[MOD] 42033/34/35 3-in-1 RC mod - with building instructions

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I’d like to share a small but agile creation – the remote control mod of the 42033 + 42034 Extreme Off-Roader combined set. Additional parts (mostly for steering) were used only from the set 42035 Mining truck. Servo motor used for steering, L motor for the drive. PF lights were also installed. There are multiple options for the remote control, like:

– PF Rechargeable Battery box (8878) or AAA Battery box (88000)
– PF IR reciever (8884) or SBrick
– BuWizz

For the video I used the 8878+SBrick combination as the control was easier with an USB gamepad through the SBrickcontroller app. It turned out to be a very fun little car, pretty quick considering the size.


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