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[Reviev] Nexo Knights: Stickers Album

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Sorry from no-english version of book in pictures.


Do you like album with stickers? Do you like Lego? If you answered yes to one of the questions ...

A year ago, Ninjago stickers appeared on the shops with the album. Schemes known and no less popular than card games collectible. Fans of series, liked album. Currently, TLG has decided to create a new album - this time for the Nexo Knights series.


The cover presents a high level, here you can see the action in a nutshell. In the middle we have descriptions of events, characters and places of the world Nexo Knights. As far as Ninjago was concerned with the horrible errors, here I do not see them. Maybe because the Nexo storyline is not as extensive as the Ninjago storyline.


PIn terms of graphics, album has a good level, the information is very basic, but main attraction of albums is stickers collecting.

Stickers have two types of back - normal and scan instructions, when we hit the Nexo Power sticker.


In total, we have 15 of them. On this photo you can see 12 of them - a lot of them and although it is a completely different series of Lego, it is good to see old, good schemates from Ninjago stickers. Characters, Nexo Power (but very basic) or stickers, which are the substrate of one large. Cool thing in them is the aspect of collecting and watching as the album fills up - it gives a lot of fun!


Three, other stickers I have pasted before the review, and here is how they are presented:







In summary: Lego stickers come back and again refer to a very successful series. Who does not have youthful memories about such albums? This is for younger FOLs, but fans of the series probably do not mind. And anyway, to drown the age: the mind as such is not aging, we are simply wealthy with new experiences; And this album is certainly a nice experience.


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