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@de Gothia

There are a lot of great builds, and a lot of great stories.  I would, however, like to state that if I had won the last around, I would still vote for de Gothia.  As a founding member of the Guilds, I think that it's awesome he put forth his own sigfig and think that he would make the best ruler of Avalonia, builds or no builds considered.

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Alright, Round 2 is done now. By my calculations (which anyone can please verify and correct if I miscounted) the scores were:

@de Gothia 8, @TheLordOfBricks 2

@Servertijd 8, @derEselausErgste 2

So we now have three of the four semifinalists: @de Gothia, @en_zoo, and @Henjin_Quilones. This week, ending on Friday March 22nd, we just need to decide one contest before both semifinal matchups get voted on, and then we will have our finalists (who will then have to build a new scene for the finals):

@The Last of Nergoue (Sir Sarrath) vs. @Servertijd (Lord Wilfred Sigurd of Oxenfurt)


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