his sword once more to increase the brightness, blinding Sehrox.

“I see you have improved…” said Sehrox, “But even as you get stronger, I also gain strength as well.”

Sehrox took this chance to attack Aeran, knocking him down.

“Aeran!” shouted Syarix, but some of Sehrox’s men surrounded him and Sakari.

“Syarix, what should we do?” asked Sakari, nervously.

“Close your eyes, I’m about to unleash my strongest power,” said Syarix.

As soon a Sakari covered her eyes, Syarix shouted, “Lord of Lightning, come to my aid!”

The Ebon Sword grew bright, blinding Sehrox’s men. Then bolts of electricity exploded all over, striking the men dead on. When it was clear, Sakari opened her eyes and said, “There’s Aeran. Is he alright?”

Sehrox placed his foot on top of Aeran’s head. He was about to crush him when Syarix appeared in front of him.

“So…you’re the newcomer,” muttered Sehrox.

“Yes…and your reign is about to end,” said Syarix.

Sehrox laughed darkly and replied, “Just how are you going to defeat me? Not even Aeran can stop me…”

Syarix ignored him and called upon his lightning attack again. Once more, the electric bolts struck Sehrox, stunning him.

“That attack was quite powerful…” said Sehrox, “But watch what I can do…”

He waved his hand in the air, suddenly his men were killing Aeran’s troops with ease. At first, Sehrox thought that this battle would be his victory, but suddenly, he saw a bright light coming from somewhere. Syarix turned to see Sakari activating the necklace and the cloak. Waves of light radiation overwhelmed Sehrox. Then his body began to melt, and exploded. In a split second, Sehrox was gone, not even a single skin cell was present to show his death. Then, Sehrox’s men disappeared as well, as Kenax City finally returned to its peaceful age.

Aeran slowly got up and looked around. Then he asked, “What happened?”

“They’re no more. The city is free,” said Syarix, “All thanks to Sakari…”

“I don’t know how I did that…I didn’t learn enough of my powers to defeat such enemies,” replied Sakari.

“That doesn’t matter,” said Aeran, “All it matters is that Kenax City is free from Sehrox. Now at last, we can celebrate our newly golden age.”

Next Morning…

“I thank you again,” said Aeran, “For saving our city.”

“Oh that was nothing,” said Syarix.

“But without your help, we would’ve never had our peace back,” said Arikai.

Sakari took out the compass. Sure enough, it was glowing; a sign that a favor was fulfilled.

“I guess it’s time for us to leave,” replied Sakari.

“Thank you again,” said Aeran, “We’ll pray for your travels.”

“Be safe,” replied Arikai.

Sakari and Syarix disappeared into the void as they once again travel between dimensions, heading to the next world.

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Review Story

Chapter 15: Choosing a Destiny

Flashback: 2,300 Years Ago

Stronius, Branar, and a few other Skrall walked across the sands of the Wastelands. They were sent by Tuma to form and alliance with the Bone Hunters. With their aid, they’ll be able to forge a trading pact.

“Those disgusting, barbaric thieves,” muttered Branar, “Why did Tuma want them?”

“You know why,” said Stronius, “We have no alliances with the other tribes, not even our sisters, so this is the only choice.”

“Hey, didn’t I just saw a flash of light?” asked another Skrall.

“It’s probably just you,” snarled another Skrall.

“Quiet!” snapped Stronius, “We are not far from a Vorox’s nest, if they hear us…”

At first they heard the wind blowing on the sands. Suddenly, a portal opened. Stronius could feel his leg tangled. He tried to bend down but his body felt paralyzed.

“Stronius!” shouted Branar, “Hang on!”

“No…don’t!” shouted the elite Skrall, “Or else you’ll get pulled in! Stay together and keep your weapons at the ready! Do not hesitate and fight like you mean it!”

Then Stronius disappeared into the portal. The dimensional gate closed, leaving the other Skrall helpless.

“What happened to him?” asked one of the other Skrall.

“This is bad…” muttered Branar, “We can’t tell Tuma or else he’ll feed us to the Spitik! Let’s take another way home so we can think of some excuse…even if he would allow such story.”


Kotan World: The Sealed Darkness Dimension

Stronius could feel his body dragged by some unknown force. It looked like as if the shadows were pulling him to someone. Sure enough, a dark, twisted being sat on a throne and looked at the Skrall.

