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[Esl -FB] A surprising port extension

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A surprising port extension


Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time !

It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees...

He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse.

A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties.

And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels.




Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships.




The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now !






Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !

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Great tree house! Really very nicely built. I also like the minifigures and the parrots. Good idea the tool for making ropes.

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This looks like so much fun to play with and create stories within, so amazing job :pir-sweet:

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