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Hi Snowboarder68, welcome to EB!

Per site guidelines to which you agreed when signing up, this forum is not to be used for promotion of IDEAs projects; it is a discussion board, not an advertising platform:

LEGO Ideas: If you have a great MOC, that is also a LEGO Ideas project, you may present it on EB as you would any MOC, with a single link to the Ideas entry. Make the title about the MOC, not the Ideas business; don't be too shouty, and it is likely to be tolerated. You need to be thinking: 'I want people on EB to see my MOC and comment on it. If they like it, perhaps they'll support it on LEGO Ideas', rather than: 'I want Ideas support! If I post it on EB, perhaps more people will vote!.

Besides, if you actually put some info about your MOC here, I'm sure folks will be more interested and you'll get more views than with just that link that doesn't entice anyone to click it.  :wink:

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