“Perfect…” muttered Garaxial, “This will do.”

“Who are you?” asked Stronius, narrowing his eyes.

“I am Garaxial,” said the stranger, “You are a test subject that I need to perform.”

“I am a Skrall! I shall not be part of some rocket science of yours!” snapped Stronius.

“Of course, you’re not just a Skrall, you’re Stronius…” replied Garaxial. He turned to Sarhax, Detex and Eajax and said, “Take him to the pool and make sure his body has been cloned. When that clone is ready, send him back to his land.”

Then he turned to Agarax and said, “When this is done, imprison the original one inside a stasis. If he attempts to escape, kill him.”

Stronius tried to struggle his way but the servants took him to a pool of some liquid. They used their shadow powers to throw him inside. Garaxial took out a vial and dumped a small drop into the pool. Suddenly, the waters churn and swirled around Stronius. The Skrall screamed in agony as if his body was torn apart, then back together and being ripped again. When it was finished, a clone Stronius stood next to him. The eyes were dark as there was no spirit inside. Garaxial took out another vial, and poured it on the clone’s head.

“This vial shall start a plague, and it will sicken his kind and other innocent beings,” said Garaxial.

Stronius tried to figure out what this stranger was doing to his other self, but before he could protest, the shadows once more dragged him away. Agarax prepared the stasis tube and shoved the Skrall inside. Activating the stasis, Stronius’ eyes began to close, falling into a slumber. Then something inside of him made him feel sick.

I knew it, if only I should’ve watch my back, I would’ve never lost my body, but I’ll have to do something. This clone cannot affect the others…because of his dream, it must be stopped.

Agarax took out a vial that he created. Making sure that the others weren’t watching, he poured it on top of the clone.

Hopefully this will undo the plague, if not then it’s too late…he thought.

“Is he ready yet?” asked Garaxial.

“Yes,” said Agarax, “The other one is imprisoned.”

“Good,” he replied, “Cause now is the time to send him home.”


Present Time:

Tasarta Country

Sakari and Syarix opened their eyes and looked around. They were in a vast field of tall grasses and flowers. Nearby was a river that had a bridge to go across.

“What is this place?” asked Sakari.

“Not sure, but it looks peaceful,” answered Syarix.

“Maybe that bridge could take us to a possible village,” replied Sakari, “Let’s go!”

The two got up and ran across the bridge. Sure enough, they saw a small settlement ahead.

“I wonder who lives here,” said Sakari, “It seems awfully quiet.”

As the two got closer to the village, they heard voices. Then they heard a loud screech.

“What was that?” asked Syarix, sword at the ready.

“Not sure,” answered Sakari, putting on her cloak, “But I didn’t like the sound of that.”

“Stay close with me,” replied Syarix, “I don’t want any of us to get hurt.”


Avearx Palace

“Are you crazy?” asked Beliarx, “Why would you want to do that?”

“Because…I saw it,” said Skralla, “I have to do this. Mata Nui and I have agreed to sacrifice our powers to protect this kingdom as well as this planet.”

“So…you want me to go with Agarax? To find Sakari?” replied Belirax.

“Yes. In case if anything happens, you’ll be able to take care of them for some time,” answered Skralla, “Look. We’ve been good friends for the last 2,000 years. We helped each other solve our problems, you helped me save Bara Magna from Skrall’s domination plans, helped me sending the Rock Tribe to safety during the plague and brining everyone together after “The Fusion.” Now, I’ll help you in return to keep this world safe.”

“But Skralla, if you do this…” said Belirax.

“I swear,” she replied, “Mata Nui and I will find a way to prevent the darkness from coming. I swear in all of my abilities. Now go and find Agarax and meet Brutaka. He’ll send you guys to the location of Sakari.”


“Are you still willing to do this?” asked Mata Nui.

“I suppose so,” answered Agarax, “But don’t you think this is crazy. If something goes wrong in this universe…”

“I’d rather die saving my world than surrendering to that man’s dream,” said Mata Nui, “Now let’s go and find Skralla and Belirax. Hopefully Brutaka is ready to send you guys out of here. With luck, you might find Sakari in no time. When you do, keep her safe and tell her what she has to do.”

Then the two saw Skralla and Belirax approaching to them. Mata Nui asked, “Does she understand our plan?”

