[MOC] Truck with knuckle boom crane

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

I'd like to show you my truck with knuckle boom crane.


The truck is designed in a way that the vehicle body can be changed easily to a tipper body or without a body the truck can be used as tractor

Remark facelift: after some time I spent the truck a facelift by enlarging the wheelbase for one stud; reducing the length of the crane base from 3 to 2 studs and shifting the platform 1/2 stud backwards; new design of the winch; shifting the canopy of the cab 1 stud forward; replacing the train gates by my own creation


The body can be removed


to use the truck as tractor


or as tipper




More photos you can see here

Kind regards


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It looks fantastic Mario, is really cool how you made the crane, it looks to be enough strong, i also like how the body can be removed to put another implement or something, is very cool; i think you made an excellent work.

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Thanks coghilla and Imanolbb!

Yes, it took me more than one attempt to find a solution which meets my demands regarding design AND playability!

Anyway the knuckle boom is just made for AFOL hands - KFOL hands need a bit more stability so I made a second crane out of Hinge Bricks for my son to play with (quick change system - the crane is just plugged into a hole).

Kind regards from Austria


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