[MOC] Compact Motorized Compressor with Instructions!

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One of my more popular MOCs on RebrickableCompact Motorized Compressor with Auto-valve Link.

Air tank
Automatic pressure switch
M motor and 6L mini pump compressor
Very compact 15 x 11 x 7 stud size
Easy removal of battery box 

This compressor uses 1x 6L mini pneumatic pump but can easily be modified for two pumps, the automatic cut-off pressure can also be adjusted by changing the strength of the rubber bands attached to the pneumatic cylinder.

Full gallery, 3D file, and PDF Instructions available on Bricksafe.

Some photos:





The compressor working very fast:

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Resized photos

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Yea, it's a bit too large, regular photo resolution for here is 800x600 (as on the site guidelines) or don't be over 1024x768..

To resize that, just click the resolution you want on the thumbnail, then copy the link and paste it here. It will be automatically embedded.. :wink:

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Thanks, I was looking for that page... I didn't see it in the Browse section :blush:.

I resized them to 800 wide by Ctrl+Right-click and then Edit Image.

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