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[SR - MCRA Result] The Darting Frog

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OoC: Please note that this vessel is being registered as The Darting Frog, a 4A I captured in the last MCRA.


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While Li, Sinbad, and the rest of the crew were trying to track down the treasure, another ESL ship the Darting Frog was trading shots with Captain Sulu.

BoBS Darting FrogBoBS Darting Frog

This 4A vessel was seeking to protect the fleet under it's protection.

BoBS Darting FrogBoBS Darting Frog

The captain had seen many battles and had lost a leg to a sword wound a few years back. He knew how to deal with pirates... or so he thought. It was a fierce battle between his crew and Captain Sulu's.

BoBS Darting FrogBoBS Darting Frog

But in the end Captain Sulu prevailed.

BoBS Darting Frog


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Nice vessel you got there and a nice collection of unique minifigs.  I'm also impressed you got that built in such a short time frame.

One thing I'll say is that I think you would have been better off mounting your "cannon barrels" the other way, as their bore looks incredibly small.  But that is simply my opinion.


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