“Yes,” said Skralla, “I’ve sent a message to Brutaka. He’ll be here soon to send them away.”

“I’ll do anything to keep your daughter safe,” said Belirax, “But I hope this kingdom will be alright when this is all over.”

“Don’t worry,” said Mata Nui, “When the time comes, Sakari will be able to return to this world and with luck, she’ll save us all.”

Tasarta Country

Sakari and Syarix arrived at a desolated hut. It seemed awfully familiar to the one Syarix had in Mezai Country, but the design was different. Then the door opened and a small voice said, “If you are the ones…come in…”

“Is anyone home?” asked Sakari as she took a step inside.

“Ah…so it is you,” said the stranger.

“Do you know us?” asked Syarix, sword at the ready. For some reason, he couldn’t see anyone.

“I do…in fact, a received a message from a friend of mine about your arrival,” replied the stranger.

Before they could react, the door slammed shut and the lights turned on. A shadowy figure stood, its back turned to them. Then the figure turned and took of its hood. Its head was as bright as the stars. Wisps of light energy steamed from its hands.

“Who are you exactly?” asked Syarix.

“You can call me, Garaxial,” came the reply.

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Review Story

Chapter 16: The Secret Memories…

The Light Garaxial looked at Syarix and Sakari. The princess was quite shocked, who took a step back, heading towards the door.

“You…you are that man!” said Sakari, “The one that is after my parents!”

“Why would that be?” asked the Light Garaxial, “I am merely a spirit, but hosts a weak body.”

“Then why are you like this?” asked Sakari.

“I was never like this…” he replied, “I was once part of a body, the body of the True Garaxial. Then one day, a terrible accident resulted his light, which I am composed of, to disappear. I traveled in various worlds, trying to hide from his shadows. I eventually came here in order to keep myself safe…”

“So if he finds you?” asked Syarix, “Would he?”

“Yes, he would kill me,” said the light being, “He will do anything to prevent me from merging into his body once more.”

Syarix turned and saw Sakari falling. He ran up to her and realized that she was summoned into the dreams…

Please wake up, he thought, there’s no time to sleep at this moment…


Sakari’s Final Dream…

Sakari woke up and realized that she was alone. She turned to find her mother but saw nothing. She wondered if this dream was real, but then a portal opened.

Skralla stepped into the Dream once more and saw her daughter. She tried her best to hide her worries and walked up to her.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” asked Sakari.

“It’s nothing,” said Skralla, “I’m happy to have you as my daughter…I hope you’ve been well.”

“Seriously, what’s going on?” asked the princess, “I want to know.”

Skralla sighed and said, “If you want to know, then hand me the other half of the necklace. In trade, I shall give you my memories.”

“What?” snapped Sakari, “Your…memories?”

“Yes. You’ll need them when the time comes. For the future of Averax Magna, is in your hands,” answered Skralla.

Sakari took off the necklace and handed it to her mother. Then Skralla placed her hand on her forehead and placed it on her daughter’s forehead. Suddenly, Sakari could see all sorts of events happening.

“Was this?” she began.

“Yes. What you see is my past, Sakari,” said Skralla, “Of all the things I went through. You’ll need them in if anything goes wrong…”

“But mother,” said Sakari, “If you give this to me…then won’t you forget?”

“No I won’t,” answered Skralla, “These are a copy of my memories of the exact events. I have my own in my heart in case if I were to forget something.

“Now the time has come,” said the queen, “You and Syarix must be prepared for your destinies. If you miss this, then the consequences are unknown.”

“Mother, what do you mean?” asked Sakari as the world changed around her.

“Just believe in yourself! I’m sure you’ll be alright if you do!” shouted Skralla as Sakari disappeared…


Averax Palace

Skralla woke up and saw Mata Nui carrying the Vahi. She got up and asked, “Did they leave?”

“Not yet,” said Mata Nui, “Brutaka is not far. He’ll be here shortly.”

“They have to hurry, time is running out,” muttered Skralla, “But let’s go and see them before they leave.”

The two ran down the stairs and saw Belirax and Agarax in the central chamber. The two seemed quite nervous about something.

“Is something wrong?” asked Skralla.

“It’s nothing,” answered Belirax, “And are you sure that this is the right thing to do?”

“I’m sure,” replied Skralla, “In case if anything goes wrong. You’ll be able to lead Sakari in the right direction.”

