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My second creation I just have for you to show today, simultaneously my private second place in workshop achievements, the 6-axis manipulator.


The robot is a successor of older humanoid's arm. It was made mainly due to one reason: I want to design an arm that has wide range of movements, because his predecessor was shame of it. 

Moreover, a goal for near future is to make the arm (finally) programmable, perhaps with using of non-Lego components... But a model you see is still pure fully Technic-themed robot prototype that looks better than works :

Arm, similarly to my other creations was presented at a bit of places in Poland's exhibitions or events for robotic and engineering enthusiasts. It has been appreciated at "Diamonds Explorers" foundation for talented students' innovative ideas.

Technically, it contains of 5 motors (only because one had been broken during tests), 3 IR receivers and 3 battery boxes (a pair as a counterweight). Features 3 primary and 3 additionaly axes of movement and a pneumatic gripper that reminds me well one Toys Story scene... So, let's watch the video featuring an egg as 3-eyed alien mascot:


Some photos:






PS: I'm still working on next version...

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Oh, just a moment ago I've found some YT reporter's video that features my arm. You can see me interviewed at 8:20. It's in Polish, therefore follow is my translation of that short conversation:

Reporter: Why you've named that "the claw"?

Me: For me, firstly it's association with the "Toys Story" movie - the animation I've known well from my childhood.

R: The fact, a gripper is three-fingered is a pure inspiration from the movie or it has any different sense?

M: Not exactly. I was going to grip spherical shapes by this, because I also intended to use it in a system that may help planters, for example in picking tomatoes. And then if we want to grip any spherical object - two fingers aren't enough. It had to be more complex, but my (current) solution is also not the best.

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