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42099 B model-Sonic dune buggy

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Hello! First moc after discharge from korean army.

I made this in 8/22 but I allmost forget eurobrick;;

Instruction has allready in rebrickable but need some mod for good driving.


This is first version of my B model. made in 8/10.

But this model is to slow(similar with original model) so I remake model.


Introducing, The Sonic-dune buggy!

But control+ using mobile phone as controller, I can't take video.


All wheel has independent supension But need remove front suspension for good driving(because toe-out)


And because planetary gear hub has so many friction and reduction, I need to remove all hub.


Gear ratio-1.7(only one acceleration).

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Welcome back!

there are some pretty crazy angles going on there, quite unique  :thumbup:

shame you can’t use the hubs but it makes sense I guess.

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I dont want to hate on your model, but you should rethink your front suspension setup. In the first Pic it looks okay, but in the other ones the suspension is tilted forwards, which is a very bad thing to do. You want it to be at least straight , or even better slightly tilted backwards, so the shocks coming from the front when driving can directly compress the shock absorbers, without putting much stress on the frame. 

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