Brutaka got inside and saw the four talking. Then he asked, “Are you guys ready?”

“It’s only these two,” said Skralla, gesturing Agarax and Belirax and continued, “They’re ready for their travels.”

Brutaka nodded and activated the mask. Although the Olmak was repaired, it took a few tries to get the portal to open completely. Then Belirax and Agarax stepped into the portal, preparing their greatest journey of their lives.

“Now all that we need…” muttered Mata Nui.

“Is to get ourselves ready for the storm,” finished Skralla.

Kotan World: The Sealed Darkness Dimension

“Is it ready yet?” asked Garaxial.

“Yes. Once the shadows have enough power, we can set the invasion to Averax Magna,” replied Sahrax, “And what about the princess and her boyfriend?”

“We’ll deal with them…once her family is dead,” answered Garaxial. Then he turned and muttered to himself, “When the time comes, I will be able to at last…unleash my powers and take over worlds in one grasp…”

“Master,” said Detex, “I recently found Sakari’s location.”

“Where are they?” he asked darkly.

“In a dimension where your spirit is at,” answered Detex.

Garaxial’s eyes widened, then narrowed. Finally he said, “So…they’re meeting with my light…how intruding…they must be thinking that it’s impossible…”

“What should we do?” asked Detex, waiting for his reply.

“See to that my light self will travel with them. Perhaps we can set a trap in order to kill them…along with my light,” he replied, “For now…we got an invasion to prepare for.”


Tasarta Country

Sakari woke up with a gasp. She could feel her mother’s memories but the necklace was gone. She turned to see Syarix along with the Light Garaxial.

“What happened to me?” asked Sakari.

“You must have fell asleep,” replied Syarix, “What did you see this time?”

“I…I…saw my mother…” said Sakari, “She gave me her memories in trade for the other half of the necklace. She says not to worry as long as I have the cloak and if I believe in myself. She sounded worried but I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say.”

“I’m sure everything will be arlight,” said the Light Garaxial, “As long as your family knows what they’re doing, I’m sure you’ll be able to return home, some day.”

Before anyone could say anything, a portal opened. Syarix jumped up and took out his sword. He had no idea who was coming out…but he wouldn’t take a chance. Finally, two being fell out of the portal, one was a Skrall while the other, a being that the Light Garaxial recognized.

“A...Agarax?” asked the Light Garaxial, “You’re alive?”

“Who are you?” asked Agarax, then his eyes widened. Then he shouted, “You’re…the spirit that I’ve been seeking! What are you doing here?”

“Now’s not the time to ask,” said the Light Garaxial, “And who is that female being?”

Belirax woke up and saw Sakari. She got up and came up to her, saying, “Princess. Are you alright?”

“Belirax?” said Sakari, trying to recognize the stranger, “Right?”

“Yes, I’m a friend of your mothers,” replied the female Skrall, “Your mother sent me here, though I’m not sure why…”

But before she could finish, they all felt a shift. It felt like as if an earthquake struck them, but it also felt like as if something was torn apart.

“What’s going on?” asked Syarix.

“That time flow…that protected all of the worlds…” said the Light Garaxial, “It’s changing! Someone has changed the flow of time!”

But before anyone could ask, the world around them grew incredibly bright…something in the universes has changed…but is it for the better…or for the worse?

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Review Story

Chapter 17: The Choice of Destiny

Kotan World: The Sealed Darkness Dimension

Garaxial looked at his newly reformed Shadow Entities. After upgrading them for so long, the time has at last come. The Invasion of Averax Magna was about to begin.

“This is all of them…right?” he asked, “I do not want one entity to be absent. We need full force!”

“It is…” said Sarhax, “And what will you do with Spherus Magna?”

“It will be the start of my conquest,” answered Garaxial, “Then when every universe falls to us, the one most important rule of power shall shatter…and be rewritten by me!”

“Well then, I suppose we’ll activate the portal,” said Sarhax. She walked towards a gigantic mirror that her friends created. If this device worked, then the shadow entities will be able to arrive in Spherus Magna in a matter of seconds and begin their spread.

“Start it,” commanded Garaxial.

Sarhax flipped the switch. The mirror glowed, then the image changed, showing the beautiful country of Averax Magna.

“Go…” said Garaxial to the Shadow Entities, “Take that land and start the conquest. Kill all of them…and leave no one...alive!”


