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Reign of Darkness

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So... after getting this odd idea of mine (one of many), I decided to re-write Reign of Shadows from my own perspective. I got a bunch of awesome suggustions and idea from some poeple on here, and... wham, actually started writing. I guess this is an epic of sorts; I'll try and get chapters up regurally and all that... should you guys be interested. Right now, I just have the prologue, which I will post below.

CC is welcome; and feel free to throw out some suggustions should you have any. Always open to the minds of the readers. But anyways, enough with me, depending on how you like what is below, this is how the rest of this prodject will go. So without further ado...



The world spun.

Or, at least, that was what Helryx could make out. She could feel her eyes watering; her legs shaking, her head pounding. Steadying herself on a nearby panel of machinery, she tried once again to make it to her feet - but to no avail. He legs gave out beneath her, and she collapsed back onto the cold stone floor.

Shaking and cry profusely, she tried to remind herself that it is essential to keep one’s head when faced with a situation such as this. That is, if she could… all that she could think about was the horrifying sensation that seemed to have been planted into her mind. It was so powerful and overwhelming that it was all she could manage to focus on.

As Helryx lay on the ground, tears streaming down her face, she could have sworn she heard something. At first, it appeared to be nothing more than simple noise… white noise, actually… but then it began to form into a sound all the more terrible – laughter. It was a dark, twisted sound, something that would have reeked of rot and decay should it have had a scent. And then… then the voice began to speak.

Vocal comprehension was something that was a bit beyond her right now, so she instead used the distraction to try and clear her mind. Looking hard at the now visible ‘portrait’ of the former Makuta Miserix on the wall across from her, Helryx began to grasp the emotions dominating her more clearly – and she immediately wished she had not.

They were deep, complex thoughts… definitely not hers, for sure… almost alien in composition. While they may have been hard to interpret, one word did come to her on how to describe them:


A dark, ravenous, all-consuming ambition. It was a horrifying feeling; and just the thought of it, no less experiencing it, plunged her into a frenzy of… something… it was as if all of the light had been drained out of her, only to be replaced by the darkness she had fought so long. Just as she began to slide a little close to the edge, though, she heard it… He was speaking, and she could understand this time.

“…and if I recall, dear Helryx, you said that you would resist my mind. You told me that you wouldn’t break.”

The dark being sighed, of all things, and then added,

“A lie, if but a small one. You and your kind are filled with those, though, so should I be surprised?”

She lay on the ground for a minute, her insides still churning with anger and fear. Then, with supreme effort, she managed to croak out a single sentence:

“You… won’twin…”

This, to her surprise, was only met with more amusement. The master of shadows chucked, and replied,

“I’m sorry, but… I believe that I already have.” Then, he began to laugh again; with that horrible, twisted laugh… the sound was atrocious to a degree that she had never known. She felt another pulse of emotion from the Makuta, and it proved to be too much for her. Slumping onto her side and shaking uncontrollably, she simply closed her eyes and waited for it all to end…


When unconsciousness came to her, it was a mercy. Though, all Helryx could hear as it finally claimed her was that single, horrible sound – Teridax laughing. Laughing as she fell one step closer to his promise of eternal shadow…

…for everyone.


As I said, it's a workin progress. Thanks for viewing. =)

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