Question about PF motors and reciver

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Can someone clarify small question about PF L motors and V1 reciver?

I know, that 2 PF L motors on one channel of V1 reciver are underperfoming. So here is the question. if i put 2 recivers in model, one purely for servo and second for motors, where each L motor use its own channel, does they would reach their proper speed, and would such combination safe for hard-coupled motors?

I'm trying to make rc 42077, and have only V1 recivers and regular AA battery box. Thus question above. Or what is better for model of such scale and weight - 2 L motors, 1 XL or 2 XL motors?

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Hi there.

I have a L motor for my RC 42098 and it works very well for driving.

I'm not sure about the XL motor though.

If your rally car has enough leftover space, steering with a XL motor will probably be more powerful.

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