East Highway Trail

Tahu, Ackar, and the others walked for the last hour. They were almost back into the kingdom. But suddenly, the skies started to shake. A gigantic rift opened, spilling a gigantic black mass of shadow entities, all heading towards one destination, the Averax Palace.

“What is that?” asked Ackar.

“I think someone wants us,” answered Tahu, “Come on! We have to get to the village and fight!”

Pohatu activated his mask once more, sending him and the others flying at full speed.

“Do you think we’ll make it in time?” asked the Toa of Stone.

Tahu looked at the sky and replied, “I don’t know…but if this country falls…then we might end up in a similar reign like the last one…”

Averax Palace

Mata Nui saw the black mass flying towards the kingdom. In a matter of minutes, Averax Magna would fall into the shadows. He turned to Skralla and said, “It’s time. We have to go.”

The two walked towards a desolated chamber in the palace. Inside was the Vahi that floated in the air. Mata Nui and Skralla hugged together for what it could be their last.

“Our memories together…were precious,” said Skralla, “Now we must put them safe as we prepare the future…”

“When I first met you, I knew that we had something to share…our power…our lives…and our relationship,” replied Mata Nui.

“Your existence is what made me feel…the happiest,” she continued.

“And I will always love you, no matter what happens,” he said.

Skralla tried her best not to cry, but she was worried about the future of this world.

“I swear, with this power, I will find a way to bring us out of this trap, stop this repeating time, and end that man’s dreams,” said Mata Nui.

Then the two held hands for a moment, and then they stepped back. Mata Nui summoned the Ignika whilst Skralla summoned the Necklace. Then, the two most powerful beings are about to change the destiny of Averax Magna, either for the better, or for the worse…

The Ignika and the Necklace glowed. Two beams of power struck at the Vahi. Then the Mask of Time glowed, activating its power like it never has used… “To Wound Back Time…” The Ten crystals that made the Necklace powerful broke free from its bonds, and disappeared into the void…heading towards the unknown…

The Vahi’s effects slowed down the rotation of Spherus Magna, freezing everything, from the citizens, to the raging shadows. Everything stopped…then slowly things started to reverse…slowly…then time stopped again and Spherus Magna was finally frozen in time…nothing could move foreword or backward…everyone was lost in time…in order to keep the world safe…


The two bodies of Mata Nui and Skralla dissolved; their essences flowed into the Vahi…

Mata Nui woke up and saw Skralla on the other side of the barrier…just like in their dreams. Mata Nui came up to the barrier and wanted to hold Skralla’s hand but knew that this was the price…to sacrifice their power to keep their world safe…he could not touch her hand nor they could embrace their love…

“That dream of Garaxial’s…” began Skralla.

“Shall not proceed,” said Mata Nui.

“Until we can meet again…” she continued, placing her hand on the barrier.

“We’ll have to wait…for Sakari’s Return,” he answered as he placed his hand on the field.

Then, the two most powerful beings could only look at each other and pray that Sakari will succeed in her mission. Should she fail…then the future of this world would be at a chaotic end….


“What is this?” snapped Garaxial, “Why are they coming back?”

“The time flow…it stopped,” said Sarhax, “They must have stopped the flow of time!”

“With that…the flow will affect the other universes…we must find a way to unlock,” muttered Garaxial, “Before our world gets affected.”

“Does that mean…that Sakari…” began Sarhax.

“Yes. Now we must make sure that she seeming saves Averax Magna, then once she finds a way to unlock that world, we’ll continue our raid…for now…we must use them…and make sure that they “succeed”.


The bright light continued to spread in Tasarta Country, blinding everyone in its path.

“What’s going on?” shouted Belirax, “Did something happen to them?”

But before anyone could answer…the world changed around them…

“Sakari!” shouted Syarix, “Hold my hand!”

Sakari found his hand and held it tight, whatever is happening…their journey is just the beginning…as our friends are about to head back in time…to the day when the Spherus Magna has not yet shattered…when Skralla and Mata Nui are created…and when another choice is yet to be made…a choice that will determine the future of Sakari and her lost kingdom…

*In, Averax Magna Chronicles 2: The Frozen Time, the story reveals the “True Essence” of the “Princess Skralla” series…of how and why everything in that arc was the way it was meant to be…this, in essence will show you the example of “hitsuzen” or “inevitable”…more information will be revealed in the next adventure…

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