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REVIEW: 4798 Evil Ogel Attack

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Today it would be called an Impulse set, if the box wasn't so large. Are you ready to face (evil) Ogel in the deep sea?

Set data:

4798: Evil Ogel Attack

Year: 2002

Theme: Alpha Team

Subtheme: Mission Deep Sea

Pieces: 20 (no extra pieces)

Price: 3 USD / ?? EUR / ?? UKP

Building time: less than 5 minutes

MISB on review: Yes

More info: Brickset - Peeron

Note: Also available in Polybag with different number (1427), name (Ogel underwater slizer) and instructions with no comics and no theme overview.

Box front: Previewing set and comics.


Box back: Spotlight on some AT-MDS small sets.


Box content: A small bag, a promo poster and the instructions sheet.


Random instructions page: Not much to build, but look at the background. Ain't it great?


From the instructions sheet: Theme overview, character names (is Ogel that evil to need the AT fighting 6 vs. 1?) and guess the missing piece to unlock secret content on the AT website.


From the instructions sheet: 2 comics pages. Ogel reminds me a bit of Homer...


Promo poster: the less attractive I've seen so far. Please click on thumbnails to view larger pics.

4798-07a_.jpg 4798-07b_.jpg

Ready to build?: You're gonna have your hands full for the next two minutes or so...


Ogel: With his red eye, his trans red hook, a shoulder pad borrowed from Insectoids and UFO and a large visor like those in the City Space Port theme


The showdown: "So you think you're a bricka$$?"


The Slizer: The "Vehicle" can be basically split into three parts. No cockpit or seat, Ogel uses his only hand on the left handle.


The Slizer: "Beware, humans: here's the slizer from the big propellor side..."


The Slizer: "...and here it is shot from my handling side".


The Slizer: "Behold: two hinges allow the front arm to rotate".


Ogel and the Slizer: let the conquest of the world sea begin!


Review: Do you want to own at least one Ogel minifig and for really cheap? Here's your chance. This is as basic as a set could be, but I think an army of these Slizers would look good. Yet it's odd to to have the Big Evil on such a small army-building set. But that's no different from having some 10 Vladeks in KKII, I think. I ended up buying this set even if I already had an Ogel minifig (4796 Mutant squid).


Color scheme: 5/5. Red, black and dark grey; no need to use 10 different colours on a 20 pieces set.

Minifigs and accessories: 3/5. Average between 5 for the minifig and 1 for (no) accessories. Keep in mind that poor Ogel has to use his only hand to catch at the Slizer!

Pieces: 4/5. TransRed propellors are exclusive to the MDS sub-theme. No more special pieces, but you shall remember this is something really cheap.

Playability: 4/5. Nice touch to have the arm moving up and down (close to the propellor) and rotating (close to the vehicle).

Design: 4/5. Not bad with so few pieces.

Overall rating: 4/5. It looks quite good, minifig looks impressive with those shoulder pads and the big visor (a small visor wouldn't suit an Evil guy like Okel, would it?) and the Slizer is a fine small piece of Evil army.

The final words: Watch out, you can still find it for little money on the net.

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